Thursday, 15 December 2011

From Kawasaki To Enoshima On A Rainy Day

Things didn't go as planned on Day 10 of our trip. It rained almost the whole day! Booohooo!

Got out from our warm hotel room late and had brunch at Kawasaki Station food court. Udon for Zaini and I and Raimie had two shrimp filled onigiris.
By now, I was nursing a swollen, throbbing gum and chewing was torture! Ugh... Just the thing you need when on vacation; in a country you barely speak the language. I prepared a whole lot of medicine for the trip but nothing for this. Got something from the drug store and it actually took 3 days for the throbbing to stop. :(

And that's why folks, no running for me these few days. The throbbing coupled with a blistered heel makes bad travel company but continuing on...
From Kawasaki Station, we travelled to Ofuna. Purchased the Kamakura Enoshima Pass and travelled to Enoshima. The day turned out to be more of train rides trips instead of visiting sites in Enoshima and Kamakura. Bummer.

Deciding not to brave the cold rain and risked a sick child afterwards, we spent a bit of time there indoors before deciding it's best to try and visit some sites in Kamakura instead. Woe us. (Insert choice Shakespearean curses here if you like) LOL
With the rain we had to chose which site to visit in Kamakura and we selected the Kamakura Daibutsu, with long stops at souvenir shops. I don't know about you but while the Daibutsu itself is great and all, the fact that the people at the ticket counter and souvenir shops readily speaks English to me makes the experience less thrilling. Hard to please this one foreign tourist, eh? xD
It was still raining after our visit to Daibutsu and Zaini "pretended" not to hear me wanting to visit Hasedera. huhuhu Can't blame him though. We didn't have our umbrella with us this time, having forgotten and left it in Osaka. :(

You can't say we didn't make an effort to sightsee in Enoshima. We did make our way there after visiting Daibutsu but then decided to call it quits and hopped on the Shonan Monorail (cool, this suspended monorail, I tell you) from Shonan-Enoshima Station to Ofuna Station. For train buffs, the Shonan monorail is the first monorail of its kind in Japan.
Arrived Kawasaki Station feeling completely famished so we headed to the nearest Yayoi-ken there and had a nice hot (and cheap) dinner.
I was ready to call it quits for the day but the two boys wanted to go out some more (more like going to check out some games at Yodobashi Camera) so after hoarding boxes of chocolates along with a bottle of gum medicine that I had no idea consisted of what, we went our separate ways.

Those two really had a good time without me because it took them ages to return to our hotel room afterwards!

By the way, when this post is up; we are already safe and sound back home in warm, sunny Malaysia. ^^ Not to mention back to work. Ugh.


  1. Oh sorry to hear the rain welcomed you throughout the 10 day stay. So fast just like only yesterday you take off to Japan haha.

  2. Try gargle with salt water might help a bit to ease your troubled gum.

  3. @Bananaz,
    Yeah, so fast feels like we haven't been to Japan yet! kakaka

    Thanks for the tip. ^^

  4. Wow. I like Kamakura. Sure I entered into the Daibutsu.
    It must be great experience.

  5. You've already returned home? :( Time passed that quickly?

    Why do you have sore gums? Is that from biting on your teeth when you wanted to wallop that stubborn hotel clerk?

    I'm looking forward to your longer, detailed posts. I already know you travelled on some very cool trains!

    Enjoy the sun and the warmth of your own country!

  6. @cocomino,
    Kamakura is very nice. Next time, I want to visit Nikko. :)

  7. @Rurousha,
    Yeah, time passed that quickly. Hopefully, it'll pass quickly for us to get to another year and go on another trip. ^^

    Hahaha... naw... I don't gnash my teeth at people. Ever since I started this running thingy, I'm kinda more "zen" about any inconveniences. And people ask why my hubby willing to go at extra length to accomodate my running? Because I'm a much nicer person, running! ;)

    Oh yes, be prepared to totally detailed, absolutely lengthy, probably boring and repetead mention on the places we went to in 2011! You have been warned! lolz

  8. by the way, so much for warm and sunny Malaysia. It's raining everyday, it seems. Traffic jam and flash flood comes with that. *Nice to be back home* heh

  9. Selamat pulang! ;)
    Got me any nice souvenir or not?
    Sorry to hear about the rain, but it's winter, what can you expect?
    Sunshine like we have in Malaysia? ;p

  10. @London Caller,
    Sunshine in Malaysia now? We'll be lucky if there isn't a rainstorm every evening nowadays. xD

    I'm waiting for a souvenir from London first! ;p

  11. I hope your gum will be cured soon. I understood you and your family were enthusiastic railroad fans. I feel sorry your last day in Kamakura was rainy day. You and your family made very inteesting tours in Japan. I enjoyed very much your blog in Japan.Have nice days in Malaysia.

