Saturday, 13 December 2014

Daily Trip Recap : Day Two - Renewals

First, if you wanna read the earlier posts, check them out as listed :
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Anyway, what's our first order of business other than get to Tokyo from Nagoya after we arrived?

Hubby renewed his Toyoko-Inn membership card. Toyoko-Inn is a chain of budget business hotel in Japan and now even has branches overseas. We've always chosen them for cheap choice of accommodation as opposed to staying in dorms. 

International members needed to update our member card, and he did it while we stopped for an internet connection at Toyoko-Inn in Nagoya while waiting for our bus to Tokyo. ^^

Free update and a new card was issued immediately. Easy. Fuss free.
And topping up our Suica and Pasmo card, which we use primarily for our train fares. We got our Suica card through a JR East promo at Narita Airport a few years back. At that time, there was a promo of paying for it for 3,500yen and it included a ride of N'Ex train from Narita to Tokyo and 1,500yen in e-money. Pretty good value for money option. 

Since the promo didn't have a kid's Suica/JR East promo at that time, we got Raimie a Pasmo card for his use (not sure if there is similar ones now). A Kids' Pasmo card, because only then he'll get the fares charged at children's price.

By the way, if you have a Suica card, there's a way to get/redeem free postcards by using it. Details here at JR East page. We had in previous occasion redeemed quite a number of freebies with JR East. Gotta love them! Hehehe

Now, we're set to blaze through the city of Tokyo! :-)


  1. Aha, Toyoko Inn!
    Since you've always mentioned it, I intend to stay there during my visit.

    Since I am a Japan + Tokyo first timer, which Toyoko Inn suits me best?
    Thank you in advance for your advice!^^

    1. It does have its restrictions such as you can't be in your room between 10am-4pm (3pm for members) but the chain had served us well in so many many previous stays, all across Japan. With wi-fi and free brekfast for less than 10,000yen for a room for 3 of us, it has always been a bargain hotel for us. :-) And anyway, we don't really need to be in the room at that time, do we?

      Anther option would of course be the dorm. Friends have vouched for them and of course, if you are a solo traveler, that is a very cheap option. Clean and safe too.

      Where do you plan to stay?

      Toyoko Inn can be quite a bit of walk from train station (although usually less than 10min la...) but with luggages, it can be quite a chore to reach the hotel.

  2. Certainly won't be in the room...too busy exploring and cuci mata while people watching (amboi niattt) haha
    Planned to stay near train station from/to Haneda Airport...easier to heret our grown luggages on the last day ehehehe
    Ohhh I'll Google about the dorms then.
    Do-mo arigatou gozaimas!

    1. Near Haneda for the last day ok la but for the rest of the trip, stay in town la... Shinjuku ke... klu nak senang shopping and to get around to everywhere... ;)

    2. Betul ke Shinjuku is a red light district?
      Memang ingat nak stay situ tapi bila dengar about red light district ni...errr... *cold sweat*

    3. Kabukicho is.

      Shinjuku besar anyway. ;)

  3. Your hubby looks like a Japanese inside the Tokyo Inn's membership card!
    I like their way of creating membership cards with advantages. Chances are higher for me to visit their chain again unlike the Sheraton card that I have. I have not reused it and expired!

  4. aiyoh, useful and practical information!! i like.. must ask Mak Glam for the to-do's and not-to-do's when we go to Japan in the future..

    1. Alamak SK...

      You already an expert la.. no need ask me. :)

    2. Aiyo! both of you are experts and my sifus! i am just a novice.

  5. Your Suica has Fuji-san on it? Hmph. Not fair! Mine is just an ordinary green (and after 8 years very scratched) card.

    1. You didn't join the crowd to get the Tokyo Station 100-year limited edition Suica card? I heard it was a chaos.

    2. Funny, I'm more on South African time than Ru. :D

      It's a shame they stopped issuing the special tourist cards. They were popular for sure. I never got one but I have a very old Suica card that has a Suica Penguin still facing sideways. All of the new ones has the penguin facing you now.

    3. Wonder if that sideways facing penguin card of yours can be worth anything in future? ;)

    4. Mine is probably too old to be worth much, but I am keeping it safe. Only used for visiting relatives and friends. I guard it a lot. :)


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