Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ogawamachi For A Day!

Day 13 is like a non-event. We spent more than half a day at Ogawamachi, climbing up steps after steps into/up the numerous sporting goods there looking for a bargain.

There are a whole lot of ski and snowboarding shops there alongside with golf, tennis, baseball, basketball and what else? Running of course! I tell you, I was ever so ready to re-mortgage my house to buy the awesome stuff there.

All the completely blinding colours the running shoes that are on sale there. OMG! OMG! Dunno why, but I do so like to be easily identified when running. Bright pink, neon green, the likes.... white running shoes is soooo boring. heh heh
And to further prove my point, here's me in pink amongst a sea of white at one night running event I took part a few months ago in Putrajaya.

Back to the story, a staff at Mizuno store encouraged us to try the foot analysis for free but we declined. I'm afraid to fall into the deep abyss of wanting to buy after doing all those testing!
Not intimidated by the queue at this particular udon shop, we joined the herd and had a very nice udon lunch there. Gave the girl dishing out the udon bowl a headache because the ones that we wanted to order, I had no idea how to pronounce since it was written in kanji. I can do hiragana and katakana. Heck I can do Hangul too (OK, reading and mouthing the sounds aloud doesn't mean I know the language) but kanji... I concede defeat.

They were busy. The line was long. But a staff came out to us and took time to double confirm our order according to the picture shown. We bring chaos wherever we went in Japan. Be warned! heh! We are sorry we have caused you trouble, udon shop staff. ;p

The best thing of all this was, nobody behind us fidgeted and look over at us wanting to see the cause of the holdup. You know you are in Malaysia when just spending a few extra seconds at the automated gate over at Immigration would warrant a comment from the next person in line. "Why so slow?" is commonly heard. ;p
After amply filling our tummy, then it's time to do some serious shopping! Raimie sported a new Nike bag soon after and Mommy had a few purchases on her own. Mommy was very restraint and only spent 18,000yen for her running gears. No new shoes though, despite being so so so tempted to get at least one pair.

Daddy, who had looked at a few pair of Asics Made in Japan running shoes range, decided to not buy anything yet. Scrooge! LOL

By the time we were done, it was approaching 4.00pm and we decided to head back to our hotel and rested a bit before going out again for dinner and a bit of "grocery" shopping.

Such a boring day, eh? ^^

When it's time for a winter Hokkaido vacation in 2014 (planning way ahead, aren't we?), we are so going to drop by this area and buy our snow/ski stuff and whatnot. Unless of course, you kind soul out there willing to lend your stuff to us. *hint hint* hihihi


  1. Ha! So you're the real pink Power Ranger!

    See I told you to pack me in your suitcase.
    I can help you to order.
    No need staff come out one. ;)

    Not only auto gates, if you're bit slow at the traffic light, people behind you sure will honk you.

    Kurang ajar lah! ><

  2. Aha! You're perfecting the fine art of apologizing!

    ¥18 000 on running gear? So what did you buy? Pink shirt, neon green running pants, cobalt blue track suit? ;)

    In Japan, nobody in the queue fidgets. In Malaysia, the queue starts commenting. In South Africa ... what queue? Oh, you mean that free-for-all brawl over there?

    PS: Raimie has a lovely smile.

  3. When saw your pixz thought how come Japan weather changed so fast haha. Asics is a good brand much lighter than Nike. Pink is a nice color.

  4. If I were you, I would try free foot analysis. After finding the best one, I would look for the same one in other discounting sport goods shop nearby

  5. @London Caller,
    We Malaysians are busy lot. Always need to arrive somewhere fast, but never on time for appointments. LOL

  6. @Rurousha,
    Just imagine if I got my hands on Dave Barry's book. I can grovel in style. xD

    Nah, nothing too loud for my purchase there. Wanted to buy a bright yellow New Balance long-sleeved shirt (for use during my upcoming under the hot Malaysian sky marathons) but finally decided to buy a black shirt but with a huge "kuri" cartoon on the back. Wanted to get a pink compression tights but went all fuddy-duddy and bought a black one but with pink highlights. heh Also bought a black Adidas running skirt and a rainbow coloured hydration pack. See, I was so restraint.

    Here, either we queue and fidget or just make three lines of a vague queue for one counter. Africa sure sounds like a good training ground for the survival of the fittest. xD

  7. @Bananazஇ,
    Sorry to confuse you! xD

    Asics is sure a good brand. But I had a few pairs of running shoes already and buying another one? Sure kena whack the head by Zaini! LOL

    But I got Asics' short & compression tights. ^^

    Yes, pink is a nice colour. I like orange too. :)

  8. @minor,
    I wasn't planning on buying a new pair. And I'm trying to avoid the lure of getting one after getting the foot analysis. That and the fact that my Japanese isn't that great to understand technical explanation from the staff in Japanese! ;)

  9. Add another place tourists usually don't visit. :) I have been there a few times myself but never buy anything. I can usually find similar things elsewhere, but for more options, it's definitely the best place.

