Sunday, 1 January 2012

The 1st Day Of 2012

and my first photo for 2012.

Did a 12K run under the sweltering heat decked in an almost all-black outfit this morning but enjoyed it nevertheless and did a 10K yesterday to say bye-bye to 2011. 

What better place to spend the morning of 2012? Zaini and I spent the 1st day of 2012 in Putrajaya. In the background is the Perdana Putra which houses the office complex of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

The roundabout where I was standing looked rather empty but as a matter of fact, the place was teeming with visitors; local and foreign alike.

And come earlier in the morning, this place would be filled with mountain bikers starting their morning rides. And a place for me to start my LSD runs in the weekend. No dogs to chase me here and low traffic; that and with great view of the Putrajaya lake makes it a good place to enjoy some fresh air.

Check out my posts on the other blog of mine for places to enjoy some fresh air in Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding area. ^^

How is your first day of 2012 so far? :)


  1. I'm first! ^^

    What on earth is an LSD run? LSD is a 1960s hippies drug?!

    Did you wear gear you'd bought in Japan? Black? Where's the pink stuff? ;)

    Here in Japan 2012 started with a 7 magnitude earthquake south of Tokyo. It was about 3 in Tokyo itself. A reminder that it's a new year, but still the same old restless earth. We rocked a bit but it wasn't bad enough to scare us.

  2. Happy New Year!
    Ha ha... Got dogs chase, then can run faster mah!

  3. My first day of the year is ... sleep, eat and watch movie! :D Happy New Year!

  4. @Rurousha,
    I got to know about the quake through Twitter. Good to know you are OK. There's a restless dragon (apart from catfish) this year. o.O

    LSD sure sounds like a drug, eh? LSD = long slow distance. Emphasize is on the long not the speed though. ;p

    Pink stuff? Can't see them much through this shot. I should've taken a rear or side photo. The pinkness are there. ;)

  5. @London Caller,
    Speedwork is hard for an auntie like me, you know!

    Happy new year. :)

  6. @ristinw,
    Great way to spend a holiday. :)

  7. Happy new year to you and your family. I look forward to reading all your posts this year. Lisa xo

  8. @Lisa,
    Happy New Year to you too. :)

    Likewise, looking forward reading yours too. ^^

  9. LSD is how I like to approach my chocolate, though I usually end up sprinting through it. ;) Next time, pink stuff, please!

  10. Happy New year. It sounds great start to you.
    I went to a shirine as usual. It's common thing for us.

  11. @Rurousha,
    My approach to chocolates too. I should be taking them slow and savouring their taste but always ended up gorging on them. xD

    Next time, I am definitely wearing my pink stuff as next week I'll be running in a race and I always, always put on my pink getup for them. ^^

  12. @cocomino,
    Did you make a wish at the shrine? Hope all your wishes for 2012 will come true! :)

  13. So did you run from 31st Dec 2011 to 1st jan 2012 as suggested by me and SK? Hehe

  14. Wow! All black outfit? That's a good outfit to run in the morning but please don't do so at night! haha!

  15. Putrajaya looks like a great place to run right? So wide spaces and not that many cars! : )

  16. @foong,
    I wish I can celebrate the eve running from 31.12.11 into 1.1.12! Hahaha

    I did the two runs but in two separate mornings lah.

    Better all black outfit than all white outfit then run at night. kakaka

    Yeah, Putrajaya is a nice place to run. And quite a number of races are held there too. ^^

    Happy New Year, Foong! :)

  17. You wanna out dressed those MIB *MenInBlack* with your WIB *WomanInBlack*? haha.

  18. Apa itu LSD? Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds or rather Lina muahaha.

  19. @Bananazஇ,
    kakaka... you're funny leh. How can I outdress MIB. They are suave. ;)

    LSD can be either a psychedelic drug, like Rurousha mentioned/like that Beatles song you mentioned (heh heh) or the much healthier, but completely addictive Long Slow Distance runs. ^^

    But at least, my LSD don't give me a "bad trip" xD muahahaha

  20. Sure. I'll post it soon. :)

  21. @cocomino,
    Can't wait for it. :)


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