Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Balance 1,000KM Journey Was To...

A continuation of previous post. We've already travelled for about 1,000KM in a mere 12 hours but it was only half of the journey that we set out to do.
Arriving Tokyo Station at 7.00am, after taking the Sunrise Izumo train from Osaka station; we then took the new shinkansen on the Tohoku shinkansen line - the Hayabusa and made our trip to Shin-Aomori. But that's not the end of our trip! Also, just like to mention here, out of the three new shinkansen rolled out this year, we managed to get onboard two of them. Yeay us!
Had a simple breakfast onboard, egg & tuna sandwiches for Zaini and I and Raimie had a Panda choco bread.

After a 3-hour train ride; it was time to transfer train again and this time for the 
Limited express Super Hakucho train from Shin-Aomori at the tip of Honshu Island to the southern tip of Hokkaido; to Hakodate (good guess, Rurousha!) and completed our journey of almost 2,000KM in a bit more than 24 hours. We cut short our trip in Shikoku literally for this because you see, our 7-days JR Passes were expiring that day and we thought; what the heck! Screw common sense. Might as well do something crazy with it. It's not as if this is gonna be our last trip to Japan anyway. ^^
We were greeted by this sight after coming out from the undersea tunnel that the train used to travel from Shin-Aomori to Hakodate. It was raining in Aomori and snow was falling here!
Arrived at Hakodate Station completely famished so first agenda there was to eat lunch. Fresh seafood, of course!
Walked around the station and viewed some schoolchildren's artwork there.
 Before heading out the check the town area.
and went to the nearby market. Friendly marketplace merchants calling us to check their wares but get this... in Chinese! LOL
Walking around a bit then snow started falling around us and before long it became too cold. Raimie complained his ears are getting frozen so I let him borrow my hat. ;)
As we needed to travel back to Tokyo the same day (or night) to fully utilise our expiring JR Passes, we didn't stray too far from the station. The cold, snowy day didn't help us explore much either. So, after buying massive amount of souvenirs at a nearby shop, it's time to board our train back to Shin-Aomori before taking a train to Tokyo then to Kawasaki where we had our hotel reservation already made at Nikko Hotel there.
But not before getting some Hakodate ekiben to enjoy in our train for dinner later. Yummy!

Crazy, arent' we? *^-^*


  1. I wanna eat the panda choco cake too!!! It looks so cute to eat! :D Bite the ear!

  2. Ha. I knew it. Hakodate. (^_^)

    You travelled on the Hayabusa! I'm green with envy. Same colour as the train.

    Yes, you're crazy, but in a rather interesting way!

  3. The shape of train is really interesting. My children must like it. :)

  4. Hey, I was nearly correct.
    Can also get half a burger one lah.
    But now I want your Panda pan.
    Did you save me half huh? Ha ha...

    So much ice, can make ABC already!
    Ada bawa sirap, jagung, cendol tak?

  5. @ristinw,
    Yeah, the panda is too cute.... ^^

  6. @Rurousha,
    Hahaha.. good to know that our craziness is "interesting" ;p

    Don' be green with envy. You are in Japan the whole year round! I'm only there for a two weeks vacation. ;)

  7. @cocomino,
    I bet they will. And it is so comfortable to travel in the Hayabusa. :)

  8. @London Caller,
    I thought London have enough ice to make a kakigori there? xD

  9. Panda choco bread looks so good and cute! Must be cold for you with all the snow.

    Japan Australia

  10. @Japan Australia,
    Since we weren't prepared to travel to a colder region, yes, it was cold for us to be in Hakodate. But fun cold. ;)

  11. Reading through your entry was feeling chilled after Ultraman got cold ears and the snow grrrrrrrrr freezing haha. Nice healthy meals.

  12. @Bananazஇ,
    or Uncle Bananazஇ, Ultraman where got ears one? kakaka

    Imagine these three arrived in snowy Hakodate, just in three layers of thin clothing. Crazy South East Asians! ;)

  13. Ha ha... I finished all the ABC already.

    By the way, is sotong Hakodate's mascot huh?
    Or is it bear?
    Maybe it's sotong bear?

  14. @London Caller,
    So how' the London version of ABC/kakigori? Share some lah! LOLz

    If I'm nit mistaken, the official mascot is a squid. Saw massive amounts of them installed everywhere there. XD The bear is, "Beary the Bear" - Hakodate's Bear Park mascot, I suppose?

  15. Yes, Hakodate for a day is a bit crazy. :D Looks great though. Last time I was there I only had time to have ramen. Next time I go, I'm going to eat crab and squid. Squid is the most famous seafood there, although crab is pretty popular in all of Hokkaido. I need some sashimi. :)

  16. @Dru,
    But those whole, giant crabs on sale at the market - they scare the crap off me because they are too "takai"! A bowl of them shredded on top of our rice was all we can afford. xD

    Crazy? Yeah. Who goes to Hakodate, eat lunch and dinner then and came down to Tokyo again? heh

    Should have had some squids too, yeah? OK, I'll put them in our to do list for the next trip, whenever that is. ^^

    How was the ramen?

  17. Looks like you are enjoying all your train rides!! : )

  18. I want that Panda choco bread!!! Got buy some for me or not?!!! : D

  19. Drooling at that fresh seafood meal! Yumm!!!

  20. It must be very cold with the snow falling! I can't stand that kind of cold!

  21. LOL!! So you were spending most of the time traveling on the trains? Haha! Crazy indeed! But it's good to do crazy things on a holiday sometimes! : )

  22. The seafood lunch looks like very delicious. There are many good Onsen places and many skiing area in Hokkaido. If you will come Hokkaido next year in winter,I recommend you to stay there a few days and enjoy skiiing.

  23. @foong,
    Train rides are as fun as getting to the destination itself, and sometimes more! The main reason we got on the midnight train was for us to 1. ride the Sunrise Izumo train which we were unable to two years ago & 2. get on the new shinkansen Hayabusa. Going to Hakodate was a bonus. ^^

    I did think of you when I saw that Panda choco bread, but it will not look like a panda once it reach Malaysia, I bet! xD

    Seafood in Hokkaido is the best, so I'm told. I'll post up more food photos one of these days and make you all drool some more. *evil laugh*

    It was cold but fun cold although our ears felt like it's been frozen off!

    It's good to be both organised and spontaneous during vavations, don't you think? ^^

  24. @minor,
    We are planning to visit Hokkaido and travel extensively on the island in 2013. ^^

  25. Yeah, the crab is very expensive, and I usually just get it on top of rice too. However, in Sapporo they have all you can eat courses, but you have to reserve it early. I think it was about 4-5000 yen each.

    The ramen was okay. I wasn't in the best mood as I didn't get much sleep and I was frozen to the bone. It was a bit buttery, but that's the style. Sapporo also has it's own ramen but really different. Hakodate is probably better for corn butter ramen, and Sapporo is better for miso ramen. Hope you can try it next time, whenever that is. :D

  26. @Dru,
    Corn butter ramen? Why does it somehow fail to tempt me? xD

    Nah, too scared to eat ramen in Japan. We have to avoid porky stuff, you know. And sometimes, asking for detailed ingredients are way too troublesome. We already are quite troublesome as it is. ;p

  27. The Panda Choco bread looks too cute to eat. I don't blame you for wanting to travel as far as you can on the 7-day JR Pass. All your lunches and dinners look yummy, but too compact. I think I might still be hungry afterwards. :P

  28. @AVCr8teur,
    They are filling. I don't really snack in between meals while vacationing in Japan. ;)

    Yes, having a JR-pass - it's sure hard to resist the temptation to really maximise the use. xD


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