Monday, 9 January 2012

Autumn Reminiscence - Nara

at Nara
the fragrance of chrysanthemums
ancient Buddhas 
                                                  Matsuo Basho

Guardian Kings
Temples and ancient sites
Historic treasures
 Shinto's messengers of God
(no, this is not a haiku- just me lazy to write full sentences) ^^
When you such beauty before you, no words are needed. And no mere words can justify it, not to mention amateurish attempt at capturing the beauty. ^^!

Previous autumn reminiscencets can be found here:
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Sixmats, you mentioned you are planning to head over to Mount Fuji again. Care to try the Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji event on May 18th? ^^


  1. So this is an English pantun about Japan?
    Pantun is more challenging than haiku lah.
    In haiku, you don't need sebutan yang sama di hujungnya.

    Ha ha... So you're Type O.
    The scientific paper was right. :)
    Don't know lah, maybe nyamuk thinks Type O is sweeter loh.
    Kesian Lina~

    Japanese people believe bloodtype & characters a lot.
    They like Type A - the obedient type.
    The rebellious one is Type B.

  2. I haven't been to Nara before. Your photos really entice me to visit.

  3. @London Caller,
    But pantun is playful. ^^
    I suck at languages. Don't ask me for poem, pantun or haiku! xD

    So.... which type are you? I actually prefer type B. Life would be more interesting than Type A. ^^

  4. @Lisa,
    I hope you'll get a chance in future. :)

  5. Wow. How beautiful. Autmun is the most beautiful season and I would like to meet with deer.

  6. @cocomino,
    It sure is a beautiful season. And that's why I'm dedicating 7 posts to the Autumn colors. ^^

    Which place would like better to see deers - Nara or Miyajima? :)

  7. Sounds very much like a haiku, like it. Again as I said it before dah berapa kali cam bunyi rekod yang dah rosak hehehe I love AUTUMN, I should've named my little girl Autumn instead but in Japanese hehehe you have captured it very beautifully Lina, enjoying it so much.

    Cant help commenting on London Caller's comment about blood type ^^ Im type B and the Japanese sussed it out well I was rebellious indeed ..lets just hope my baby girl doesnt grow up with a rebellious streak EEEPSSS

  8. LOL! I really thought it was your attempt at haiku! : D

  9. Such beautiful photos! If only these are the sceneries outside my house!

  10. Breathtaking beyond words, indeed! What is redder - the trees or the torii? Do the deer have heart-shaped white bottoms? That's so cute! ;)

  11. @cuteandcurls,
    Sounds like only lah.. It doesn't follow the "rules" of haiku. kekeke

    Daughter lepas ni boleh lah name her "AKI" ke... "Akiko" ke. ^^

    I bet little princess will grow up just fine. Rebelliousness will be a phase, teens go through though. ;p

  12. @foong,
    You can have such view outside your house - just move house to a four seasons country lah! kakaka

  13. @Rurousha,
    OMG! I only noticed the deer with a heart-shaped butt after you commented on it. Yeah, that's so cute!!!!!

  14. Love the trees and the blanket of leaves on the ground. Saw nothing about blood type in your entry but saw London Caller mentioned the bloody A, B & O. Btw Bananaz is type Hawaii 5 'O' sama sama haha.

  15. Nara is one of the must see places in Japan and absolutely magnificent during the changing of the leaves in Autumn :)

    Japan Australia

  16. @Bananazஇ,
    Nice right? A blanket of yellow leaves on the ground. Smell not so nice though. xD

    That story of blood type - that's a continuation from my comment over at his blog. Sambung here. hihihi

    Oooo Bananazஇ also type O. Gang! :)

  17. @Japan Australia,
    It sure was maginifcent visiting Nara in Autumn. But way too many tourists there, myself included. xD

  18. People in Japan have a special Cute Radar Detector. ^^

  19. @Rurousha,
    My cute radar is only switched on when it comes to the opposite sex. ;p

  20. The image of the golden leaves is really nice! :D

  21. Ha ha... I am actually Type B - the naughty one in Japanese belief!
    Ha ha ha! No wonder they don't want me huh? Or else I won't be living in London now?!

    >Your camera flash will surely startle the fireflieslah xD

    Startle the fireflies is another thing.
    Believe me you don;t wanna attract the wrong mates. Ha ha ha... pardon the pun lah. But it's so true.

    I'm off to Switzerland and the French Alps tomorrow for skiing.
    I come back next week, bring you some snow.
    You can make ABC? Ha ha...
    Be good ah!

  22. @London Caller,
    Japan may not be able to stand you for long! LOL

    That's why you are better in London. Can create better "havoc" there. hihihi nice go skiing. Have fun! Don't forget to return to work afterwards.

    Sure,courier me the ice. I make ABC for you. xD

  23. Really beautiful pics! I enjoyed these pics because I didn't go watching golden leaves last year.
    Thank you. ^^

  24. very beautiful landscape photos in Nara!
    I did not know you like Haiku.I like his mostfamous Haiku book ,Okuno Hosomichi, it's very interesting to read. I will go to 2day trip from tomoroww with my wife. Good by for a while.

  25. @birdmini,
    Thank you. I hope you enjoyed looking at them here. ^^

    And I hope you are doing OK.

  26. @minor,
    I learning about haiku. ^^

    Have a good trip! :)


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