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Daily Trip Report - Day Four. To Mount Takao We Go!

Day Four of our vacation in Japan in November 2014 was a Thursday. After two days straight of wet days, we were blessed with a sunny day on Thursday so the plan to hike/walk/sightsee up Mount Takao which was earlier planned for Day Three was shifted to Day Four.

Up to Thursday, the daily trip recaps are as follows : ^^

Day Four for me started with a short one-hour run/walk/stroll along Sumida River.
After our breakfast, we set out to Kuramae Station and took the Toei Oedo Line to Shinjuku Station. From Shinjuku, we took the Keio Line to Takaosanguchi station.
I've already blogged about the trip to Mount Takao on my other blog (link here) but I'll put different sets of photos and narration here. ^^
Before our trip, we actually made plans (or rather Zaini did) to hike up to Mount Jinba but seeing that it probably would be too taxing for Son; although we have great faith in him, and the fact that I'm nursing from what looks like a looming knee injury and two very tight calves not to mention that I'd be doing the Fujisan Marathon later on Sunday made us ditched the plan and chose Trail 6 (Biwa Waterfall trail) for our ascent and the descent was a mixture of Trail 4 (Suspension Bridge trail) and Trail 2 (Kasumidai trail).

The total elevation if we were to go up to Mount Jinba was 857m, with a total distance of 18.50km (one way) but as we decided to only go up only to the observation deck of Mount Takao, we only covered a total of just a little over 10km (ascent and descent) that day, with elevation of 599m.

Just a tad higher from Broga Hill, in Malaysia which we hiked on the last Sunday of 2014 (link here) ^^
Stepping out from the train station, we were greeted with this huge board showing the different trails available for visitors.

The trails that we chose are pretty easy and we just strolled up and down Mount Takao in relative ease. Nothing too challenging here so any casual day-trippers can visit Mount Takao and that's why it's so popular with visitors.
We started our walk from the train station, up to the cable car station first. A bit of climb but on tarmac.
Passing through a row of shops selling souvenirs and also restaurants.
Further up, near the fork where the Mount Takao/Mount Jinba trail goes up, was a shop selling produce and pickles and offering free samples. Just like the others, we made a stop to taste some but as we were just starting our hike, didn't buy any. Not yet, anyway.
We were greeted by this "fellas" as we were approaching the entrance of Trail 6.
And it's time to enter the trail-head of Trail 6 (Biwa Waterfall trail), which was about 500-600m from the Cable Car Kiyotaki station.
There were a number of checkpoints along the trail, that showed us where we are located at the trail and some information on the flora and faunas that can be seen at the spot.
Awesome and interesting trail.

I think it was good that we chose Trail 6. It was rather quiet with just a handful of other fellow hikers using it.
There were plenty of steps to be taken going up this trail. Natural stones trail. Some that we walked on to get up a stream. Steps up a bit more hilly trail too.
 Up that way to the top of Mount Takao!
 Steps. Steps. And more steps. Hahaha
 Finally we reached the end of Trail 6! Yeay!
And we picked Trail 5 to get to the observation deck on the peak of Mount Takao.
From here, we had to contend with much bigger crowd. Solo visitors. Visitors in groups. Dates. And even those following tour groups.
Everybody of course wants to view Mount Fuji, which can be seen from Mount Takao.

It was much more crowded here  as not only those who hiked up gets to this point, those who use the cable car will of course head here too.
After lingering and relaxing, enjoying some snacks and taking loads of photos, we made our descent by the 4th Trail (Suspension Bridge trail).
 Rather easy trail with no steep incline/decline so it was rather kind to my wonky knee.
Plus we got to walk on the suspension bridge.
At the end of Trail 4, we got to the entrance of a temple. With lots more people around.

We went up for a bit for a look-see, look-see but decided to head down using Trail 2 (Kasumidai Loop trail) which fortunately for us, had less hikers.
Manhole cover!

You know it's not a serious hike when you just put on you running shoes and not a hiking boot/trail shoes. Heh heh.
Down we go, back to Takaosanguchi Station!

Oh my poor, creaky knees. Hahaha
Pretty clear path.
Saw a row of these further down. Wasn't sure where the path leads to, so we decided not go in further but instead track back our route and proceeded our walk down.
Almost there!
 A small shrine caught my eye.

 We got to the road and from here it was just a kilometres (I think) away from the train station.
 We made a stop (again) at this shop, and the two boys had a feast with the pickles samples (again!).

We later bought some persimmons to eat while walking down to get to the station. 250yen for 5 pcs of persimmons.
 Oh! Oh!

The cable car's arriving! ^^

A stroll by the street that had the souvenir shops and restaurant and we reached the train station.
Scrubbing away all the much from our shoes at an area just in front of the train station, before boarding our train.

We spent 5 hours at Mount Takao that day.

5 hours would be needed to just hike up all the way to Mount Jinba! Just one way. So we probably needed more than half a day for Mount Jinba.

We'd definitely consider another trip, but next time, we want to visit the white horse on Mount Jinba too!


  1. Looks like a great place to go hiking. I'll have to pack my hiking boots and go check it out one day :)

  2. So. Many. People. That's why I've never gone there, though I keep promising myself to go either in the middle of winter or the middle of August, when -- I hope -- sensible people will stay at home. ;)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Lina and family! I wish you lots of jolliness, academic and athletic success!

    1. And to think, we went on a weekday!

      That said, trail 6 was nice.

      Most look like serious hikers, garbed in proper hiking gear. :P

  3. Hi! Nice captures. I thought you enjoyed the hiking very much. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a beautiful destination. The autumn leaves are just stunning.


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