Saturday, 7 January 2012

Autumn Reminiscence - Shikoku Mura

"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spent almost all the daylight hours in the open-air"
Nathaniel Hawthorne

 and spent it out in the open-air we did; one fine autumn day at the Shikoku Mura; an open air museum in Yashima, Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku Island.

Traditional farm and folk houses (there were some quarters for lighthouse keepers too) relocated from all over Shikoku are displayed at the open-air museum but before I put up my  (most probably long, very detailed) post or posts on the traditional houses seen there; some autumn colours . Enjoy. ^^
Why stay indoors when one can spend the whole morning looking at such wonderful burst of colours and enjoy the crisp morning air, right?

This is the second part of a 7-part Autumn Reminiscence posts that I'll do for this month. Have you seen the photos of Lake Kinrinko I posted up a few days earlier? ^^

Nothing to do with Japan or Autumn but just wanna share something to celebrate the New Year of 2012. By doing a 12K run at Padang Merbok with 4,000 other runners on Jan 8th. It was FUN!
Did a pretty lousy timing but in my defense - the route was hilly. It was up, uP and UP and downhill only towards the end.


  1. That's it. I want to move to wherever it's autumn forever. The leaves! The water! The tranquillity! (We should post our comments in haiku form. That would suit the occasion.)

    Your autumn quotes at the beginning of these posts are beautiful, too.

    More! Forget about patience. More! ^^

  2. I've come back to check that Blogger really published my comment this time. Here's another beautiful autumn quote from Albert Camus: "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

  3. Love the beautiful autumn colours in the leaves. Just stunning!!

    Japan Australia

  4. lina, dari last year i tgk post2 autumn u.. huwaaa cantek sungguh... sabar aje i.. hehehe

  5. @Rurousha,
    Are you rubbing it in? You enjoyed the season the months, girl! xD But yeah, I wanna go to a place where its autumn forever too. ;p

    Noooo!!!!! That autumn quote by Albert Camus is already set for my autumn post of Yanaka Cemetery! Spoiler! ;( hihi

  6. @Rurousha,
    You sure are up early on a Saturday morning. Working today?

  7. @Japan Australia,
    Autumn is indeed a lovely season. I'm kicking myself for not making the effort to visit Japan during the season sooner. ;)

  8. @Ely,
    Sabar,jangan tak sabar. hihihi....

    Banyak lagi autumn photos to show. ^^

  9. Oh! Oops! Gomen nasai!!! Delete that comment and the quote!

    Blush. Grovelling on ground, apologizing.

    PS Up early to visit 7 lucky gods! (^-^) More to follow.

  10. Your pictures inspired a haiku or something close..

    Colors of autumn
    Artist's delight on canvas
    Forever preserved

  11. @Rurousha,
    How am I suppose to top that apologies?

    It was my fault to choose the quote. I am sorry. I will now hide my face in the dark cupboard in remorse. But I will not delete you comment. ;p

    Wooo... visiting the 7 lucky Gods. May you be blessed with health, longevity, happiness, knowledge, wealth and strong spirit from the Gods. Maybe a spot of a tall can of Yebisu, after? xD

  12. @HappySurfer,
    That's nice. Can I use it on my future autumn post. I'll give credit to you. ^^

  13. Good morning! :D I don't know why but the red autumn leaves just warm my heart, especially in this chilly days. Today, my area has got only 9 Celcious. So cold.

  14. @ristinw,
    9°C? It's better than coping with 33°C! ^^!

    Autumn leaves are sure lovely. I wish to see them again. :)

    Stay warm. Are you braving out the cold and go outdoors for the weekend? :)

  15. How did you know how I would end my pilgrimage?! It wasn't Yebisu, though. It was sake. Bit cold for cold beer. ^^

    PS: I'm relieved that HappySurfer wrote such a lovely haiku than can compensate for my embarrassing quotation faux pas! (*´ο`*)

  16. @Rurousha,
    Sake after a cooling day out, visiting the gods. Nice. ^^

    Let's go out for a drink and we can forget about the faux pas. LOL

  17. You have caught some really nice autumn colors at the mura...

  18. @Lrong,
    Thanks, Lrong. The place is great to see autumn colors, as they are great to see Shikoku's village houses. ^^

  19. How come our farm houses in Malaysia cannot be like this huh?
    Must be the weather lah.

    But all green ain't that bad either.
    Good for your eyes.
    Just the heat is unbearable.

