Friday, 2 December 2011

And The Second Part Is...

Day 3 in Japan. Lots of time in trains and it was great! Get ready for photo laden post (again!)

We started the day by waking up at 5.00am because I had this crazy idea of wanting to go out for a run and Zaini knows better than to thwart me. 
It was raining and freezing cold Thursday morning, but my lovely hubby accompanied me and walked with me to a nearby park. He went back to the comfort of our hotel room as I started doing a few loops by the river (or big drain?) near Nissan Stadium.
Had breakfast and yes, I like to combine eating rice and Japanese side dishes along with bread. There is such a thing as too much rice for me! ;)
Took the shinkansen Hikari to Shin-Osaka station from Shin-Yokohama. Then, got on the shinkansen Sakura to Hakata before making our final ride on Yufuin No Mori express train to Yufuin.
And when we are onboard a shinkansen, there is one thing we must do especially on long journeys. We indulge with enjoying ekiben! Yummy.
Last time we were at Hakata Station was in 2008 and the station was still undergoing some massive renovation. It is totally a swanky station now. Foreign tourists friendly too. The JR ticket offices here are much tourist friendly than the one at Shin-Yokohama.
On board the Yufuin No Mori express sightseeing train. Friendly crew. Raimie even got a sticker from that nice conductor.
 Some lovely sights to see enroute to Yufuin.
 Arrived our cottage that we booked through a friend around 5.30pm and here we are by the cool fireplace waiting to check-in.
There are two hot spring baths to enjoy all to ourselves at our very own cottage and dip in we sure did. Plenty of time too. The place has an indoor bath and an outdoor one too. Guess which one is our favourite?
By 7.00pm the town of Yufuin is pretty quiet. We found a store/mart called On 365 or something that sells a lot of thing at bargain price. 

Then, it's back to our warm state-of-the art cottage and dip-in the baths some more. I wanted to wake up at 5.00am the next day but I guess I slept so comfortably that I only woke up at 7.00am this morning!


  1. I was surprised that you run at 5:00 am during the trip.

  2. @cocomino,
    5am is usually the time I wake up to do my long runs on weekends anyway so it is not something I'm not used to do. And anyway, I love my runs. :)

  3. 7pm all the shops already tutup pintu already?
    My little kampung open until 10pm.
    Malaysia lagi best lah! kakaka.

  4. @London Caller,
    Game places, bars and konbini still open. xD

    And yeah, Malaysia lagi best. Mamak place open 24hours some more. Cannot beat that!

  5. Wow! So you ran in the rain and freezing cold at 5am? : )

  6. Where did Raimie get that hat from? Oh, btw, happy birthday to Raimie!! : D

  7. I'm sure you enjoyed your baths! So did you go for both indoor and outdoor baths? : )

  8. @foong,
    It was such a different experience running in the cold and it felt great!

    Wait till you see what Zaini and Raimie ate. That, I put up in future posts.

    The hat was given by the crew. There are even jackets for children to put on and take photo with, too. :)

    We went to both, about a dozen times! ;)

  9. Looks like you are having a great time and the long train ride didn't seem so bad. Hope the weather clears up when you go to Huis Ten Bosch.

    PS: You are a bit crazy to run at 5am in that cold rain. Then again, my internal clock makes me sleep at 2am, so 3 hours of sleep before a run is impossible. :)

  10. Your son looks really good with his cap on.


  11. Your husband accompanied you in THAT weather? At 5 am?! That's true love! ;) I bet those baths are quadruple extra gorgeous after a run in the rain? Have fun today!

  12. @Dru,
    I hope so too! It was really a gloomy day yesterday.

    Anyway, give me train rides in Japan any time over a ride in a budget airline. At least in trains, we can still walk around and the seats are way more spacious. xD

    Crazy? My hubby's been telling me I am ever since I started doing this "running" thing. And my body clock wakes me up at 5.00am on holidays and vacation without fail. @.@

    p.s I can always sleep on trains. Trains never fail to make me sleepy. LOL

  13. @Rurousha,
    He might go all gruff when I mentioned it, but yeah, that's love there. ^^

    Yup, after brving the cold, a nice hot bath feels so exquisite. :)

    Judging by the weather report, no rain today so we look forward to a good day. Have a great Saturday too!

  14. You are very brave and determined to get up at 5am in those conditions. I bet the soak in the hot tub was worth it. Sounds like you are having a great time in Japan :)

    Japan Australia

  15. I am really enjoying your trip report with lots of pictures. 5am is too early to get up for vacation. Raimie got to wear that cool conductor hat.

  16. 5am in the freezing cold with Abang escorting so sweet? haha salute! Happy belated birthday to Raimie.

  17. I really salute your 'super' energy... traveling, waking up so early in winter Japan,and still have time to blog and respond to commentators... good to know you had a good time at Yufuin...

  18. @Japan Australia,
    Body clock still functioning much like it functions in Malaysia on weekends. I wake up early on weekends to go out for a 2 hour run. But I can only do 30mins (so far) here in Japan. ;)

    Yes, the hot bath after felt soooooo nice. ^^

  19. @AVCr8teur,
    It should be too early but even without the alarm, I somehow "managed" to woke up at 5.00am daily. huhuhu

    Train crews in Kyushu are always super friendly with kids (and the adults too). There is one post with Raimie wearing a driver's hat at Kokura Station posted years ago. ;)

  20. @Bananaz,
    Yes, it is sweet. ^^

    Thanks for the bisrthday wish for Raimie. *^-^*

  21. @Lrong,
    Yes, Yufuin had been a blast. But bummer that the day we checked-out, it rained so we were unable to sightsee more.

  22. Ha ha. True!
    Even my local mamak stores open 24 hours lah.
    And that's in some small Kota Tinggi, man.
    Beat that! ;)

    So did you take any jogging photos? ;)

  23. @London Caller,
    But of course there are photos taken while doing my runs. The first photo in this post was taken after 1 did my 3K. ;)

    More photos of the park & stadium, in the darkness of dawn up later after the daily trip report done. ^^

  24. Running under the rain at 5 am!!!! ~~~~~ Awww...I could never do that... - 0 -

  25. @ristinw,

    In KL, I have no choice than running at that time if I want to do a long run because otherwise it'll get too hot and I'll get roasted! xD

  26. It's definitely better to run in the cold than in the Malaysian hot weather! I believe you can run even longer right?

  27. Definitely the indoors hehe 5am run, nice, chilly and crispy weather kan :) luckily your husband is supportive ikut keluar when he can have more snooze time :) My husband thinks I was rather crazy to be awake at 430am in the past to do my exercises..those were the days, to me I love working out early morning when my energy level is more. That conductor reminds me of a Japanese actor and so friendly eh :)

  28. @cuteandcurls,
    No choice lah... when else I have the time to do my runs. Siang nak sightsee. Malam dah pancit. kakaka

    Now, little princess can keep you company by being up at that time! xD

    Yeah, the conductor really does look like an actor. Swagger like one too. ;)


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