  12. @minor,
    It is getting better now. I'm sorry I didn't enjoy much of your wife's cooking because I cannot eat and chew a lot when we came by to your house.

    Yes, we are very much a fan of trains and taking them around Japan is such a joy. :)

    Thank you. I hope my posts here would be helpful for others who wants to visit Japan in future. ^^

  13. The Kamakura Daibutsu is Kamakura's most famous sight and very impressive. I believe its about 11m tall and weighs close to 850 tonnes.

    Japan Australia

  14. Haiyooooo kasian you!1 This reminds me of my trip in Vietnam, I had a terrible toothache, painful and throbbing and downright sensitive, I couldnt enjoy the trip let alone eating and worst it was summer time in Vietnam. Now you can add toothache meds in your list for future trips kan? Welcome home by the way hehehe sorry for the lack of visit (again) its been and will be a busy time for me until end of the month, my family are here so takde masa nak surf the net hehe yang ni pun curi curi masa je to check your blog and other blogs :-) Will timbul timbul again when I can :)

  15. Oh, wish you well. Take care. What did you eat and made it swell? :(

  16. @Japan Australia,
    Thanks for the info! :)

  17. @cuteandcurls,
    Suffer kan? Rasa macam nak balik aje time tu, because the dental fee in Japan cost so much! @.@

    But after a few days it got better, but still having a bit of swollen tekak. xD

    No problem for not visiting much. Family is much much more important. Little princess must be having a grand time getting pampered. Yes? ^^

  18. @ristinw,
    I think I got it from the morning runs I did while on vacation and breathing through my mouth instead of my nose. Made the gum dry.

  19. Rainy day? Oh! Sure spoil your vacation doesn't it?

  20. Swollen gum and blistered heel? Gosh, those two will surely spoil any vacation! Since it's mostly walking and eating right?

  21. Huh? You don't like foreigners to speak English with you?

  22. No picture of this Shonan Monorail? : )

  23. Don't you just hate to get back to work after a long holiday break? I always need a holiday after my travel holidays! Haha!!

  24. @foong,
    Well, I didn't let the rain, the throbbing or the blister spoil my vacation too much. ;)

    No, I don't like Japanese talking in other languages to me other than Japanese, especially not Mandarin! hohoho

    I wanted to take the Shonan Monorail photo, of it looking like it's suspended on air but too cold and too dark to do so. ;p

    Yeah, going to work after a log vacation sucks. I'm the same too. I need another holida to recover from my holidays too! LOL

  25. Huh, you are already back in Malaysia? And to think that I was going to ask you when you'd be back because I'm beginning to miss you. LOL

    Welcome back! *hugs*

  26. @HappySurfer,
    We were only there for two weeks. Can't afford to go for a long vacation. ^^

    Miss me? Cool! ;)

  27. the christmas decoration there looks nice! although the picture is quite small there :)


  28. @FiSh,
    Yeah, the Xmas decor there are awesome! :)

    And yes, my photos are small. Neither a good photographer nor have a swanky DLSR at my disposal. And I always resize my photos to that size. xD

  29. Sorry to hear about the weather on that day. Next time, just buy a new umbrella. Only 105 yen if you go to the 100yen stores. :D Most people call them disposable umbrellas for a reason.

    Or you can splurge for 500yen at a convenience store and bring it back with you since the compact ones are pretty small.

  30. @Dru,
    Nah... never like to buy umbrellas in Japan. Anyway, even with the umbrellas, it was too darn cold to be walking around. With a swollen gum, it was fun to do it either. xD

  31. Japan is such a wonderful place of visit. it has a lot of tourist spot and am sure i enjoying to travel around the tourist spots in the Philippines | top tourist destination in the Philippines and after in japan.

  32. I'm sorry to hear about your gums and foot. I guess I know how you felt because I got a cold on the 2nd day of our 14 day vacation. And cold the weather didn't help. I hope you are all better now and thinking about your next Japan adventure. Haha, did you want the vendors at Daibutsu not to speak English to you?

  33. @AVCr8teur,
    Yes, all better now. Thanks. :)

    And yeah, I really really do not want Japanese people (not only the vendors at Daibutsu) to speak in English with me. I like doing things the hard way. ;p


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