Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Comfort Food

I just realised that I tend to look for one food when I'm not feeling well.
This was what I ate when I suffered a really bad swollen gum when we were in Japan.
And this was what I ate today for dinner. And a few times before this, when I was recovering from a flu or fever. 

I only recently realised that udon and tuna-don get paired together in a set meal. Yeah, I'm rather slow... LOL

This is rather a bad time to be feeling sick though.

Zaini and I will be running a marathon this Saturday night. I surely hope the leaky faucet nose of mine will stop being runny by Friday!

What's your plan for the weekend? 

Hahaha I know. I know. It's just Tuesday. No harm planning ahead, right?

p.s. this is just an excuse to post some random food photo here. Sorry, Ru! ;-)


  1. I can never get enough food pics. You know me :) I always tend to go for a good warm bowl of miso soup when not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon for the marathon!

    1. Feeling much better already. Thanks JA. :)

  2. I hope you will recover your health until Friday and both of you will get prizes at the marathon. I can hear very nice rhythm for Udo and Tunadon.I think it is not so popular in Japan. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Really?

      I ate sets of udon and tuna don first in Japan. Of course. Where else? :)

      I do really like it. Even the food court ones are nice. :)

  3. Ru has been so snowed under that she couldn't get to this post until tonight. I'm battling forth bravely through the busiest October I've ever had. (+_+)

    Did you recover in time for the marathon? (I haven't read the latest on your other blog yet.) Had a good run?

    Comfort food? Right now even chocolate won't do. Just give me shōchu, neat, and make it a triple.

    1. Poor poor Ru.

      I hope life will go back to your normal pace soon!

      Am experiencing havoc here at my side of the pond too.

      We ran it anyway. At least we weren't last! LOL

      so had your triple shot shochu?

    2. Add me to the list of people trying to catch up on blogs. ^^

      Glad you ran well enough. I think my comfort food would be pizza or a burger. At least in Japan. I can't get good Chinese food here, at least none that I really like as comfort food.

      Oh, Ru, how was that shochu? I have stronger stuff if you need it. ;)

  4. Ramen and woodon are the must-go-to-eat food when I travel in Japan. :D


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