Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Synchronise Your Watches!

When one has the habit of arriving the train platform just minutes before the train departs, it is imperative that our watch is synchronised to train station's time. ^^

Day 5 : Huis Ten Bosch. Got on board the train just seconds before it departs. Same thing happen when we took the LEX Okayama to Matsuyama. heh

We went to this recreation of the Huis Ten Bosch in Netherlands theme park, located in Nagasaki Prefecture. Raimie had requested a visit there for his birthday present. As a trade-off, he agreed to cancel the trip to Ultramanland in Kumamoto for this.
The view inside the Dutch theme park. One can almost be forgiven for mistaking us being somewhere other than Japan.

Since our main reason is for One Piece attractions, that's what and where we made a beeline for. The One Piece attractions, ships and gift shops!
Mommy, Son & Chopper!
The Thousand Sunny ship. We got onboard it (gotta pay up extra for the privilege) to set sailing on it.
Raimie and the ship
Onboard the ship, with Monkey D Luffy
Daddy and his "new girlfriend"
Setting sail. Brrr.... Cold & windy

We didn't spend a whole lot of time there, and went back at 3.00pm, arriving Hakata Station at 5.00ish. We went back to our hotel room and picked up a few stuff, and took a Limited Express train to Moji Station.
Moji Station

We spent a couple of hours eating takoyaki with a blogger friend, Hanny and her Sons. We had planned to only make a short stop there, but I guess when one is with good company, time does flies. Before we knew it, it was almost 11.00pm! Thank you so much to Hanny and her family for putting up with us! If you remember, when we came to this part of town in 2008, Hanny played host to us too!
A near deserted Kokura Station. We were waiting for the shinkansen to arrive for us to get back to Hakata Station.


  1. Yes, it does look a lot like the Netherlands. Japan has quite a few theme parks like this with Little World in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture my favourite.

    Japan Australia

  2. I am sailing, I am sailing..haha. Nice ship. Wah you know all their names ~ Chopper, Monkey D Luffy and Daddy's new girlfriend?

  3. Raimie looks like very happy. And Daddy with his new girl friend too.
    Do you have a plan to go to Dogo(Dougo)Onsen? If so, Steam Locomotive type tram car would go to Dougo Onsen every 30 minutes. Normal type tram cars would go more often.

  4. Sounds fun.
    You are seasoned traveler and can be a tourist guide. :D

  5. So your husband has a new girlfriend? OK, but does he accompany her when she goes jogging at 5 am?!

    It looks cold in the photos. Stay warm and happy!

  6. @Japan Australia,
    It is somewhat interestingly weird but fun to visit while in Japan. ;)

  7. @Bananaz,
    When Son and Husband is great fan of the One Piece anime, can't help but to know their names too. BTW, Daddy's girlfriend is Nami. ^^

  8. @minor,
    We did visit Dogo Onsen. Missed the botchan train and we didn't want to wait for it although we saw it passed by a few times while walking to Matsuyama-jo. ^^

  9. @cocomino,
    We have a long way to go to be a guide to anyone. ;)

  10. @Rurousha,
    But after meeting the "girlfriend" I had to run at 6.00am alone in Takamatsu... TWICE! LOL

  11. Alamak, daddy could not concentrate when you took his picture with his ah moi baru lah.

    He was not sure where to look lah!

    You so bad one! kakaka.

  12. @London Caller,
    I got it in a nice "angle", right? Hehehe

  13. Why is everything in Japan so cute!!! :D I like the ship!!

  14. @ristinw,
    The ship is soooo cute, right? And it can sail too! How cool is that? :)

  15. There's the cute ship again!!! Did you take pics of the ship from different angle? Haha!

  16. Ooh! Chopper is cute too! :D

  17. LOL at Daddy and his new girlfriend! : D
    Nice to meet up with a blogger friend while on a trip!

  18. @foong,
    It sure is nice to meet up with people. There are a few we can't meet due to clashing schedule, which was a pity.

  19. @foong,
    Yeah, got several photos of the ship, from differnt angles. ^^


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