Saturday, 6 December 2014

2014 Japan Trip

Or rather should I say, Tokyo trip?

We went to Japan for a 10-days vacation which was one of our shortest trip ever and came back. We had fun! Of course 10-days wasn't enough but then again, I'd probably say 3-months isn't enough either. Not enough money, for one! Hahaha

Anyways, before I start an individual/daily trip recap, I'll just do a short summary of what we did for the 10-days.
Our flight was on Monday and it was to Nagoya.

It was simple economics on why we chose Nagoya. Air Asia X offered the cheapest tickets to Nagoya compared to other airports even with the fares needed to travel to Tokyo later.

Just spent the time in the flight sleeping and recovering from volunteering/crewing/manning a check point for a 30-hour ultramarathon in Putrajaya; called Putrajaya 100 Miles, on Sat-Sunday so it was a much needed rest sitting and sleeping in the plane. Hihihi
We were already in Tokyo on Tuesday as we took a midnight bus from Nagoya to Tokyo. 

Since we spent the night in the bus instead of a hotel room, the train station toilet was the choice for refreshing the body. ^^

We left our luggage at the hotel we'll be checking-in later and went around Asakusa and Kanda since it rained the whole day.
Later in the evening, we met with Minoru-san and his wife and was treated to a scrumptious home-cooked food.

We also visited the Rikugi-en Garden to view the autumn illumination at the garden.  Thank you again, Minoru!
It was another rainy day on Wednesday so we spent our day mostly indoors. But first, a stop at Tokyo Station and also the Central Post Office to buy some commemorative stamps. Then off we went to Akihabara, to where else? Yodobashi-Camera and Bic Camera of course.
Thank goodness for accurate weather forecast in Japan, which we watched every morning to plan our day... 

Thursday was a trip to Mount Takao. 

I had an hour morning run along the Sumida River before we headed off to Mount Takao.

The evening was spent by me and Hubby going out for a "date".

We just walked and walked, from Asakusa to Ueno to Akihabara and back again. Hahaha
After another short run on Friday morning, we met up with Rurousha and she took us to :
1. Heirin-ji in Saitama and
2. Todai to view her beloved gingko tree. ^^

Thank you Jungle Woman for a great time!
Saturday saw us taking a bus to Kawaguchiko Station where I needed to collect my race kit (REPC) for Sunday's Fujisan Marathon. Met our friend there who ran in the marathon and we had fun during the REPC; taking photos, checking out merchandises and even joined in the lucky draw session. None of us won anything though.
Sunday was of course an important day for me.

I ran in the Fujisan Marathon, my first ever overseas marathon!
Monday was a treat for the Son. He wanted to celebrate his 12th birthday in a special way and requested to visit a theme park where he can enjoy some roller coasters ride.

So here we were at Fuji-Q theme park for his birthday treat. It was a day early but who's counting? He had fun!
At the last minute, we ditched the plan to return to Nagoya on Monday night and instead decided to stay in Tokyo for some last minute shopping.

We managed to change the bus reservations without any extra fee and booked a room at Toyoko-Inn in Kabukicho! Of all place! Hahaha

And shop, we certainly did the whole day on Tuesday!
A bus ride from Ikebukuro at 11.30pm on Tuesday and we arrived in Nagoya on Wednesday morning, 3 hours before our flight home.

It's only been a few days since we return from our vacation and I'm already talking to Hubby for a short return trip to Kawaguchiko next year.

I better start saving up money from now! ^^

I've posted a post of race pack collection (REPC) for Fujisan Marathon which I did on Nov 30th, 2014 over at my other blog. Click here, if you want to read it.

A race recap of Fujisan Marathon will follow later, and will be posted there too instead of this blog. ^^


  1. Assalamu'alaikum

    Thank you for this update!
    Been a silent reader of your blog for a while and planned to visit Japan autumn next year.
    ...10/11 months away...Oh my you're right, better start saving! :))

    Looking forward to read the Tokyo travelogue!^^

    1. Autumn is the best!!! Although Spring is equally nice too. :)

      Which area are you planning to visit?

      A year planning is good! Hahaha

      & thanks for dropping by! :)

    2. I want to visit Tokyo!
      Yupe a year planning is good indeed^^
      Most welcome!

    3. Tokyo in autumn...

      Then do drop by for more posts here. Hihihi


    4. Shameless or not, I am reading and re-reading!
      Thank you so much for the posts^^

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a great time in Tokyo! I hope you get the chance to visit the heart of Japan next time and maybe see the beauty of fall in Gifu. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. We certainly did JA! :)

      & yes, one day... to Gifu. :-)

  3. Sounds like an awesome trip! Looking forward to read more posts on this ^^

  4. Hi,Lina. It's nice you enjoyed Fujisan marathon. Happy birthday to your son. Did you see Mt.Fuji clearly during your marathon?
    Thanks for your visiting to our home.

    1. Thank you Minoru. We felt very honoured to be your guest that night.
      Yes, Mount Fuji was clearly seen on Saturday and Sunday. :)

  5. 1) It was great to meet you and your family ... finally!
    2) I'm inordinately proud of the fact that a South African T-shirt took part in the Fuji Marathon.
    3) Happy belated (Africa time!) birthday to the young man who will eventually join me at Todai. ;)
    4) Lots of detailed posts, please! ^^

    1. 4) yes. Lots of detailed posts on buses!

      yEAY! ^^

    2. Huh!!! You guys met up for the first time? I thought you both had been soaking in onsens for years. Luckily the cannibal didn't eat you. Muahahaha

    3. I thought we're the cannibals? Wahahaha

  6. Goodness!! 10 days vacation was your shortest! I never had such lengths of luxury like you dei. Finally I get to see Minoru-San in full view. His wife is so pleasant looking like a celebrity! So you and her had a glam-glam time!

    The downtown in Nagoya looks nice and interesting to me. I love their narrow streets with big windows to look see. Hey, I must go soon when fate comes again.

    Your son looks handsome in his green jacket which is a unique colour! I like.

    1. Alamak, now I misread like you. I thought the street photo was taken in Nagoya.

    2. Ahahaha...

      That was taken in Kabukicho. Red light district. ;)


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