Monday, 26 December 2011

An End To An Awesome Trip

Gah! How did the two weeks vacation went by so quickly? What did we do in these two weeks? I wish we have more time! But home we must return and earn more money so that we can afford another vacation in the future. xD

Our flight back to Kuala Lumpur was a red-eye flight so we had a whole day in Japan for us to do last minute sightseeing and we just spent the day in Yokohama. Had some thoughts of going to Kirin Beer Village because... we went to Yebisu Beer Museum last year, so it'll be unfair if we didn't check out Kirin. Right? And why Beer Museum you ask, when I don't even drink beer? Simply because it's there.
Spent some time over at Nissan Gallery
Mommy looked at some cars, Daddy had a rest - sitting on one of the many chairs and couches there and Raimie "learnt" how to drive.
 Did last minute soft drink purchase for Raimie
Mommy drooled over some colourful running shoes and somehow miraculously managed to refrain from buying anything
Raimie wasn't happy to be dragged over to Anpanman Museum. See the "forced" smile on his face? LOL "Mommy! Anpanman is for little kids!" he whines but did we listen? Nope.
Had some ice cream at Baskin Robbins to help the traumatised 9 year old  recover from visiting that Anpanman Museum
 Saw some illuminations
and ate dinner. I've had enough of rice so I insisted on a pasta dinner and got it; but of course with a Japanese twist. They serve a ginormous L sized omuraisu there too, which we were lucky enough to see, because the guys at the next table ordered one. They were enough to feed three adults! I kid you not! @.@

Daddy made some last minute duty-free purchases afterwards and before you know, it we were onboard our AirAsia flight and on our way home. 

No fault with the Air Asia staff but the cabin smelled ranging from dead carcass to rotten cheese to wet dog to damp towel and finally my nose got used to the stank of sweaty, stinky socks and I was able to have some shut eye only to be woken up by this genius of a guy who was playing games very loudly in front of me. If I was his wife or daughter, he'll already be whacked and reminded to not be so noisy and inconsiderate. Meiwaku, and that sort of thing ya'know.

Next time I'm taking AirAsia flights, I'm bringing over some face masks! I think Air Asia can make good money selling air fresheners to passengers onboard too, if the ventilation doesn't improve. Hu~


  1. Reminds me when I was about to buy a balloon for my little girl at Penang Pesta, she said 'what for?' Huh she must have grown up pretty fast. Those pasar malam guys tried to push those nursery tapes to her when she was looking at MJ etc. haha. 'Ultraman' felt the same going to Anpanman Musuem lolz.

  2. You may have a choice on those coloful shoes but not for men. Woo got strong mind power to resist that temptation of buying one more pair.

  3. You could bring along a few dozen of face mask when with AA and make money yourself haha..

  4. @Bananazஇ,
    Yeah, they sure grow fast and right before our eyes too! ^^!

    No striking shoes for you, Bananazஇ? xD

    LOL Yeah, next time I go fly AA long distance, I'll bring some and try make money to cover my flight cost! ;p

  5. I enjoyed your blog being here in Japan very much. I am looking forward to meeting you and your family in next year.

  6. @minor,
    Happy to hear that. :)

    We are most probably won't be coming to Japan next year. Maybe in 2014. ^^

  7. That games-playing guy deserved a few kicks, and then you get up while pressing down heavily on his seat back, and then a few more kicks when you return to your seat, and then you put your feet on his arm rest ...

  8. @Rurousha,
    Oh woman, you and I are kindred spirit. Yeah, I'd do that sort of thing but pity that that guy was sitting directly in front of Zaini who is always more zen and mellow than I am. xD

  9. Ha ha... We also use spaghetti to cook laksa in Johor. :)
    But how come no people call it "with a Johor twist" one? ;p

  10. Sorry that your trip is over, I have enjoyed sharing it with you! Maybe a letter to the Air Asia CEO is in order, pointing out they don't really need to be liable for spreading some disease or other due to lack of hygiene in the ventilation system. Meanwhile, remind me not to travel by them :)

    When is your next Japanese trip?

  11. Happy moments pass so fast! Wish it was longer! >u<

  12. @London Caller,
    LOL. That's true. xD

  13. @Jenny,
    Maybe I should but I doubt if it's gonna change any time soon since the "ventilation" problem on their aircrafts are one of the complaints we usually hear from other passengers who took it before.

    But then again, they are cheap. I cannot say I won't travel with them again (although Zaini and Raimie now talks about just going on JAL) but I'll take proper precaution and be better prepared.

