Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cafes Are Where You Take Your Date

that's what we told our son when we were sitting waiting for our meal to arrive. He was looking around and commented that the other customers were couples. Heeeee....

OK, so I can't muster any energy to put other posts yet, but I've been neglecting this blog for a looooong time now. So food photo it is. My apologies. I'm distracted. Again. Yeah.
He was a tad annoyed that Mommy still can't stop snapping photos, of him.
Mommy wanted this too... I don't know about you, but getting your daily vege ration in Japan by eating teishoku (set meals) can be a challenge. Well, for me at least who really like to have a huge dollop of veges with her meal. But ah well, beggars can't be choosers.
The boy of course wants omuraisu. The shop have it in three sizes, if I'm not mistaken. A group of guys ordered the biggest portion; an XL and man... it sure can feed three adults! Was tempted to take photo of them with it but good manners prevail. Heh

XL omuraisu is definitely not what you want to order during your date, son.

These happen to be our last meal before our flight back to Kuala Lumpur. Nice, quiet and a bit... classy than what we are used to while vacationing in Japan. But still didn't break the bank. 

Love Japanese food we do, but after a fortnight of it; something not Asian was a nice break (and I'm Asian!) LOL
Oh yeah, he enjoyed this too.

What am I forever distracted at these days, you ask?

I just finished this
My first marathon, at the inaugural Malaysia Women Marathon on Apr 7th with absolute horrible timing but I was happy nonetheless, as my family supported me all the way. (Even managed to get my own Malta drink before getting to the finish line. HAHAHA) Plus I had way too much fun running in it. Just read my race recap. ^^

I'll be doing a night marathon (which I used to swear I would never do) in May. 

It's held the night before Malaysia's general election. Plenty of Peninsula Malaysia runners will fly in to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for the Borneo International Marathon, run and then take a morning flight back to Kuala Lumpur to VOTE! Yup, we are a passionate lot. We love to run. We love our country more.

Oh yeah, got somehow featured in Jamie's "Runner Profile" too. ^^


  1. So sad lol, how about those single like me??? Everywhere always surrounded by couples, sad to go out sometimes... Hahaha!!! =]

  2. My daughter loves omurice It sounds children's dream.

    1. Kids sure love them.

      We have a local version of omuraisu. We call it "Nasi Pattaya" Fried rice with frozen veges, topped with egg omelette lashed with ketchup. :)

  3. I love those Japanese cafes. The prices are good too. Still can't believe you are so energetic and can run all those marathons. I can run about 100 meters, then I'm exhausted.

    1. Yup, love their cafes. :)

      I run my marathon (half-marathons too) at a very slooooooow pace. That's why I can still bounce around after finishing my run. :P

  4. Waheyyyyy you'll be at my neighbouring country for the marathon ..when I see BORNEO I am so proud to see that name as it represents 4 countries :D Sorry for my lack of visits and my lack of updates on my blog too best everytime I try to update ..that sense of laziness comes back hehehe .. I love the last photo here ..showed how much you guys are having, love the bunny ears and erm whats that your man's wearing on his head like batwings? And my gosh is that your lil boy running together? Awwwwwww i cant wait to do more fun things with my baby girl! She has grown much taller now and the more i see her the more i think shes not the size of a 1+ year old girl...

    1. Last week, during Malaysia Women Marathon was also the day of Brunei Half-Marathon kan? :)

      Thanks for your e-mail and that very cute attachement. :)

      You take care. The little one too! Hugs and kisses from Auntie Lina! ^^

    2. Heard the Borneo run got cancelled..thats a shame :(

  5. 1) Well it's about time! Your Urutora fans have been feeling VERY neglected! Hmph.

    2) "Omuraisu is not what you order on a date." That made me LOL. Nope, if it's an official date in Japan, it's got to be French and expensive, or maybe kaiseki and even more expensive.

    3) I'm always mildly surprised by the claim that the traditional Japanese diet is super-healthy. Healthier than the USA's, yes (but that's not exactly difficult), but it's very skimpy on fruit and vegetables. Or maybe - and immediately Ru comes to the defence of her beloved adopted country - maybe I'm not considering all the sea vegetables. Seaweed and stuff. Which I mos don't like. Ja ja ja, the woman doesn't like seafood and what does she do? She moves to the world's premier seafood-guzzling country.

    4) Now stop running and put your bunny-tailed butt down on a chair and write more Japan posts! Quadruple hmph.

    5) OK, you're forgiven. Go finish another marathon, willya? ;)

    1. I'd be so out of place going on dates if I was in Japan.

      My first "date" with the hubby was at McD. Where he told me point blank that he didn't like me. Way to make an impression, eh? xD

      I know, I know. Feeling guilty for the neglect but... I can't seem to sit still long enough to think. LOL

      The other blog is easier to update as a race recap only needs like... 20 minutes of typing (and chuckling). I am serious over here. Heh heh

      Now, if you excuse me.

      I need to go out for a run. For Boston. Join me?

  6. Congrats on your marathon run, once again. Looks like a great adventure.

    FYI: Your family are wearing the wrong jerseys. If I'm not mistaken, they are Yomiuri Giants jerseys? I don't think I can like them anymore. :P j/k I am a Hanshin Tigers fan, so it is very much a "I hate the Giants for no real reason" sorta thing. ;)

    Oh, and cafes are for couples only? In Japan, it is also popular for just the girls too. And maybe for me too, but not really in Tokyo. I just want a quiet place with outdoor seating. :)

    1. Thanks Dru!

      Been meaning to spam you but I have been distracted lately. Sorry!

      Aahhhh what's a Hanshin Tiger fan doing at this blog? j/k ;P

    2. Watching the enemy. ;)

  7. So delicious food! :D


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