Thursday, 7 November 2013

We Have A Date. Now I Need A New Wardrobe

Well, almost.

We've kinda set our next trip to late-2014. Which is a relief. I miss Japan. And it's kinda annoying to get people commenting about how long it seems since our last trip there. Even the office's tea lady remarked on that! *cries*

It's going to be either mid-November or early December vacation for us in 2014.

But to visit Japan at that time of the year means a new wardrobe for me. Just for the trip. Shopping! Ugh.

But I do I love online shopping. Nissen and Jshoppers are two Japan online shopping sites that I love. Gotta be careful with them though cos it's so easy to just type in credit card details and press enter.

The plus-side, it's so much less stressful to shop online. Japan has awesomely impressive customer service but for an uncouth rainforest jungle woman like me, exceptional service just gives me rashes because I feel guilty after trying and not buying from the nice lady at the store. Hahaha

But that got me thinking. How come I don't bother buying them from an online store that has a local office? A site that's based in Malaysia, I mean.

Got to be cheaper, right? And less hassle since it'll be easier for me to return them too if by any chance the purchase isn't what I want. At the moment, if I made the wrong order and it doesn't fit; I just donate the clothes to my friends.

So yeah, my online shopping adventure got me visiting Zalora Malaysia Online Shopping site. hoah! Can even order jubah online at Zalora Malaysia! Designed by renowned local designers too.
 I'm tempted to get you one, Ru. hihihi 

Cubie, hope you don't get distracted by this site again. hihihi

Those featured above aren't traditional though. It's an update of the traditional Malay attire. (I've worn one while walking around Shibuya. True to form, nobody bats an eyelid at me!)

But wait... I think they don't ship to Japan. Yet. But oh hey! Zalora Malaysia uses the Kuro Neko service to deliver their stuff. I do get excited over trivial stuff. 

And maybe... something warm and stylish for me. I hate bulky outerwear and much prefer layers.
These outerwear available at Zalora (few of many) looks great, right? I'm always crazy about cardigans too. ^^
Maybe get a stylish sling back while I'm browsing Zalora Malaysia instead of lugging that mucky camera bag that I've turned into my carryall now.

At least I got the shoes part covered. Or maybe get a new pair just for the vacation?

Oh gawd. It's still one year to go and I'm already thinking of my wardrobe for that 2014 vacation? HELP!


  1. Nice! Will be great to have you back in Japan! Any idea where you will be going on this trip?

    1. Either Nara or Kobe for the main event, so it'll be Osaka & nearby

  2. Zalora doesn't ship to Japan yet but you can always buy n bring there lol.

  3. LOL - mmm.. i did kind of click around again :P
    you going in winter! time to get some coat and nice pair of boots! :P

  4. Hi! How about Uniqulo? I am looking forward to seeing you next year.

    1. Uniqlo is good. There are many branches here in Malaysia too. :)

  5. WOW!!! HAHAHA YOU HAVE A DATE TO RETURN TO JAPAN! I think this should go in capital letters, don't you? I know how you feel being away from a place you love to visit. I am really missing Suffolk, although it is not as far to Suffolk as it is to Japan from where you live. There have been other reasons why I have not been able to go.

    Yes, I think Uniqlo is good, too though what a weird name I always think.



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