Friday, 16 December 2011

To Tokyo!

After a rainy day visiting Enoshima and Kamakura; the next day continued to be a cold gloomy day. We checked out from our hotel in Kawasaki and head-off to Tokyo. Left our luggage at the hotel in Senzoku before walking around for a bit and finally made our way to meet up with a blogging friend in Tokyo; Minor.
Because the day was so cold, we ditched the plan to visit a couple of parks and instead Minor brought us to Sunshine City's Namco Namja Town.
Had a romantic ride on the Bianca Vita, the merry-go-round and then enjoyed a lovely dessert at Ice Cream City.
Afterwards, we had a spot of ping pong game and also Othello board game before dinner. Well, Zaini and Raimie did. I just sat around and take photos. ^^

Dinner was lovely. Minor and his wife were so hospitable to us that we felt kinda guilty for imposing on them.
While we chatted with Minor at the dinner table, his wife taught Raimie how to fold paper cranes. Did I tell you that Raimie loves origami? I did, right? :)

Pretty soon it was time to make our way back to our hotel and part company with our lovely hosts. Raimie spent hours in our hotel room afterwards folding paper cranes some more. All in all, it was a great day with an equally awesome company.

To Minor and wife, thank you so much for your kind hospitality.
We are blessed to meet generous people during our trip. :) By the way, there is another post about hospitable people in Japan over at my other site.


  1. Can Raimie fold an origami Ultraman? ;)

    Is Namco Namja Town that place where you can also eat every known variety of gyoza?

    PS: Ice cream = good food for inflamed gums.

  2. @Rurousha,
    Raimie's been rather old-school about his origami folding. He folds frogs, cranes and yet to step up to make aliens and super heroes yet. xD

    Yeah, that's the Namco Namja Town though we were too rushed walking in it, didn't even see a peep of a gyoza there! ^^!

    Now you're telling me! Why didn't I scoff ice cream when I was having pain? Why didn't I think of it? Why???? Why????!!!! Brain must've been having partial shutdown due to pain, I suppose (not that it's always on working order, anyway) lol

  3. So nice!
    Next time, I go to Raub you make me kacang.
    Apa nama kacang tu?
    Aku dah lupa lah....
    Not ice kacang. Not kacang putih.
    Kacang apa huh?

  4. @London Caller,
    Kacang goreng Sempalit lah... ^^

  5. Thank you very much for uploading the blog about us. We had a very plesant time with and your family.

  6. @minor,
    Likewise. It was an enjoyable evening for us. :)

  7. It's a great thing to have friends in Tokyo. :)

  8. @cocomino,
    It is great to have friends anywhere. ^^

  9. It's nice to spend time with locals and see how they live.

  10. @Lisa,
    It sure is. And we've been lucky to be invited to a few of them over the years. :)

  11. Great to have friends all over the world, who can show you some local hospitality :)

    Japan Australia

  12. @Japan Australia,
    That is very true. :)

  13. Oh ya, kacang sempalit!
    So difficult to remember this name.

    You know what, we have a Kuantan speciality shop in Kota Tinggi.
    Not sure if they stock kacang sempalit.
    I'll find it out when I balik kampung next time. ;)

  14. Don't get mad, get even! You didn't eat ice cream when your gums were sore? So eat some chocolate ice cream today for breakfast! It won't help your gums, but it will provide instant emotional gratification! :D

  15. @London Caller,
    You balik kampung so soon? ^^

    Kacang Sempalit not that easy to find though managed to find them at Jusco. Maybe Jusco Bukit Tinggi stocked them> xD

  16. @Rurousha,
    Getting even as we speak (or type)! I'm using the my throat so swollen I can barely eat anything excuse this weekend. xD

  17. Origami and playing table tennis are a lot of fun.
    Great to hear that you are well-hospitalized!!!
    Have a great trip in Japan.

  18. @Yoshi,
    Well, the trip had ended. It was a great trip.

    Hospitable people and luckily, no hospital visits involved. xD

  19. Bukit Tinggi?
    I'm from Kota Tinggi lah.

    Soon enough lah.
    Time flies so fast these days lah.
    Another few years, your son will take PMR, then SPM.
    Then, maybe sayonara to you both lah.

  20. I bet they were pleased to have such nice guests, I'm sure you did not impose.... it sounds like a fun day.

  21. @London Caller,
    Oh gawd! Sorry! xD

    Bukit Tinggi is in Klang. kakaka

    Yeah, time sure flies. And that makes me old faster. huhuh

  22. @Jenny,
    Pretty nice, boring guests. xD

    It started off on a shaky ground but as we warmed up to each other, it was a blast! ^^

  23. Ahh! Happy to read about your trip! It makes me feel like I'm traveling too! ^0^

  24. @ristinw,
    That's the biggest compliment for me, writing up posts in this blog. Thank you! ^^

  25. It is always awesome to meet another blogger friend especially in another country!

  26. @AVCr8teur,
    It sure is. And equally great to meet them when they come visiting too. :)


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