Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Daily Trip Recap : Day Two - A Wet Tuesday Morning In Asakusa And Kanda

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Day 2 saw us arriving to Tokyo at 5:05am from Nagoya. The bus stopped and we disembarked in Shinjuku and after topping up our Suica/Pasmo card (click here for the post); we made our way to Asakusa. Stop : Tawaramachi Station.

Checked-in at the hotel and left our luggage there and as we can't yet enter our room, we head out again and tried to find a place for some breakfast.

Our favourite kind of breakfast! ^^
Natto breakfast set!

350yen for this set and 500yen for a set with salmon added. Both were yummy. ^^
Raimie just wanted to enjoy his natto so he got the one without the salmon but we upgraded his miso soup to a clam miso soup for another 130yen. Total paid for him : 480yen.

A good value, right?

We sure love them. :-)

We still had a few hours to kill before we can be allowed to rest in our hotel room, and it was still quite early for any shops to open, so we decided to go walk around Nakamise dori.

I was hoping that none of the souvenir shops were open because I wanted to photograph their shutters.
The shops at Nakamise dori sure has nice shutters. Their shutters served as a kind of canvas depicting traditional and important scenes and its actually quite nice to visit the area even (or I would say especially so) when the shops are closed.

We are used to viewing them at night during previous visits and I had hoped to view the whole street in daylight this time. But alas, some of the shops were already open but still, I got to see a few. ^^
It was a rainy day on Tuesday, but despite the rain, the area got bustling with visitors and tourists soon after.
There was even a shooting that morning there!

We just took a break, stood around and savour the atmosphere and people watch for a bit.
And oh yes, enjoy this too. Hehehe

Gotta love free wi-fi spots!

We later made our way to Kanda so that we could (or I could) shop for some sports gears.
Plenty of this around now.

Information about an area in English. I love them! I guess this is in line in Japan's preparation for the Olympics?

It sure feels like Tokyo is so much foreigner friendly, in terms of having access to English/Chinese/Thai/Korean speaking staff around. Can't help to notice that the sign "English menu available" are so readily seen now as opposed to say, 5 years ago?

After walking around and having bought a few items, we decided to have an early lunch.  A few minutes early, before the lunch crowd starts going.
 Udon for lunch.

At the same place that we went to the last time we visited this area. ^^
 This was what Raimie and I had for our lunch, while Zaini had the one above this photo.
Happy tummy, everyone will be in a good mood. ^^

We continued with more window shopping later, stopping at almost every single store that lined the street. Hahaha
Even the Mizuno flagship store.

When we were there, the Fujisan Marathon booth being set-up for, I guess, local runners to collect their race kit?

It was 3:00pm that we finally head back to our hotel.

We had an appointment to meet a friend later at 5:00pm and we were afraid that we might be late. We still needed to shower and change our clothes, which we wore since the night before... so I called up Minoru to tell that we were going to be late.

Sorry Minoru!

It was a matter of a quick shower for us three and heading out again for a 30-minute train trip to meet a friend (Minoru), visit a nearby famous park and had a nice delicious and intimate dinner together. ^^


  1. Hi! It's Very nice that Raimie likes natto breakfast. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I didn't like natto when i first tried it... I thought I would give it another go, I was surprised that I like it now... ^^

    1. Good thing you gave it a second chance, eh? ;)

  3. Sensoji Temple and Nakamise dori is one of my favourite places in Tokyo. Did you also check out the cool new Tourist Information center in Asakusa?

    1. We didn't.

      We were either too early walking around Asakusa (in the morning) or too late (in the evening).

      Next time. Next time. :)

  4. Hehe how cool! I recognise some of these places now and can say "I was there!" !

    1. I am excited reading your Japan posts too. :)

  5. I always salute and like the way you travel, eat and select hotels. I know you so pandai kira to make money's worth and I am still learning by observing you. Hihihihi
    I am saying this because your delicious meals above are so reasonable.

    1. You and Thambee would have more choice of cheap eats there in Japan.

      Please go again and share your experience, Anay! :)

  6. Looks like a wonderful family holiday. Wish I could go back to Japan.

  7. This all looks vaguely familiar! :)

    I agree with you that English has become a bit more common in central Tokyo, certainly compared to 2005, when I arrived. I still think they need more English at train stations, especially staff who can speak reasonably well, ESPECIALLY at tricky stations like Shibuya (ugh ugh ugh) and Shinjuku. (I refuse to refer to my beloved Tokyo Station as tricky. It's big, but it's logical. So there. Grin.)

    1. It sure is more friendly than when we first visited Japan in 2002. :P

      But gawd... I understand it's logical to have English proficient staff to cater for tourists but I miss the time when I needed Japanese to get around. LOL
      Picky picky.

      Nowadays, it's a battle not to have staff immediately talking to us in English once they know we are tourists instead of us forced to speak in Japanese.

    2. Ru: Try Ikebukuro Station. The station is easy to navigate, but getting from the gate to where you want to go, that is a big mess. Also, Yokohama is pretty daunting. Figured that out recently.


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