Saturday, 27 July 2013

Memories of Summer

I was looking through the many thousands of photos looking for some train photos I had promised I'd look but somehow got distracted and decided to put this first instead.

I'll get to the train photos eventually Ru! Promise.

But first, a trip down memory lane. Summer. Mosquitoes. 

Searching storehouse eaves, 
rapt in plum blossom smells, 
the mosquito hums

Summer photos Part I. Bear with me, yeah? ^^
 Shinjuku Gyoen. Summer 2006.
 Guess where? ^^

The ricksha guy actually stopped for us, to let us take his (and his passengers) photo without us asking him to. I got flustered so this was what I got.
Bic Camera! I think. Toy section is the best place to let a 4 year old have some down time. The kid loves Bic Camera song too (and Yodobashi camera).
After that, off we went taking the Yurikamome Line to Odaiba. I've got a few train videos... I'll post it later in favour of the clip you'll see below. Ahaks.

To the Zoo!
 Mommy, they are all asleep.
 Poke. Poke.
Where should we get to next, Mommy? Don't worry, let me check the map. I'll guide you, Mommy. 

Hey! Look what we found!
The baby elephant has hair Mommy, said the boy. ^^


  1. OK. I geddit. I totally geddit. I understand absolutely why random strangers stopped to talk to you when Raimie was four.

    I wouldn't have talked to you. I would've grabbed him and run away.

    PS: Where? ASAKUSA!!! :D

    1. Oi! Let others answer it la! LOL

      Not only did strangers talk to us, they kept giving stuff too! I wish they gave money. :P

    2. Oh. Oops. But you can't show me photos of my bestest place and then expect me to shut up!

    3. I was going to say Asakusa too. The Rickshaw gave it away. The red pole was second.

      Also, that Yurikamome photo was at Shinbashi looking towards Ginza in the distance. Been there a few times recently. :)

      If you want money, you should have held a sign that said "Photos with cute kid, 100 Yen" ^^

    4. That's why you and Ru are both automatically disqualified from guessing! Ahaha

      You can see Ginza from there? *blur mode* :P

      I wish I'd thought of making money with the kid. Never am good at money making ventures, me. xD

  2. Forget about trains. More Raimie photos, please.

    1. You should check out my FB page. I just went crazy posting all sorts of Japan vacation photos there last night. :P

    2. I can't! FB kicked me off. Suspended my account. Personally I blame PRISM ...

    3. Wha? You got kicked off FB?

      What is PRISM. I can goggle and pretend I know it but I don't wanna.

      YOU GOT KICKED OFF FB??? @.@

    4. Where is this FB page you mention?

    5. Whose? Ru? Me?

      If it's me... it over at my timeline. Random photos posting yesterday at midnight. I probably annoyed people with them. ;p

    6. You. I couldn't find it, even looking around this site. :P Oh well. Later.

  3. Raimie is very cute! He would have been really popular over here :) That has to be Asakusa. There is a whole lot of those ricksha guys right out the front of the Kaminarimon at Sensoji Temple.

  4. Hi! Raimie is very cute. You are beautiful too. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

    1. Thank you for the compliments Minoru. ^^

      Hope you had a good Sunday too! :)


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