  20. @London Caller,
    Our kampung houses different style mah.... to suit the weather, of course. ^^

    Not just heat. Mosquitoes too. And all the bugs. hihihi

  21. If Im in Japan during Autumn, I wouldnt even want to stay indoors. Honestly, I am a wee bit of a lazy person who just loves to make full use of anything that is four wheeled but a place where nature is a true beauty and the air is clean and crisp, I will put on my walking shoes anytime for it. Beautiful photos Lina, keep it coming!

  22. @cuteandcurls,
    With such great weather, it is indeed tempting to be out and about and ditch the car. ^^

    Thanks for the compliments dearie. More to come, don't worry. :)

  23. Oh boy, are you serious?! Of course, you can use it on your post. It will be my honor, really. Thank you.

    Rurousha, thank you so much for the encouragement. You are just too kind.

  24. @HappySurfer,
    Super! I'll let you know once it's up. ^^

  25. Wow a great place for a retreat..

  26. STUNNING pictures!!!
    and WOW on the race!!! Good work!! ^^)b

  27. Oh wow that's just gorgeous! I love autumn with the green, yellow, orange and little bit of brown.. The colors and smell is refreshing!

  28. @Bananaz,
    It's nice there. Can visit old village houses and get a great view of autumn at the same time. I bet Spring would be lovely there too. :)

  29. @Ri,
    Thank you for both. ^^

  30. @Bella,
    The autumn colors are lovely. And for most part, the smell are too. But you wouldn't say strolling by a path of ginkgo trees refreshing! LOL

  31. Wonderful landscapes in Shikoku! I enjoyed very much.
    The running wear and cap suit for you,very nice.

  32. @minor,
    I love the beautiful foliage of Autumn in Japan. :)

    And thanks for the compliments. ^^

  33. Ha ha... how could I forget mosquitoes?
    Certain people are more easily biten by mosquitoes.
    For example, blood type O and pregnant ladies lah.
    So you either Type O or you pregnant again lah!
    Ha ha... Should I say "tahniah"?

  34. @London Caller,
    But how do the mozzies differentiate the different blood type? Can smell ah?

    If you kena bitten by a swarm of them, a congrats should be in order too, kah? *evil laugh*

    But I am type "O". Loner. xD

    But I read somewhere to avoid the colour of blue if want to stay away from being bitten dry by mosquitoes!

  35. Walking around in this beautiful place is like dreaming! ^^ I almost forgot to tell you that the flower photo looks like a kitty! :D

  36. @ristinw,
    It was indeed! :)

    The Japanese daffodil? Like a kitty? Hahaha They do, don't they? ;)

  37. 12 km with 4000 other runners, mostly going up? Congratulations! PS: You are SO going to lose the South Africa vs Malaysia Laziness Contest!

  38. Beautiful pictures! I missed out on taking some great autumn pictures this year. I still need to go to the Edo-Tokyo open air museum in Tokyo. But that one in Shikoku looks beautiful!

  39. @Rurousha,
    Our "laziness" is selective laziness and it usually rears its head when you need something done or if its work related. xD

  40. @jaydee,
    Now that you mentioned it, I have yet been to Edo-Tokyo open air museum. I think after Shikoku Mura, there won't be any arm-twisting needed to get my boys to visit it. ;)

  41. Beautiful! Love the colours of autumn! : )

  42. @foong,
    They are sure lovely, aren't they? :)

  43. You've captured Fall well in all your photos. I commend you for participating in the race no matter the finish time!


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