Thursday, 5 January 2012

Autumn Reminiscence - Lake Kinrinko

autumn colors
without a pot
of red-brown soup
                    Matsuo Basho
It's winter now in Japan (right? It's hard to think about winter in hot, sunny Malaysia) so pardon me for still showing autumnal photos that we took during our vacation in Japan last year.
Lake Kinrinko, a natural landmark in Yufuin and located beside Mount Yufu. We got there before tour groups arrived in bus loads and we managed to get a quiet time, enjoying the loveliness of the small lake. It got pretty crowded afterwards so we made a hasty retreat. Me, for a run and Zaini went back to have a good soak in the hot spring water.

The mist seen rising from the Lake during Autumn and Winter months are caused by both hot and cold water springing from the bottom.
I guess the water in the lake was just nice for the birds to enjoy and do a spot of cleansing, eh? ^^
Isn't autumn just so lovely? And to celebrate such loveliness, this is the first of a 7-part posts of places we visited with lovely autumn colours. Stay tuned!


  1. I hope to visit Japan very soon! Amen amen amen! ;D

  2. @Rad Sujanto,
    Amin to that. And you'll be able to practise your Japanese there! That's an incentive, right? ^^

  3. Autumn is beautiful in Japan and one of my favourite times of year to be in Japan.

    Japan Australia

  4. The autumn colours are spectacular. These are your best photos I think.

  5. @Japan Australia,
    Last year's trip was our first trip to Japan in autumn and it certainly was nice.

    Spring is soft pastel. Autumn is bold and vivid. ^^

  6. How beautiful and impressive. I like reflection of the water.

  7. @Lisa,
    Thanks for the compliments. I'll inform my hubby you said that as 4 out of the 6 photos are his. ^^

    And I bet those you think are the "best" are his handiwork. ;p

  8. @cocomino,
    I love the reflection too.

  9. So many fat geese!
    In China, they will be gone.
    Semua orang bawa rumah buat roast geese! Ha ha.

    In France, people will use them to make foie gras.
    Have you tried it before?
    It's actually very, very good!

  10. @London Caller,
    Tried them? Yes. But I don't eat much French food lah... how to afford them. xD

  11. Love the autumn with the pleasant weather and scenery! Nice photos! So calming! : )

  12. @foong,
    It sure is!

    BTW, there is a few comments about you over at my other blog. ^^

  13. Autumn is lovely nice and calm lakes. Lovely pixz.

  14. @Bananazஇ,
    There are more autumn pics to come. Come over again to relax your eyes. ;)

    Thanks for the compliments. :)

  15. I could swear I posted a comment yesterday, but I'm technically challenged, so maybe I should try again. @_@

    The photo of the torii and its reflection is so beautiful! I think we can never have enough of autumn, so I'm very happy to hear more pics are coming! When? Today? Tomorrow? When? ^^

  16. Sure you eat a lot of French food lah!
    McDonald's French fries also count mah! Kakaka...

  17. Lake Kinrinko is very beautiful in autumn. I saw these geeses,domestic there too.
    Yuhuindake was covered with hoarfrost when we were at Yuhuin.

  18. Good shot of the Torii with the birdie sitting down there comfortably...

  19. @Rurousha,
    You did? And here I was, thinking where were you, when not a peep from you seen here yesterday night. ^^ Oh well... it happened before. Comments suddenly decided to go missing in some twilight zone.

    That torii photo is hubby's handiwork. Nice, right?

    Patience woman! Patience! I thought it was you who told me that it's virtue? xD

  20. @London Caller,
    French Fries, you say? xD

    That reminds me - can we find Mee Bandung in Bandung? ;p

  21. @minor,
    It sure sounds cold when you were there!

    I would love to visit the place during other seasons too someday.:)

  22. @Lrong,
    Thanks Lrong. I like it too. Hubby is patient enough to take shots like that. I'm not. ^^

  23. Ahhhhh Lina, I SO WANT TO GO TO JAPAN RIGHT NOW for the beautiful weather they're having. Today's heat is so unbearable for me, I think my Isabella felt it too... my goodness all your photos are outstanding lah, I just love the reflections and the rich autumnal colors!! Im definitely an Autumn person, maybe its time I should poke and twist my hubby's arm to make a move to cooler places soon.

  24. @cuteandcurls,
    When are you guys travelling back to UK?

    Yeah, yeah... goand twist his arm. Spring is coming soon! Time to make some plans, dearie! ;)

  25. What a peaceful place! Awesome shots and the third picture is my favorite for its colors and tranquility. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  26. These are awesome pictures. This looks like a great place to visit.

    I did a Google search to find out where this was and Google Maps came up with Kyushu - is that right?

  27. @HappySurfer,
    The one with the bird? That was taken by Zaini. Nice, right? ^^

  28. @sixmats,
    Yes, Lake Kinrinko is in Kyushu. In Yufuin. :)

  29. No, the one above it though the one with the bird is nice too.

  30. @HappySurfer,
    Ah.... the once with the mist.

    Thanks. That's mine. ^^ Glad you like it. :)

  31. The birds seem to enjoy very much bathing in the lake! ^^

  32. @ristinw,
    I think so. The water must be just nice for them. :)

  33. We're going there in July, not sure what date yet :-) Oh i am 'twisting' his arms right now by showing your photos hehehehe

  34. @cuteancurls,
    Hahaha... so what's his reaction after the "arm twisting"? xD

    In July. That's not too far off! :)

  35. Erm. I was going to say STUNNING PHOTOS, but I'd be repeating myself. XD
    I mean it though!You've got such amazing autumn pics, you almost make me like the season... ;)
    Admittedly it's usually quite mild and pleasant in Japan, and I agree with the quote you used in your latest post that the nice days are best spent outside (because indoors is SO COLD XDDDD) but...hmmm... I love autumn colors, not as keen on *being in* the season itself.
    So thank you for sharing such lovely pictures and saving me going out into the cold XD

  36. @Ri,
    OMG! You are so totally right about being cold indoors! The few times we weren't in some nice hotel room, and had the run of a house/somebody's house/holiday cottages etc - I'm marvelling at how cold the houses were.

    Being outside is totally way better. xD


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