    Next trip - we schedule it for 2014. See whether we can stand not going to Japan for 3 years! xD

  14. @ristinw,
    Yeah, wish the vacation is longer.

  15. Sounds like you had a great time and enjoyed the trip. I'd like to hear more about your experiences with Air Asia. Would you use them again and recommend them?

    Japan Australia

  16. Two weeks flies by when you are having fun. We flew Air Asia to KL last year. I'm willing to endure a little torture if it saves me some money I can then spend on a holiday shopping spree!

  17. @Japan Australia,
    Air Asia X for me - well, I can live with a little bit of hassle for the price we paid our tickets. If we needed to pay more, we'll probably choose JAL again.

  18. @Lisa,
    That is so true. A little bit of inconvenience over a lot of savings, a lot of savings wins.

    But I'll be better prepared the next round. ^^

  19. Looks and sounds like a great trip. Thanks for the heads up on Air Asia. Will bring nose plugs when I go. I guess it's because the flight leaves so late that everyone has been walking around all day... ...

    For half the price of a JAL ticket, I would assume it is well worth the price. I agree, if the price was much higher, I'd choose JAL. :)

  20. @Dru,
    We didn't have the odor problem flying from KL to Tokyo so yeah, I think it's most probably because everyone already had a long day (plus long hours on their feet).

    We paid about 30% of a JAL promotional flight so it was definitely worth it, stinky feet or no. But if we are paying say, 70% of what we'll be paying JAL, I'd choose JAL and get mileage that I can pool with the whole family redeem later to pay for my hotel stays in Japan.

  21. Ooh! Raimie really growing up! Not interested in the Anpanman Museum! : D

  22. Eh, this omuraisu - is it something like nasi goring pattaya? : ) Sounds delicious to me!

  23. OMG! Such bad smell in AirAsia cabin? Are you sure the face masks will even help? LOL!

  24. Thankfully, I have never experienced such awful smell during my AirAsia flights : )

  25. Ha ha... I know.

    BTW, what's below the Japanese spaghetti?
    Bee hun? kakaka

  26. @foong,
    Omuraisu - yeah, kinda like nasi goreng Pattaya. :)

    Lucky you (and SK too) never to experience "nice" odours during your flghts. xD

  27. You did a good job planning your trip. I tried planning a trip around Japan for my family coming from abroad - and that's the last time I will try that!

  28. @sixmats,
    It was you that got your parents those JR East pass, right? No?

    It's easier to plan a trip for ourselves than for others. A friend tagged along last year and unfortunately I have to say admit that that's the last time we'll ever allow people to tag along!

  29. Ha ha... Never mind lah.
    You run a lot, sure that helps you to burn off your lemak from nasi lemak.
    I actually prefer mee rebus! Ha ha...
    So much carbohydrate!
    No wonder I look like a potato huh.

  30. @London Caller,
    Mee rebus... yummy! Haven't had a mee rebus in ages. All the starch. Should eat mee rebus for carbo-loading sessionlah instead of pasta before a race. LOL

  31. In my kampung, there's a malay stall that makes the best mee rebus I have ever had.
    They mix potatoes with some sweet potatoes.
    So the sauce has a tiny hint of sweetness.
    Not like the normal salty one.

    But regional breakfast can vary a lot.
    When I was in Terengganu, their lontong was very different than the ones I normally had in Johor.

    London Caller misses lontong now. Kakaka.

    Did your mum pass you down some secret recipes?
    Share with us here lah.

  32. @London Caller,
    I actually didn't learn how to cook from my Mom. I learn through scouring the internet for recipes. xD

    If you go to Terengganu again, you should have Nasi Dagang for breakfast. I myself, like laksam. Hearty breakfast dishes to start the day. Loaded with calories too. xD

    p.s share us where the mee rebus stall location is lah... who knows a reader might be tempted to go and try too. ^^

  33. I am still a little behind reading about your trip. Are there free samples at the beer museum? I'm sorry for the smelly flight. I hope it was a relatively short one.

  34. @AVCr8teur,
    I'm not too sure about Kirin Beer Museum giving out free samples as we ended up not going there but at Yebisu Beer Museum, if you take the tour, you do get to try a few. We didn't. ^^

    Thanks for reading these posts AVCr8teur and commenting. Really appreciate it. Can't wait for more trip posts on your Taiwan trip too. :)

    The smelly flight? Well, at least I managed to sleep (albeit a tad uncomfortably) during the 7-hour flight. ;)


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