Sunday, 10 March 2013

Generous Online Friends

I received three mails in succession last week.

Two arrived on the same day, a card that flew from South Africa and a packet of really cool gifts that flew from South Africa then to Tokyo then to Malaysia. A high-flying package, I tell you! ^^

The day after, another packet arrived. From Tokyo too.

I hope both of them won't mind me posting about it here. It's my way of saying THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Domo arigatou gozaimasu. どうもありがとうございます ^^
An assortment of stuff from South Africa and Japan from the lovely lady Rurousha. Totally love the tee, Ru! And the tea... couldn't have come at a better time. Been drinking it daily now. :)

Plus, isn't the card cute? KAWAIIIIIIIII!!!!

Not in photo : a really pungent "briyani masala" spice mix. So pungent, we had to hide it away quickly and stashed it in the kitchen. xD
This, from Minoru-san. A picture postcard set from Hokkaido and a set of ukiyo-e prints.

Love them to bits. :)

I am sorry I have been badly neglecting this blog of mine. I guess there are plenty of distractions around, at the mo'. Hopefully all things will be back to normal (i.e. will blog regularly again) soon!

In the meantime, see what I've been up to last week :
All kitted-up for Brooks Half Marathon last Sunday. Bunny ears and tails on. Wore dark colours specifically so that people can see that white blob on my butt clearly. LOL

Somebody later commented at my other blog that seeing me passed by was a nice distraction while running 21K. Mission accomplished! :)
Anyway, I had so much fun last Sunday despite the not-so-good race organisation at Brooks Half Marathon. Who cares about timing when one had her husband cheering along, waiting for her at different streches of the route and ran at the final 6KM together. We got some lovely couple shots that day and I love, love, love it. Love it so much, I'm pretty shameless showing this photo off everywhere I can.

Thanks again Calvin Toh for the lovely shot! :)


  1. So lucky to receive packages of little treats. Do the bunny ears make you run faster?

    1. Yup. I'm blessed with many generous friends. ^^

      Nope. Bunny ears will only make me run slower, as I will happily slow down so that photographers take my photos, joke atound with race crews, traffic polices and waving back to random runners who said hi. LOL

  2. Isn't it just lovely to get unexpected gifts? One of the bonuses of blogging and being involved in stuff. How great that you got so much in one week, you will be feeling loved :)

    1. The joy and perks of blogging, getting to know; if not physically - good, friendly people all around the world. :-)

      Indeed I was feeling loved. And do. :-)

  3. Hi,lina.
    Thank you for your post.

  4. You like rooibos? OK, next time I'll bring a much bigger box! I've seen rooibos sold in Japan, but usually fake stuff from the USA or India. I've tried it. It's awful. You need genuine rooibos: from the heart of Africa, strong (like its women), rich red-brown and fragrant.

    I was wondering what had happened to the spices. You'll have to make food with it and then do a food post! :p

    PS: I hope the chocolate didn't smell/taste of pungent spices!

    1. Roobois tea are nice. Was first introduced to it by runners and got a few as samples placed in races goodies bag. They are available at supermarkets here too but the one you sent are nicer. Way nicer. :-)

      will whip up something this weekend with that spices you sent. Not too sure whether they'll be blog worthy, though. :-D

      Chocs ate fine... But we are very prudent. Only ate one so far and it was due to Raimie's insistence that chocs shouldn't be left uneaten. :-P

    2. I totally agree with Raimie! He's my kinda man! :)

  5. That's a nice friendship. I also exchanged snacks to my blog friends between Japan and Poland, Malaysia. It's fun.

  6. Always fun to get a surprise package in the mail, but even better having friends that think of you :)

    1. Yup. Definitely.
      It isn't what we received that matters most but their thought of us. ^^

      I am very lucky to have such nice online friends. :)

  7. Lovely postcards and souvenirs from online friends!! :D
    So happy for you!

    1. Thanks.

      I am happy to be receiving them too! :)


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