Saturday, 20 December 2014

Daily Trip Report : Day Two - Rikugien Garden And Toyoko Inn

Still on Day Two of our trip report!

Hur hur.

Bear with me yeah. After all, the last visit to Japan for us was in 2011 before finally making this trip in late November.

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Day Two - A Wet Tuesday Morning In Asakusa And Kanda

Anyways, after spending a wet day walking around Asakusa and doing a bit (just a little bit) of shopping in Kanda, we finally made our way back to our hotel to finally get in our room and refreshed.

Earlier that morning, we had left our luggage at the hotel and went out again and it was only after 3.00pm that we could enter our room. Standard Toyoko-Inn policy.

3.00pm check-in for Toyoko-Inn Club members and 4.00pm for non-members. 

We got back around 4.00pm and immediately freshened up. Needed to, as we only managed to do a bit of freshening up earlier in the morning, after arriving by bus from Nagoya, at the train station. Washed face, brushed teeth, changed clothes at Tawaramachi Station that morning. ^^!
The room might be small but functional. Raimie called dips and chose the bed he wanted to sleep in, all to himself while his Mommy and Daddy had to share. Hihihi
Even smaller bathroom that could only fit a person at a time but seriously, I have no complaints. 

More so as the room we booked didn't exceed 10,000yen per night. And we got discounts as we booked the rooms online PLUS those night that were consecutive, we got extra few hundred yen off by choosing for our rooms not be cleaned daily. BARGAIN!

Sensing that we would not be able to arrive at 4.00pm for an appointment with a friend and a blogger; Minoru-san, I quickly made a call to him to say that we were going to be late and re-scheduled our meeting time to 5:00pm. Sorry about that Minoru!

A quick shower for each of us, refreshed and we quickly made our way to Sugamo Station. We chose to take Toei Oedo Line from Kuramae Station to Sugamo Station as that's the easiest option to meet with Minoru.

He later brought us to Rikugien Garden, which was beautifully illuminated for the autumn season.
Entering the garden, after paying for entrance tickets.
Rikugien Garden is usually open from 9.00am to 5.00pm but during the cherry blossom and autumn season; the park is open till 9.00pm. Entry fee : 300 yen.

Despite the drizzle, there were quite a number of visitors there and they included tourists from Taiwan! A whole group of them.
We only managed to see a part of the garden because as Minoru told us, parts of the garden are closed off at night due to security and safety reasons.

It would be nice if maybe we could make another visit to the Rikugien Garden, which means "Six Poem Garden" and be able to see all 88 miniatures scenes reproduced from famous poems.

After savouring the sights at the garden, we made our way to have dinner with Minoru and his wife.

It was a feast and thank you both for your generous hospitality.
 Aren't they such a lovely couple? ^^

Here, with my boys. Hubby and Son. :-)
And one for the family portrait collection. ^^

SCKLM 2014 finisher tee spotted! Hehehe

We had a really good time with Minoru and his wife, and finally returned to our hotel at around 9:30pm.  Son and I decided to just rest in our room and while I enjoyed soaking in the Japanese style bath tub and Son watched some movies online, Hubby went out again to enjoy a bit of nighttime walk alone.

I needed rest because I planned to do a short run the next morning before we start our third day of sightseeing. 


  1. Minoru-sensei! :D

    I get claustrophobic just looking at that tiny bathroom, but ... ja ... that's Tokyo!

    1. We got some interesting stories from Minoru abt the area he lives in. It was so cool! :)

      Ya... and I kinda miss that miniscule bathroom. Kinda. Not a lot though. LOL

    2. Well ... it's easier to clean. It's so small, you can clean it in 5 minutes. Let's look on the bright (clean) side! :D

  2. Hi! Thanks for your photos and compliments.

    1. And again, thank you for your hospitality. :)


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