Sunday, 11 December 2011

2,000KM In 24 Hours!

The beauty of JR Pass, allowing us to travel at almost obscene mileage to god knows where in Japan without worrying about any extra cost and we can pretty much plan our trip on a whim.

We scrapped plans to visit the neighbouring island near Takamatsu. Decided not to go to Obokke Kobokke and Kochi either. And with skipping those places; we covered almost 2,000km instead, but to where? Stay tuned until the end of this post!
I started the day by doing a short run, this time along the Tamamo-Koen instead of the port area. Anyway, Tamamo-Koen is just beside the port but the good thing about running near the park was that it's less windy (read: less cold). I actually woke up earlier and had the intention to do a 10K run that morning, but the blister on my left heel started to bother me a bit so I cut short the run to just a 6K instead. :(
From Takamatsu, we took the train to Okayama Station then onwards to Shin-Osaka but not before buying ekiben at Okayama Station. Raimie insisted on having an anago ekiben, one of the more expensive ekiben sold at the stall. *clever boy*
Then, we made our way to Nara. Patted some deers, stepped on a lot of deer poop, looked at temples and gazed in awe at the autumn colours there.
Plenty of school kids on field trip to Nara that day. Not to mention a lot of foreign tourists along with Japanese tourists.
After Nara, we made a stop at Kyoto Station; walked out a few minutes from the station and decided to it was too cold to venture any further and look for Kyoto illumination; so we just stay put in the warm departmental store until it's time to make a move to Osaka.
Spent a little bit of time walking around Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi area; which by the way is very much alive even late in the evening. For info, this photo was taken at 11.00pm at night. *^^*
With a big nose like that, who can resist, eh? xD
Enjoyed a cuppa (or two) of free coffee at McDonald's using coupons that were handed out earlier. Well, free coffee for those ordering small sized coffee, 50yen for medium sized. Can't say no to that, right?
Took a 11.23pm (if I'm not mistaken) train from JR Namba Station to Osaka Station and waited for a train that was arriving at 12.34am.Of course at 12.30am, the train station were already deserted except for the train station staff and paasengers boarding the midnight train.
and with taking the midnight train, we spent the night in this train cubicle and slept on a mat type sleeping section in the train and screwed our hotel reservation at Shin-Osaka. But now, spending almost 1,000km in 12 hours; where we were actually heading to? It's only half of the total journey that we made when we reach to the last stop of this midnight train. Any guesses? ^^


  1. Oh no! No island... :-(
    But if you went to Nara instead, you're (almost) excused. ;-)

  2. @David,
    Look at it this way; more excuse to make a return visit to Shikoku in future. I wouldn't bet on my last dollar (or Ringgit) that this is our last trip to Shikoku or Japan. ;)

    Now, can I be totally excused? ^^

  3. Oh, you moved very long distance. Aren't you tired?
    As for me, I must be very tired if I travel such course.

  4. Where are you?! 2000 km away is ... North Pole? You went for a quick cuppa tea with Santa Claus?

  5. @cocomino,
    No, not a bit tired. Actually, it was quite relaxing since we didn't walked much and spent a lot of time in comfortable trains. :)

  6. @Rurousha,
    LOL Almost. Well, it's about 2,000km according to Hyperdia. ;p

    The place does have snow though lucky for us it's not the North Pole! xD

  7. Hokkaido? Aomori? Akita? I give up. I'll just wait until you tell us. Have a good rest tonight!

  8. @Rurousha,
    LOL Almost correct. ^^

    You have a good rest and start the week fresh too! :)

  9. Sapporo? :D

    Either way. WOW! You cover a LOT of ground in one day! It's scary! o_O

    With our little daughter we spent most of one day simply going to Nara, looking around and then going back to Osaka. And you?! Travel, travel, Osaka, Nara -and- Kyoto in one day?! How are you even still alive???

  10. Aomori?

    If I got it right, can you give me a Ramly burger?
    Made from Nara deer meat.
    Hmmm... They got too many deer in Nara.
    What to do with them huh?
    Man, I love deer meat lah!

