Wednesday, 16 April 2014

For The Final Time

We were talking about planning a trip to Japan which, God willing; will be be in Autumn this year.

And suddenly the son made a remark :
"It's the final time, Mommy", he said

And I got flustered. But but but... he can't mean he plans to not want to visit Japan anymore after 2015, can he?

Oh no... he said.

Just that, he's gonna play this one final time
He actually wanted to do a final "play" on his birthday; to mark the start of his transition from primary school student to a secondary school student. My son, the drama prince. lol

Though come to think of it, even salarymen still play this... 


  1. I hope you will enjoy the coming tour in Japan. If you have a time, I want you and your family to meet in Tokyo again.

  2. I hope that you will stop by Kawagoe. :D There are old architecture.

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