Monday, 19 December 2011

Asakusa To Kinshicho On Foot

The second day we were in Tokyo, we woke up to a bright, sunny day which was a relief for us. I don't know whether I can stand any more rainy, gloomy days for the rest of our vacation.
Walked along the Sumida River to recce the route for my run. Unfortunately, up to Day 3 in Tokyo; I haven't done any running yet.
Saw some people dressed as some kind of heroes (power rangers wannabe or something), with a guy with a bazooka of a lens photographing them. The best part was, nobody else there even batted an eyelid at them.
Saw hordes of tourists and plenty of them are part of tour groups. All trying to capture a good photo of the Asahi Beer Tower and the golden poop; errr.... flame on top of it and also the Tokyo Sky Tree.
We have to make a confession. We too can't resist taking obscene amount of photos of the Sky Tree from different angles. (Note: photos taken by Zaini. I do not have the patience to take "artsy" photos like this)
Walked some more and saw this humongous doggies on the first floor of an apartment a building, which I'm told is a doggie school or something. Good thing they aren't alive. xD

Saw baseball team(s) having a practice session at a field somewhere. Passed by and entered a warehouse sale going on. (Note: random photos like this are of course mine!)
Stumbled upon and stopped by a few shrines and suddenly we found ourselves in Kinshicho.
Had an early lunch at Yayoi-ken in Kinshicho, located opposite Tobu Levant Hotel. There used to be a Yoshinoya outlet there but now found a Burger King place instead.

Spent a bit of time at the nearby Arca Kit before deciding to head over to Akihabara. Raimie had been badgering us over a Nintendo 3DS game that was released that day, Monster Hunter 3G. Saw them at a M-Land but decided to check out the game over at Yodobashi-Akiba. Bad idea. The place was choked with shoppers and the game was sold out there.

Walked back to M-Land after checking out a few other stores and by now the price of the game there had gone up 300yen! At least, it wasn't above the recommended retail price.
Son was pretty stoked getting the game albeit at a higher price. You know, he is sure showing sign of growing up. He didn't buy any of the Kamen Rider/Rangers/Ultraman figures and toys; spending the bulk of his allocated cash on games instead.

Arrived back to our hotel and I immediately crashed. While I felt just fine in the morning, I wasn't feeling too good later in the day and refused to go out again afterwards. Zaini went out alone and came back with dinner packed for Raimie and I. Just bread for me, fast food for Raimie and a bagel for poor Zaini who wasn't keen on eating out alone.

Anyway, why did we walk from Asakusa to Kinshicho in the first place? Because we can! ^^

Oh, by the way. Can I gloat a little?
I am so proud of my Son! Raimie ran a 3K race on Sunday with Zaini accompanying him doing the run in Putrajaya, the Larian Jom! Kitar Semula 2011.

I went solo and did my 7K run and proud to say managed to bag one of the few, limited medals given out.

Job well done Son! :)


  1. The Tokyo Sky Tree is certainly an impressive addition to the Tokyo skyline. What did you think of it?

    Japan Australia

  2. Well done, Raimie and Zaini and Lina! Especially Raimie! ^^

    You walked from Asakusa to Kinshicho to Akihabara and back to Asakusa? Yikes! That's a marathon in itself!

    I've fallen hopelessly in love with Sky Tree. Apparently it will be (partially) illuminated over Christmas and New Year, so I'm looking forward to that.

  3. Congratulations with your vistory.


  4. @Japan Australia,
    It something new to look at, and it is seen prominently in Asakusa and for that I love it. I've always been partial to Asakusa. :)

  5. @Rurousha,
    Isn't my boy great? I am so proud of him. :)

    No... we just walked from Asakusa to Kinshicho to Akihabara. Took the train back to Asakusa afterwards.

    But for a 9 year old to endure so much walking almost on daily basis for two weeks - Raimie is awesome, right?

    Illuminated (partially or otherwise) over Xmas & New Year. Bummer. Wish I can see that. You have, have, have to take photo of the tower and share! You gotta! xD

  6. No fun if it rains while on vacation! Except if it rains at night during sleep. Haha!

  7. Dressed as Power Rangers and nobody bat an eyelid? I guess it's pretty common there?

  8. Where exactly is the Tokyo Sky Tree? I can see the Asahi Beer Tower but where's the Sky Tree?

  9. Oh! Raimie is sure growing up! No more interest in toys but more into games now?

  10. @foong,
    The cliche of Japanese wearing weird stuff/outfits. Well, it is true. I wear baju kurung also nobody look the second time at me there. Power Rangers? That's normal on Sunday! LOL

    The Tokyo Sky Tree? The photos of some reflection of a tower - that's the Sky Tree. I'll put up more photos of the tower soon. Tokyo Sky Tree is located in Sumida, Tokyo. ^^

    Yeah, we brought an empty suitcase to put his toys, but he ended up not buying much (just a few) and spent the bulk of his $$$ on Nintendo Games. He actually bought all the new release there.

  11. It's awesome to walk from Asakusa to Kinshicho.It's so far. Actually my high school is located in Kinshicho where is city area. I remembered that there was sumida river.

  12. @cocomino,
    It's nice to walk around the area and see the nieghbourhood closer than compared to taking a train everywhere.

    Was it far? Didn't feel that far because we had fun walking. ^^

  13. tQ to Raimie neck too stiff whole day good to do exercise of the neck bending sideways to look at the pixz.

