Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Third...

time we visited Kyushu. Our first visit was in 2007. Second one was in 2008. Third one in 2011.

Day 4 in Japan, we woke up in Yufuin. I wanted to wake up at 5.00am but somehow only managed to wake up at 7.00am.
First thing, had a hot spring bath to warm up the muscles before going out for an early morning walk with hubby to a nearby Lake Kinrinko (more like a pond to me).
Lovely view of autumn with splashes of colour everywhere we turn at Lake Kinrinko. More of the lake later. We spent about an hour there, before making our way back as tour groups started to swarm the lake area.
While Zaini head back to our cottage, I did a short run around for about 30 minutes. While doing my cool-down walk, got stopped by Japanese tourists asking for directions. I must look like a local. LOL
Passing time, Zaini had a more leisurely pursuit - enjoying his baths while looking at the colours of autumn while soaking in the hot water.
Returned to Hakata later, arriving at 3.00pm. Rested a bit in our hotel room before making our way out again, only to find that it was raining that evening. Decided to gamble it and made our way to Nakasu and Tenjin area and walk around looking for the famous yatai (food stalls). When it looked like the rain wasn't letting up, we quickly made our way to
the nearby Canal City and window shopped. We spent a couple of hours there and just when Raimie started complaining about getting tired, we found stores selling his favourite anime & tokukatsu series merchandises so he was happy for a while there. Deciding the rain wasn't gonna stop, we decided to just make a dash back to our hotel which was nearby Hakata Station.
 Rain did stop for a while and allowed us to enjoy the splendour of the illumination in front of Hakata Station. They are awesome!

The last activity for the day, and the most important one at that, we bought a cake to celebrate Raimie's birthday moments before the store closed.
Happy 9th birthday, Son! And as agreed, his birthday present was to be given the next day and we had to travel to Sasebo to present it to our Son. ^^


  1. It all looks wonderful esp the autumn colours.

  2. That pool looks beautiful with the colours outside. I had just seen a model of Canal City in an exhibition on Post Modernism in London and I had wondered what it was like, and so I found your photo very interesting. is it basically just shops or are there other things there, too?

  3. Really nice autumn leaves and happy birthday to your son. :)

  4. You are lucky to catch the autumn colors this year... I recall the colors changed earlier last year...

  5. Wow! Looks like you are all having great time. And, the Autumn colours look amazing.

  6. @Lisa,
    The autumn colours are amazing! :)

  7. @Jenny,
    Canal City? Truthfully, I'm not sure whether there are any other places other than shops there. We only went to one side of the canal. I suppose there is. ;p

  8. @Cocomino,
    Thanks for the wish! :)

  9. @Lrong,
    I guess we are. It is simply an amazing sights to see all the beautiful splashes of autumn colours. :)

  10. @Dan,
    Having a super time so far! ^^

  11. Happy birthday, Raimie! Nine? According to the candles?

    I'm so glad you've seen some autumn colours - I know you were looking forward to that - but the station illumination is even more beautiful than the red leaves! The lights look cold and warm/inviting at the same time. How is that possible?

  12. @Rurousha,
    Yup, nine. :)

    For me, I love the leaves more than the lights. Maybe because it's too darn cold when it's time to see them lights! ;p

    Anyway, need to learn how to snap photos of illumination better.

    Does it look cold + warm at the same time? ^^

  13. Ha ha... I wanna be your son too.
    Spoil me with cakes, no rotan please. ;) Ha!

    You passed your Japanese test.
    Next time, you can haggle with local people.

  14. Happy Birthday, Raimie! I think after a hot bath, I would be sleepy again. :P Is that water or lights at the bottom of your picture of Canal City?

  15. I love the hot spring bath and the colours of autumn! Happy birthday Raimie!

  16. @London Caller,
    Do Japanese haggle? xD

    But I almost "argued" with a front office staff. Good thing for her, that my limited Japanese doesn't include any vocabulary to argue and scold. kakaka

  17. @AVCR8teur,
    Thanks for the wish. :)

    That's lights. But beside it is the canal though it's wasn't lighted along the canal.

