Friday, 9 December 2011

The Kagawa Prefecture

I started the day by going out for a run (alone, this time) at 6.00am. The Takamatsu Port is just about 1km away from the hotel we were staying in. It helped that I saw a runner (in compression wear, no less) along the way so I just kept pace (read: make sure he was within sight) with him until I knew roughly where I wanted to do my run.
Watching the sun rises in the cold morning was really nice. Plenty of runners/joggers/walkers around not to mention people fishing too. 
I had a one hour run there, being outrun by most of the runners there (man, they are all fast!) before heading back to the warm hotel room to get ready for breakfast and our scheduled sightseeing for the day.
First site visited - the Open Air Museum; Shikoku Mura. Spent about 2-3 hours there before going to another site, this time nearer to our hotel.
We spent almost two hours at Ritsurin Koen, following the recommended 1 hour course.
Had a late lunch at one of the udon shop at the shopping street/arcade right in front of our hotel. We ate everything and gulped down every single drop of the soup. It was sooooooo goooooood!
 After a bit of rest, we went out again and we walked by Tamamo-Koen which is just beside the port.
Then, braving the cold, windy evening; we headed over to the port area to check out the ferry time to the neighbouring islands.
and finishing off the day's walk by strolling at the largest shopping street in Japan. And yes, it does go on and on and on.... But at 5.00pm, half the shops are closed/closing and at 7.00pm; most of them are already closed.


  1. What is that traditional, castle-looking building on the wall? Really like that picture.

  2. @Blue Shoe,
    Part of Tamamo/Takamatsu Castle but not sure which one of the three tower it is but this one is the one facing the sea.

  3. You spent two hours on a one-hour course in Ritsurin? Something told me you enjoyed it ... ;) I'm looking forward to the photos that will eventually follow.

  4. @Rurousha,
    Hahaha... but of course. Stopped and looked at leaves, stones, pebbles, fish, insects and whatever there is in the garden. ^^

  5. Riturin koen looks very beautiful. Port side is beautiful too. We will prepare udon in next time.

  6. @minor,
    The park is very beautiful. The port is nice too, but it was too windy and cold there. ;)

    Thank you so much. Raimie likes udon a lot. :)

  7. Sounds like busy days but lots of fun. Glad to hear you guys are enjoying the trip and getting to see a lot of different places :)

    Japan Australia

  8. @Japan Australia,
    The day in Takamatsu was actually quite a relaxed one for us! ;)

  9. Ritsurin Koen is beautiful and nice. I like such great parks which exist in most area.

  10. @cocomino,
    The park is really nice and beautiful. :)

  11. Ritsurin Garden is so pretty!
    Is it still autumn there?
    Trees in London already botak.

    Udon looks yummy too!
    Got sotong goreng and fish and chips also? ;)

  12. I see that it was an eventful day.
    Yes, the times for the Ritsurin garden "tours" are a bit strange.
    I guess it's the "hurried Japanese group tourist" time table as they seem to be visiting everything as fast as possible.

    Now, I'm curious what island you went to (I hope Ogi, but my money is on Naoshima)

  13. Wow one hour run. Run Lina Run gambate!

  14. What's that two bulat bulat tall 'tower' thingy at the ferry terminal? Old painted tyres stacked up together? Immediately after you gulped down every single drop of the soup you make this sound "Ahhhh"..hehe sedap nya.

  15. Wah! Must be nice running at 6am in Japan! : D

  16. Is that a lighthouse in the first picture? Beautiful! I also like the port!

  17. What interesting things you can find at Ritsurin Koen?

  18. @London Caller,
    When we were in Kyushu, Takamatsu and Kanto area, leaves are still red and golden and trees aren't "otak" yet.

    But it's already snowing in Aomori & Hakodate in Hokkaido! Brrrr...

    TThe udon was excellent. So was the tempura but only fish no chips. xD

  19. @David,
    Yeah, the 1 hour recommended course may not take into account visitors stopping, lingering, reading information plaque and the whatnot there. I guess if we just walked past, took a bit of photos, it would be 60 minutes. ;p

    You have to wait and see where we went to afterwards. xD

  20. @Bananazஇ,
    Though I wish I can cover more distance in that one hour. As it is, I'm a slow poke. ;)

    That "bulat" tall tower at the port area is an art installation. If you wanna more info on it, you can visit David's post about it at Liminal Air - Core -.

  21. @foong,
    It's almost winter. Sun not up yet at 6.00am in Japan. huhuhu

    But it was really nice to run and view the sunrise at the same time. ^^

    Lunch is nice, right? Come over and you can enjoy them too. xD

    Yes, that a lighthouse. Made of glass.

    Ritsurin Koen is a landscaped park and is very beautiful. It would be nice if we are able to view it at different seasons and see the different colours around the park.

  22. You're so energetic!!! Running an hour in a cold early winter morning then start the day without rest. ^ 0 ^ You're awesome!

  23. @ristinw,
    I did rest. After the run, came back to hotel, shower and have breakfast first before heading out to sightsee. ;p

    But it's a great way to get the body all energetic and ready to face the day. :)

  24. Interesting pillars by the pier. They look like dishes stacked on top of each other. Where was this shopping place you went to in the last photo? Where is the largest shopping street in Japan? I thought it was Ginza, but I guess not, since it closes so early.

  25. @AVCr8teur,
    The dishes stacked on top of each other is actually an art installation. I gave the link for info on it, in my comment to Bananaz above. ^^

    The biggest shopping street is located in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku Island. Way far from Ginza. ;)


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