  14. Wah now all runners in the family..congratz!

  15. Where's the pink power ranger in the photo huh?
    That's your true id, right?
    Ha, how we know where you got your stamina for running.

    Well done Raimie!

  16. Your blog title will be changed to NINTENDO NO HI in near future??
    Golden poop was designed by French desiner Philippe Starck.
    Nobody would say that it is the flame.
    Raimie had a small shoulder bag. Is there a game device in it?

  17. @"uncle" Bananazஇ,
    Glad to be of help on those stiff neck. xD

    Those two aren't hardcore yet, but I am happy that they want to join me running. :)

  18. @London Caller,
    If I'm the pink Power Ranger, sure got more stamina than I do now. xD

    Yeah, Raimie did great. Right? I'm so happy for him. ^^

  19. @minor,
    Hahaha... yes,maybe I should change the header now. ^^

  20. Raimie is awesome! Confirmed!

    You want photos of an illuminated Sky Tree? I've never mastered the art of night photography, but for a fellow enthusiast I'll do my best. I will, will, will! ^^

  21. @Rurousha,
    Isn't he just? Even our GP he was down with a fever yesterday) said that he's awesome. xD

    Oooo thank you thank you thank you. I await your Tokyo Sky Tree illuminated photo with bated breath. I'm sure it'll turn out great, just like all your other photos. :)

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  23. Ha ha... You also noticed the pink Power Ranger is missing in the photo?
    Sure you have more stamina lah!
    Even your hubby cannot stand you getting up so early to have a winter run in Japan. ;)

    Raimie can become Teenage Ninja Turtle lah.

    Alamak, kids these days don't remember our cartoons anymore.

    I grew up watching He-man, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner, Tweety and Sylvester etc.
    Occasionally Care Bears and My Little Pony! Ha ha ha...

  24. @London Caller,

    Cartoons wise - those classic cartoons we watched when we were little; there are new versions of them now. Scooby, Tom & Jerry, Tweety & gang all have newer versions. But thank god I haven't seen Care Bears & My little Pony yet! I cannot stand those! ;p

  25. WOW!! The cute puppies!!!!! :D Hugs!!!

  26. @ristinw,
    They are sure cute. But they are ginormous! Good thing they are statues. Imagine the havoc they'd caused if those are real puppies. xD

  27. Wow, looks like a great day. That first pic of Raimie on the wooden toy is very popular for kids. I always see kids playing on those toys in that park.

    The power rangers? I wouldn't really bat an eye at that either. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they were foreigners just having fun. I've seen a few like that. :D

    BTW: The walk from Asakusa to Kinshicho isn't that far. I can do it easily in 15-20 minutes. :) It is a nice walk but never though anyone would actually do it while on vacation.

    That picture of the dogs is actually about 1 block from my apartment! It isn't an apartment building, it's actually a school. A dog training school where they teach people how to train/care for dogs. I see the students taking dogs for walks all the time. They also allow people to drop their pets off to get cleaned up if they have no time.

  28. Forgot to mention, I saw them testing the lighting on Tokyo Sky Tree a few weeks ago. Hope they do light it up.

  29. @Dru,
    The park is great! My son loved playing there. Hardly see such wooden "contraption" over here.

    The Power Rangers - they weren't foreigners. Just some Japanese teenagers (I think) having a silly photoshoot with a middle-age man who was toting his huge camera, directing the shoot. ^^

    15 minutes for you from Asakusa to Kinshicho and it took us about 2 hours. Too many stops and diversion until we reached the final destination. ;p And I agree, who would do this on their vacation? xD

    OOhh so that's a doggie training school. So that's why there's that "wan wan paku" sign there. ^^ Pity we didn't see any cute doggies about that day. School's off, maybe? ;)

    It was just a block away from your apartment? Imagine that. :)

    I do hope the Tokyo Sky Tree gets light up. Can't wait to see the photos from all of you in Tokyo. ^^

  30. Well, 15 minutes when I'm not looking around at everything. :) Considering I walk in a park next to the dog training school often, there isn't much to really see anymore. It is really nice there, especially when they have the fireworks. If I see Tokyo Sky Tree lit up, I'll send some pics. :)

  31. @Dru,
    I'll have to keep the park nearby the dog training schol in mind, just in case we are there during summer festivals (or whatever time they have fireworks there). :)

    Oh! Would you? Thanks a bunch! Can't wait to see how the tower looks like with all the lights. :)

  32. I think it was far but you can walk for a long distance.
    I need to run or walk much more.

  33. @cocomino,
    I think you walked a lot, just by walking to train stations and taking the steps up and down the stations. Much more than a typical Malaysian would on daily basis. ^^

  34. Sorry, this is the only photo I have so far. Hope to have time over the new year holidays to take a better photo with a DSLR. This is just my phone's camera:

  35. @Dru,
    Cool! Thanks for the link of the photo.:)

  36. Congratulations to all of you for doing a race during your vacation! Looks like you saw a lot of giant dogs and cats during this part of the trip. :D There are Yoshinoyas in Hong Kong we discovered, but are disappointed the ones in the U.S. do not have the same menu.

  37. @AVCr8teur,
    I didn't enter a race in Japan. Just made sure I made a few runs for training - I had a race I registered a few days after the trip - in Kuala Lumpur. ^^

    Which Yoshinoya is better - HK or US? I find the Yoshinoya in Kuala Lumpur really disappointing. :(


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