Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Red Dragonfly

Aki no hi no
someta iro nari
aka tombo

Dyed he is with the
colour of autumn days
o the red dragonfly

Bakusui (1718-1783)
Ok, so this is not a red dragonfly. I don't have any red dragonfly in my album. ^^
Aki no ki no
ni sadamarinu

The beginning of autumn
by the red dragonfly

Shirao (1738 -1791)

It seems that dragonflies and the season of autumn evoke a sense of nostalgia. Dragonflies are seen as harbingers of life and prosperity, birth and renewal, happiness and strength, and of courage. The love for dragonflies in Japan is reflected by the fact that there are traditional names for almost all of the 200 species found in and around Japan!

Here's a song that's so beautiful, it made me yearn for the time past.

Dragonflies as red as sunset
Back when I was young
In twilight skies, there on her back I'd ride
When the day was done

Mountain fields in late November
Long ago it seems
Mulberry trees and treasures we would gather
Was it only just a dream?

Just fifteen she went away one day
Married then so young
Like a sister lost, I loved and missed her
Letters never seemed to come

Dragonflies as red as sunset
Back when I was young
Now in my eyes, when I see dragonflies
Tears are always sure to come

When I was a child, I was one of the "torturer" of dragonflies. I would catch them and stick them on a stick with tree-sap or tie them to a string and twirl them around. tsk tsk

Yeah well, back then, I used to chase after chickens too, catch them, dangle them a bit and let them free again just for fun! double tsk tsk

But I simply dote on cats. Strays. My mom once told me, I was exactly like my grandma. My late grandma. I remember I cried buckets when grandma and grandpa took my "Hitam" or blackie (that's the name I gave the cat); to Shah Alam. But oh the joy to be reunited with "Hitam" every school holidays. Can't be near to cats now. Raimie is "heartbroken" as I continually refuse his request for a pet cat.

Anyhoo...Oh! For the days when my eyes were sharp enough to spot these dragonflies and my reflex fast enough to catch them with my hands. *sobs on lost youth* wahaha

p.s. photo credit to Zaini and his dinky Samsung smartphone. That guy sticks to Korean brand phones yet he absolutely refused to go to Korean with me! Hmph!


  1. Nice photo, Zaini. All of us know the song. Beautiful.

  2. Did you know that one of Japan's ancient names was Akitsushima (秋津島), the island of the dragonflies? ^^

    1. I read about it but didn't notice the significance. Me = not exactly bright. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. There's also an old folk belief that dragonflies are the horses of departed ancestors who returned to visit their families during Obon.

    I love these old stories!

    1. I love them too. Just wish I know enough. :(

  4. Beautiful song!

    Why you no like cats anymore? o_0

  5. Dragonflies are definitely a symbol of early Autumn in Japan and also symbols of courage, strength, and happiness. They go so well with the beautiful changing of the leaves.

  6. I'm glad I wasn't one of your chickens! HeHe

    1. Haha

      Those chicken must've been glad I wasn't around much! wakaka

  7. Nice pixz of your red dragon fly which Bananaz almost believed but can only imagine seeing red haha. Love to see the eyes and wings of dragon fly they are unique.

    1. Hi Bananaz!

      You're back! Eyes healing well, I hope? ^^

  8. I like dragonflies too but I don't believe I could remember 200 different names for them! In France I saw what I thought was a cream and green dragonfly, it really intrigued me so I chased after it. It turned out to be some kind of a praying mantis. I was SOOOOO surprised. It landed on a bush and immediately seemed to turn into a bit of dead leaf. I poked it with a twig to try and make it fly away again but it wouldn't. Guess it thought that if it stayed put I really would think it was a twig! :)

    1. You poked a leafy praying mantis. I've only seen one of those a few time... No photos? :)

  9. Hi! You are a romantic. Such kind of people feel a nostalgia. Your quatation of Basho's Haiku is very cool.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  10. Very close encounter. I feel itchy after looking at it for more than 3 seconds. XD


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