Monday, 29 December 2014

Daily Trip Report - Day Four. Morning Run By The Sumida River.

By the way, the list of posts for this year's trip :

So we're now at Day Four. Man... I am so long winded about my trip reports. Hahaha

The start of our Day Four of our vacation to Japan in late November 2014, which was on Thursday ; was Me waking up a tad earlier to head out for a morning run before our planned hike to Mount Takao later.

With the weather report reporting a sunny Thursday, after a very wet Tuesday and Wednesday; it was sure a relief to be able to go out for a run. I guess others felt the same way too because I sure bumped into a lot of runners during my short run along the Sumida River.
It's a straightforward route.

Donning my new Under Armour jacket to keep the chill out, along with a new CWX tights (hehehe), I headed out from the hotel and headed towards Sensoji but then just decided to turn left somwehere and just run towards the river so I didn't run pass by the Kaminarimon Gate this time.
 Edo dori. Edo street. With Tokyo Skytree in the background. ^^
 Sensoji towards the left but I decided to turn right towards Komagatabashi.
 And crossed the bridge to run over at the other side of Sumida River.

A runner spotted. :-)
 And ran towards this view. Tokyo Skytree. Asahi Beer Hall. Sumida River.
From the bridge, I ran down the stairs and ran by the river bank/terrace. Plenty of interesting stuff to see.
A houseboat docked by the river bank.
Was impressed and intrigued enough to see all the wall murals depicting the Edo time there, of what was Sumida River way back then.
Another scene, on the wall.
And more runners spotted. Plenty of them too!

Further up, I saw some interesting reliefs on the handrail of the river terrace.
A relief of the houseboat.

And because I was in the vicinity of Ryogoku area, there were some Sumo moves reliefs on the handrail too. Way cool!

After about 40 minutes of running, I ditched my plan to run and the cross a bridge to get to the other side before returning to my hotel and instead made a u-turn and trace my earlier track. 
 Crossing the Azumabashi.
 To get to this place. Just across the road is where you can get on the water bus.
 A glimpse behind, for this view again.
Almost done now. A short run, just over an hour. Well, actually I didn't do much running that day as there was sure plenty of slowing down and stops to take photos.

Done with my run, then it was breakfast with the family after I had my shower before setting off for a trip to enjoy Mount Takao's fresh cool air.


  1. Glad to hear that you did get some good weather to have a run in Japan. The weather in Autumn is usually very clear with little rain.

    1. We managed to get 2.5 days of rain and the rest of our trip was clear. :)

  2. What a beautiful day and an interesting trip. It means so much more to me now I know some of the places. Have you ever run through Ueno park in the morning?

    1. Run? Not yet.

      Just walking through, yes. ^^

      Time constraint is a factor. :)

  3. Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and family Lina. Secondly I missed alot on your blog that i forgot you had a trip to Japan. Uwaaaaaaa im gonna do some catching up on your blog as much as i could :) We've settled in really well in Cambodia but im truly missing my Malay food and the big malls in KL.

    Heres wishing you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2015 bring forth many blessings, peace, happiness, success, good health and rewards.

    1. Happy New Year!

      Glad to hear that you've settled down well in Cambodia.

      Take care and may you and your family have a blessed 2015. :)

  4. I see you found my old running route. Used to run from Ryogoku to Asakusa. Changed my route to go up to Tokyo Sky Tree instead. Much better as there are fewer lights on the new route. :)

    1. I'll do that next time we are in the area. ;P


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