  11. @Cailin,
    It's actually Takamatsu-Nara-Kyoto-Osaka-somewhere else. xD

    Good thing our boy isn't the fussy type and is at the age where he can play games for hours on end. ;p

    Taking the trains wasn't exactly too strenous, compared to walking all day long for us! ^^

  12. @London Caller,
    Cannot eat Nara deers lah!

    And you don't get the Ramly burger. Close answer (Cailin has a close answer too) but it's not Sapporo or Aomori. Somewhere in between. ;p

  13. AAARGH! You've got me frowning in frustration! Between Sapporo and Aomori is the sea, but maybe you're in Hakodate? Hmmm. PS: You're not in Tohoku, are you? I know you won't be put off by radiation fear-mongering, so you'd be willing to go to that area. Though that's not halfway between Aomori and Sapporo, so ... Drat, woman!

  14. 2000km in 24 hours is an impressive effort. You visited some of my favourite places in Nara, Kyoto and Osaka. Dotombori is lively at any time of the day and a great place to hang out. Did you see Kobe as well?

    Japan Australia

  15. How was the midnight train? :D Comfortable enough to sleep at night?

  16. Gotta take care of your blisters could be quite uncomfortable at times. Great you are running smooth as the wind.

  17. Oh Nara! That poster is not Rudolf with Raimie? Reminds me of that big timber pillar in the temple where Bananaz crawled through that tiny hole. You didn't go in the temple?

  18. Careful stop tickling the nose nanti sneeze on you haha. Next stop.. my wild guess, Nagoya?

  19. @Rurousha,
    I'd give myself away by commenting back to you. ;p

    Would've love to stop somewhere in Tohoku and get green glow radiation or something afterwards. Then, I can scare people back home so that they'll avoid me for ages. That's a lovely thought. ;)

  20. @Blue Shoe,
    Ah well.... we've never really do tours like most normal people do anyways.... so why not be totally absurd/idiotic about it just to show that we can.

  21. @Japan Australia,
    We wanted to make a stop at Kobe too, but then decided against it because then, we'll be simply too rushed to Osaka.

  22. @ristinw,
    I had no problem sleeping in the train. Neither did hubby and son. But for people unused to sleeping on hard floor, taking this night train can be a challenging night to spend.

  23. @Bananazஇ,
    Ah! I remember young, handsome Bananazஇ crawling through that timber. No, didn't enter. Too put off by the humongous school kids on day trips there. There were like thousand of them there! @.@

    Not not Nagoya. That's too "near" lolz

  24. The fall colors are beautiful! I'm glad to hear you are keeping up with your morning run to keep up your strength to stay up. By the way, I will be traveling to Taiwan and Hong Kong for vacation in a few days and stopping off in Narita airport briefly. We will actually be in the same country!

  25. @AVCR8teur,
    Hahaha true! For a brief moment, we'll be in the same country! :)

    Have fun in Taiwan & Hong Kong. :)

  26. Wow! 2,000 km in 24 hours? That's a lot!

  27. Eh who is Raimie standing next to in Nara? So cute, looks like reindeer horns on the head! Beautiful autumn leaves in Nara!

  28. Like that tower! It's a hotel? Very busy street even at 11pm! Nice night life!

  29. Wow! How come so big face and nose? Haha!!

  30. @foong,
    I travel almost like from one end of the "long" Honshu Island right to the tip and a little bit more. Yes, long journey but absolutely fun one. Taking different kind of trains is fun!

    The one with Raimie in Nara? That's Nara mascot. It's a combo of a "sami" + deer. Beautiful autumn leaves all around, in Nara and elsewhere too. ^^

    That's Kyoto Tower + Kyoto Tower Hotel. ;)

    Osaka is busy and lively at night. It's a nice change from everywhere else we went where things got dead by 7. xD

    Not only 1 big face & nose there. There are a few. And it's the exterior of a hotel!


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