Friday, 26 December 2014

Daily Trip Report - Day Three! At The Central Post Office

Going to the post office during a vacation in Japan IS a big deal for us.

We love sending postcards (to friends and to ourselves) and we also love buying special commemorative stamps that are sold there.

For this year's trip, we sent some  Ultraman postcards that we had in our possession, which we got from Ultraman Festival some years ago.
The postcards were OLD (it was issued for a movie promo way back when but the postcards are pretty special for us) and we sent it to a few friends who love ultra running. Ultraman postcards for our ultra runners friends.

Sure hope they like it.
And to the post office we went, after stopping and visiting the Tokyo Station on our third day in Tokyo in November 2014. We got a special Tokyo Station 100 years stamp at the train station. 

But before that, a list of my daily trip report :

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We actually made two trips to the post office. 
First, to the Central Post Office which is located just across the street from Tokyo Station. It is located on the ground floor of JP Tower and was re-opened in 2012.

JP Tower also hold JP Bank there and KITTE too, adjacent to the post office, with 100 tenants with shops and restaurants in it. It was really a nice, posh place to go.
KITTE had this humongous white Christmas/winter wonderland tree up. Sure was magical looking.

By the way, I learnt that KITTE was derived from a word play.
Kitte = postage stamp.
Kite = Come on over.
Cute, right? After all, the building is owned by Japan Post. 

The Central Post Office sure is modern and looked different from our last visit there; way back when. Very swanky too, I have to say. The staff at the information counter is also able to assist foreign tourists, in English. We didn't need to, but there was a sign that there are staff conversant in English. ^^

Our second post office trip was a week later, to Shinjuku Post Office. Love that place. Less swanky but same efficient and helpful staff. But I reserve Shinjuku Post Office story for later so as not to confuse myself. Ahaha

The anime stamps that we were looking for were out of stock at this branch. Sure there were Winnie The Pooh stamps (the original illustarion, not the Disney version), Mickey & Gang, Peanuts and stuff but not the one we wanted.
 We bought this New Year lottery stamps to send to a couple of friends living in Tokyo. ^^
Got this as requested by an Engineer friend of ours. A sheet of Japan Society of Civil Engineeer's 100th Anniversary stamps.
And this Mount Fuji stamps, to send to friends and to ourselves to mark me running in the Fujisan Marathon later that week, on Sunday.

Buying these stamps is pretty easy. Just take a clip board with the order sheet ad pencil and walk through the counter/display of stamps and write down the stamp code number and quantity.

Do note that sending an international postcard only requires a 70yen stamps and you can buy the stamps anywhere that sells them, just like in Malaysia and not only from the post office.

We used the 80yen commemorative stamps because well, they are more special.
After that, head to Counter 7, pick a number from the number dispenser (or whatever you call it) and wait for your turn to be served.

While waiting (I had just two numbers ahead of me) and already seating comfortably, a male staff came and collected my order sheet and proceeded to look for my stamps. Because the female staff at the counter hadn't finish with the customer ahead of me yet!

Talk about being too efficient!
So, by the time my number was called, my stamps were ready to be picked up and all I had to do was pay. 

From taking a number to getting and paying for my stamps, it took less than 5 minutes!

There were a LOT of special Japan Post souvenirs one can get at the post office and they are all cool and nice. 
But all I got from the Japan Post, apart from their stamps  were these. Six boxes of JP Kit-Kat. For 163yen each, which I bought specially for my Boss (bodek a bit), the two staff who helped and back-up for me at work and a few to bodek other people in return of them doing stuff for me. Ahahaha...

From the post office, we later head to Akihabara to do some indoor sightseeing. Can't be helped, really as it rained the whole day.
 Random Hello Kitty photo for Ru. Saw them at McD near Yodobashi-Akiba. Heh heh.

A few hours there, with Son totally over the moon, we returned to our hotel and had an early dinner. About 6:00pm-ish.
 My dinner. Shima hokke set.
Just to show how big the fish was. And all for 790yen! It used to be 690yen three years ago. I know. Because we still keep all the receipts nicely intact in a drawer. I suppose blame it on the 8% tax? Hurhurhur

Got back to our room and went out again later to the nearby ROX for me to shop a bit. A good end for the day!

The weather report for the next day was a sunny day so we planned for our visit to Mount Takao on the next day. On Thursday.


  1. This post is wonderful and brought back very happy & sweet memories for me. You remember how frantic I was when the post office was closed on Saturday in Fukuoka but the kind passing old man stopped & gestured until I understood him. I managed to post my postcards at Family Mart using the free city's 10 mins wifi to check the rates. I love that man!

    Now back to your post, I am amazed to see the stamps! I have lost of first day covers and stamps too. I like that special edition goat and Mount Fuji stamps you have now. *Hint *Hint
    I am surprised to know that they sell special Kit Kats too. Japan is so interesting in every corner.

    1. Anay is so funny lah. Why so frantic when you can easily buy them at anywhere with the post office "T" with an extra line, sign. Hehehe

      I'd just show the postcards to the cashier and they can give me the correct stamps. LOL

      I thought you got a special stamp already? Don't like them ah? ;)

  2. You have more Japan stuff than the barbarian who lives here! :D

    PS: Food increases are a combination of tax + weak yen + that idiot who gave his name to Abenomics + everybody taking everybody else for a ride. Ugh.

    1. Since he long of ugh will the term be?

  3. This is a very nice gesture to send someone a postcard.

  4. I have never visited new KITTE. It looks fun. I should visit there with my family. :D

  5. Hi! You know very well about Japanese. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

    1. Happy New Year to you and family too, Minoru. :)


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