  18. @Sylvia,
    Both are lovely, aren't they? :)

    And thanks for the wish! ^^

  19. The autumn colours look amazing and Japan sure knows how to do illuminations in Winter :)

    Japan Australia

  20. You sure looked like local now Linasan..Great view can still see leaves right..

  21. Arghhhh our hero Ultraman Raimie 'color timer' at red again *no games in hand* haha. Happy birthday to our 9 year hero again.

  22. Love the illumination in front of Hakata Station.

  23. @Japan Australia,
    The illuminations are sure nice but gotta make sure we arrived the place not too late or else it is lights off for the night. ;)

  24. @Bananazஇ,
    Kakaka... today, while I was talking with hubby, a fellow passenger asked me why hubby isn't talking "Nihongo" with me.

    And then later in the evening, another guy spoke to hubby and despite us saying we didn't understand, he keeps on prodding hubby and asking stuff. Aiya!

    Raimie had no problems with no games in hand that day because he got to see the thing he wanted to see. More on that on tomorrow's post. ^^

    Lovely colourful leaves for us to view. It's great!

  25. interesting place, really!..beb..why sampai third time?

  26. @screamingmommy,
    Well, Tokyo would be 8th. ;)

    No reason, really. But there are interesting stuff for us to see and do in Kyushu. ^^

  27. Of course, they also haggle one mah.
    But they just too polite to potong harga.
    So you must take the initiate move lah.

    What happened between you and the front office staff huh?
    Tell me leh.
    I teach you some useful phrases when you need them in the future.

  28. Congratulations to Raimie Birthday! Be careful not to catch cold. I caught cold and almost cured tonight. Have nice days!

  29. Nice view at Lake Kinrinko! Love the colourful leaves!

  30. What?! You were stopped by Japanese tourists asking for direction?! LOL!!

  31. Haha!! Looks like you can't escape running even for 30 minutes! : D

  32. Yours photos are quite lovely, thank you for sharing!

  33. Oh! So the rain spoilt your plans? I love rain but not during travels! That illumination in front of Hakata Station is really beautiful!

  34. What did Raimie get for his birthday present?

  35. @London Caller,
    I was taught by the idiot box (aka TV) and books that Japanese doesn't haggle mah... ;p

    Small matter only actually with the front staff but I got pissed off because instead of a flat out refusal to check-in us (because we booked the room stating just 2 adults, no kids since kids are not charged anyway); she just stood there stubbornly quiet and tight lipped. If she can't allow us to check-in to the room we booked, at least give us other option rather than look stubborn. So, since I don't know how to make a scene in Japanese yet, we also stood there and be stubborn until she finally picked up our passports, make copies of them and hand out our room key - get this : to the room we booked. Sheesh!

  36. @minor,
    Thanks for the wish!

    I will be careful not to catch a cold. Glad to know you got bette. ^^

  37. @foong,
    It sure is nice at the lake, but before a gaggle of tourists came. WWhen it is just the two of us walking around the lake, it was so peaceful and serene.

    Got stopped, got talked to plenty of times in Japan so far. xD

    Good thing, the rain didn't spoil our plan much. :)

  38. @foong,
    The story about his birthday present should be up today. ^^

  39. @Christy,
    It's my pleasure.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)

  40. Happy Belated Birthday to your Raimie, awww I bet he will remember this as one of his special birthday as he celebrated it in such a beautiful place like Japan in her most stunning of time, Autumn!! You can guess my favorite season is Autumn. I just love the colors of autumn. I like your photo with the lake in the background, gorgeous!!

  41. @cuteandcurls,
    Thanks for the wish. He finally gets to celebrate his birthday in Japan. :)

    Autumn is so lovely. No wonder it is your favourite season. :)

    The lake is sure gorgeous. ^^

  42. Happy Birthday to Raimie!!! :D

  43. @ristinw,
    Thanks! He shares the same birthday month as you! :)


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