Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Daily Trip Report - Day Three! Tokyo Station


I'm only now blogging about our third day of our trip to Japan in late November this year, and yet I've already had 6 posts up since we returned!

By the way, the list of posts for this year's trip :
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This 7th post is of the third day. Just like the second day, another wet day in Tokyo. Lovely. Heh.
We started the day with breakfast. Free breakfast provided by our hotel.

A scoop of rice, some vegetables, a bit of pickles, a bowl of miso soup, a cup of tea and a cup of coffee... A perfect start for a busy day. :-)

We had earlier planned to visit Mount Takao on our third day in Tokyo and I also planned to head out for an early morning run but we had to ditch the plan, seeing that the weather report on TV showed a whole day of rain.
So, we opted for a stop here instead.
To JR Tokyo Station. 

The train station celebrated its 100th year anniversary on Dec 20th. 100 years! A centenary!
After 5 and a half years of construction to preserve and restore the building's facade; that started in 2007, the building is finally back to its original glory from a hundred years ago in 2012.
It took such a long time because only a certain areas can be closed off for construction, which was done from 1:00am - 4:am, as the station has a huge volume of passengers passing through everyday.
This station was the first place we got out and venture from, after arriving from Narita Airport; when we first arrived to Japan more than a decade ago. So, even without the 100-years history, there's a certain personal nostalgic feeling for both Zaini and I about this station.

Have you watched this anime, "Passage of Time - Tokyo Station", which was produced in conjunction and as a part of celebration for the 100-year celebration of  Tokyo Station?

It is very touching,  I tell you.
Tokyo Station is one of two train stations that are currently operating, that are designated as Important Cultural Assets. The other one is Mojiko Station, which I am happy and proud to say, we had visited too. In 2008. ^^
Entering the station, we sure can't help but be awed by the dome.

I learnt later that there are 8 zodiac animals displayed in Tokyo Station's dome. 8 out of the 12. The other animals can be found in Saga Prefecture, all created by Kingo Tatsuno.
A koban.

A police box at Tokyo Station.

I am, just like others, glad that Tokyo Station is back to its former glory.

Just imagine that a few ago, there were actually plans to demolish the station in favour of some high-rise buildings!
Hubby later made a beeline to this table. For his train station stamp collection.

Fellow Tokyo/Japan visitors, did you notice this during your visit? ^^
A sketch of the area map?

I can't remember what Son was busy studying in the photo.

I had hoped to return for a visit in the evening to see the station's illumination but somehow we never made it. Ah well...

Thank goodness for internet. I got to see how the station is beautifully illuminated despite not being there. Hehehe.


  1. Tokyo Station is beautiful and they have done a great job renovating it to its former glory. We visited in January 2013 and really enjoyed it. Happy Anniversary Tokyo Station!

  2. The Tokyo Station is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the video :)

  3. Hi! Nice collection of Tokyo station photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. ah.. Tokyo Station.. it was in the list of places I wanted to go, together with Nihonbashi... but had to give it a miss due to time restrained :(
    next time!

  5. That station remains one of my favourite places in Tokyo. It's beautiful, huh?
    PS: Cute pic of my favourite young man!

    1. It is. Nice to return this year, after years of it under construction. :)


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