Thursday, 8 January 2015

Daily Trip Report - Day Four. A Night Stroll And A Date.

There is no way we can get away with not changing clothes or showering after a hike back here in Malaysia. We'd be too sweaty and stinky if we don't!

But after spending 5 hours walking around Mount Takao, in the cold but sunny Thursday on Nov 27th last year, it was no problem (I don't think we stink that much that day)... to walk around in Shinjuku and entering Yodobashi Camera.

Anyways, as usual... the list of trip posts that I had done, from Day One to Day Four so far :
Day Three - A Trip To The Post Office
Day Four - Morning Run By The Sumida River
Day Four - Mount Takao

But first, let's get a train station stamp!
Then it was walking around on the toys section of Yodobashi Camera if I remember correctly. Son wanted to compare prices of some item that he wanted to buy.

He's rather a savvy buyer. Most of the items that he bought, he got it on the second last day of our trip and that meant we had already visited a few different shops to compare prices!

Later, we had dinner at Yayoi-Ken (where else?) which had a branch just a few metres away from the hotel we were staying in Asakusa.

By the way, Yayoi-ken has branches in Singapore, Thailand and Australia. None in Malaysia yet.
 Son had the saba set. 590 yen for the set.
 I chose to eat kaki furai for dinner that night. Fried oyster set. I forgot how much it was... I think around 800 yen?
Zaini had the sanma set. For 790 yen a set.


Later we ditched the Son as he wanted to rest and watch some movies and both Zaini and I head out again for a night stroll.

Starting from our hotel, we were stopped by a couple (Japanese man, Caucasian woman) who wanted to go to Kappabashi and Nakamise-dori.

At 7:00pm, we told the couple that the shops in both streets are closed by that time which was met with incredulity. Anyway, they later asked for the directions to Sensoji.

This incident happened to be the second time I was stopped for directions that day. I was stopped earlier that morning, by a vending machine vendor; who was asked for the direction of a hotel by a Taiwanese tourist. LOL
From Asakusa we made our way slowly and just walking and walking, without any fixed destinations to go.
 Just soaking in the sights at night.
 Which can feel totally different from daytime.

Pretty soon we reached Ueno.
 And found a Halal restaurant! It's located between Asakusa and Ueno.
 Ueno Station.

There's a sports outlet store located near the stairs for the elevated pedestrian bridge towards Ueno and we spent a few minutes there.

I couldn't decide on what to buy (there were so many to choose from! LOL) so we went out empty-handed.

Wanting to pee badly, we enter Marui so I can use their toilets.

And somehow, managed to buy three skirts there! Ahaha!!!

We continued our stroll to Ameyokocho and even went into the adult shop there. Hur hur.
Then we continued on and got to Akihabara.
Most shops were already closed by now but some were still open. Like these two. ;-)
It wasn't even 10:00pm yet and I felt pooped!

So instead of walking back to Asakusa, Zaini took pity on me and we took the train back. Phew!

Need to save a bit of energy as I wanted to do another run the next morning before meeting a friend who promised us a whole lot of fun gallivanting around her favourite places. ^^


  1. I like the way your smart boy check prices before buying. Sounds like me but I cannot do that in overseas as I often regretted when I could never turn back to the cheapest priced store again.

    1. Well, we know we'd bound to go back to the branches anyway so no worries for us. ;)

  2. Wah! People still ask you for directions? LOL!

  3. Oh. I think maybe perhaps possibly I've seen these places before ...

    PS: Ah. Some red and yellow coming up? :)

    1. A whole lot of red and yellow coming up.

      Two-parts special. :)

  4. Your son is just like my husband when it comes to buying things - first check the prices and then compare before making the final purchase. Smart boy he is :) Good on Zaini for choosing to take the train instead of walking back to your accomodation or is it he's also feeling pooped hehehe.

    1. He had no choice.

      I wanted (and needed) to save some energy and care for my legs as I'm running the next day. Plus I have a marathon to run on Sunday! LOL

  5. Hi! Nice Trip in Tokyo. To my suprise, you visited Shitaya Jinja shrine. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was a nice surprise to get there as we were strolling in the area. :)

  6. So... the only shops open in Akihabara at that time was the drug store and the sex toys shop... ... (*^^*)

    Looks like a nice walk. I think I did that a LONG time ago. Now I just take the train. ;)

    1. Maybe you can try again...

      You, Sox and us. This November? Hehehe

    2. Might be possible. Keep me informed. :D


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