Friday, 12 December 2014

Willer Express - Our First Ride On An Express Bus In Japan

Yup, first ride for a long trip in Japan since 2002, instead of using the extensive train network Japan has to offer, like what we always did in previous trips. I mean, we rode on buses a lot before, but not on express buses. 

That's why the rides deserved special posts and mention. ^^

Read our first day post here and here

Upon arriving to Nagoya Station from the airport, our first order of business was to look for the West Exit and locate the bus station where we were supposed to wait for our bus. We had reserved our bus tickets with Willer Express and travel from Nagoya to Tokyo (Shinjuku) overnight in the bus.

Sounds pretty simple but somehow we couldn't locate any bus station (we later realised why. Hahaha)

Turns out that the "station" we were looking for was just a bus stop. Upon checking later, we finally realised that we just need to look for a Bus Stop.

It's amazing how clueless we can still be despite the many trips that we had already done to Japan in the past! Hahaha
This bus stop. Huh.

We actually passed this stop earlier. Double huh.

A staff was there I guess in charge of the stops there and he actually checked with us whether we were waiting for the correct bus.

Later, when we decided it was too cold to wait (we had like almost 20 minutes to kill before the bus arrival) and was dragging our bag to the nearest Lawsons to get some drinks and snacks, the same fella motioned for us to leave our bag at the side. On the pavement. No problem.

And we did. Only in Japan.
The bus is here!
Was glad to finally board the bus.

I noticed most buses here has Ladies Seat policy which is seats reserved for  female passengers only. What a nice touch. And of course for safety too.

It's been such a long time since I rode an express bus in Malaysia, but do we have this too here, now? When I used the buses going and returning to/fro my hometown to my school/college, the annoying itchy hands of male passengers was something I wanted to avoid. Ugh.
 The Boy all excited and ready for the 7-hour bus trip to Tokyo. ^^
Sitting in our personal cocoon was really great. I can sleep with my mouth open and no one can see me! LOL

And of course, I wasn't disturbed by the light outside.

With the blankets provided, suffice to say I had a good night sleep.
 A curtain separating the driver's seat and the passengers.

There were a few rest stops made along the route but I actually couldn't be bothered to check them out but luckily Zaini did.
Maybe next time, I'll go and check them out myself. ;-)
We finally arrived to Shinjuku at 5:05am, which was way too early for anything although there were already people busy rushing to seemingly to work that early in the morning!

We decided to take a rest and a nearby McDonald's, about 100m from where our bus stopped and enjoyed a cup of coffee before heading to Asakusa to check-in at our hotel located nearby Tawaramachi Station.

We got a full day ahead of us on Tuesday and resting in the hotel room will have to come later at night. Late, at night. Busy! Busy! Busy day ahead! Hahaha

Next up : Morning jaunt around Asakusa and Kanda.


  1. I've lived here for almost ten years, and buses still defeat me! I can never figure out which bus I'm supposed to take in which direction, and where I'm supposed to get off.

    I like the fact that each seat has a "hoodie" that helps you to sleep!

    1. I thought we just do the most fun way of getting off. Just press the button at any likely place but refuse to get off if it's the wrong stop. ;)

  2. Yeah, the "hoodie" is very cool and a great idea! I might be able to sleep on one of these buses :)

    1. It sure is. We got a certain level of privacy with it. :)

  3. "hoodie" at bus seat is a very good idea, especially since I also ended up with some seat with dripping air con water when I took long distance buses in Malaysia >.<"

    1. Oooh I hated that!!! Yeah, the hoodie would be great as an umbrella in those cases! Lol


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