    I also avoid getting a foot scan, mostly because of the language barrier. However, sometimes I wonder if they'll just recommend one of the brands that help sponsor the shop rather than the best one for me. I already have my fave pair of shoes so I don't think I'll change anytime soon.

    That udon shop looks like a famous chain. Did you go around lunchtime? Usually those shops have long lines because it is quick and easy. I sometimes see people go in and out within 10 minutes. :)

  10. @Dru,
    Where's the place you usually go to, just in case I'd somehow "stumbled"my way to Tokyo again. xD

    But yes, the place with rows and rows of stores is great for those wanting more option. :) And yeah, I don't think we'll see bus load of tourists in tour groups there! ^^

    Foot scan? My thoughts exactly! I probably be tempted to buy a pair of the latest, most expensive range there... ;p

    Yup, we went to the udon shop around lunchtime. And yes, we too go in and out about 10 minutes. It was fast, cheap and good. :) It's a famous chain? I wasn't able to read the store's name,any idea what's the chain's name is?

  11. Yes I would also go for the foot analysis.

  12. You know what I think? I think you should run the Comrades Ultramarathon in South Africa one day. It's only 90 km :-P and unlike the queues, the marathon is very organized and very professional. I'll go back home just to cheer you!

  13. @Jenny,
    Well, I'm trying to avoid the lure of feeling a need to buy another pair of shoes. Anyway, the I suspect the foot analysis is more geared towards checking and finding the "right" Mizuno shoes for me. xD

  14. Is mizuno so much cheaper there? Hubby is an avid fan of mizuno products, sometimes I called him Mizuno freak:)

  15. @Rurousha,
    Me doing Ultra? And doing "only" 90K in the oldest Ultra Marathon race? *choked* Yeah, that'll be the day. (¬_¬)

    I looked at photos taken at the Comrades Ultra, sure looks like a fun crowd there. ^^

    Hahaha... a support crew of my own. You got a deal, Rurousha! d'-'

    See you all the way from Pietermaritzburg to Durban one day! That is, if Zaini don't whack my head for signing up first. kakaka x_O O_x

  16. @screamingmommy,
    Not as cheap as it used to be, before Yen starts going on the upwards trend against all currency but yeah, still cheaper than in Malaysia. Asics, Mizuno, whatever Japanese brand - all cheaper there (obviously). And the selection - OMG! You can go crazy wanting everything that you can't find here. ^^

  17. Sounds like you are doing some great shopping! Love the sports stores in Japan and you can pick up some real bargains if you look hard enough :)

    Japan Australia

  18. @Japan Australia,
    Not as much as I would like to do. There was this one outlet we found in Yokohama that has almost everything I'd need for my running gears too. I wish I have more Yen to spend. *sob sob*

  19. Ya lor.

    We always late for meetings, appointments.
    But when we go home, always first one lah! Ha ha...
    So typical Malaysians.

  20. @London Caller,
    That's so true!

  21. Daddy sounds so like me. And it is always Benghui who gets the lion's share of the goodies :) I buy practically nothing all the time.

  22. Oh, Hokkaido is a nice place! I remember the Otaru Music Box Kingdom! :D

  23. @Bengbeng,
    Benghui so lucky to get the lion's share. :)

  24. @ristinw,
    Otaru Music Box Kingdom sounds nice. Didn't visit it though, myself but we've been to one in Mojiko-Retro in Kyushu. There's one too in Matsushima. ^^

  25. Haha! You like to be the centre of attention? But I agree white running shoes are soooo boring! : D

  26. So did you buy any running shoes there? Should have asked you to buy a pair for me! LOL!

  27. Wah! The Japanese are such patient people eh? Malaysians would definitely complained already if made to wait. I know I will! Hahaha!

  28. Wah! Hokkaido winter vacation in 2014? Why not next year? : )

  29. @foong,
    No,not the centre of attention. Just different from the rest. ;)

    No, didn't buy any shoes there.Had to restraint myself not to buy though. xD

    You are one impatient Panda!

    Because we'll go hiking/onsen dipping etc in Hokkaido after Raimie finished his UPSR and is bigger.

  30. If you want to find similar things elsewhere, it isn't hard. Just go to ABC Mart or a department store. They usually have enough selection. Not EVERYTHING but enough to satisfy me. :)

    If I have time and see what I think that udon shop is, I'll let you know.

  31. @Dru,
    ABC Mart is nice but as you said - not everything. Not enough to manage to tempt me anyway. But I did find cool models of Merrell, Vibram, Saucony and the like on sale there, which may be hard for me to find in Kuala Lumpur.

    Well, if you have the time and manage to find the udon shop, thanks! :)

  32. It was a nice break from sightseeing all the time. The Japanese are too polite to complain. Nice pink outfit to stand out in the crowd.

  33. @AVCr8teur,
    It's either that pink or a "loud" orange to make sure I'm visible. xD


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