Sunday, 15 March 2015

Daily Trip Report - Day Five. An Important Date!

Oh dear, I sure have missing for a long while from this blog, haven't I?

Not really an excuse because I still managed to update my other blog regularly; but training for the coming 3-days 100km Solo Sabah Adventure Race in April plus some freelance work that comes in regularly has not given me much time to spend looking and editing through our Nov-Dec 2014 trip photos. Sorry! ^^!

Can I "brag" a little?

I managed to do an 80K run at Watergate 16-hours which was held from Jan 10-11, 2015. Then a half-marathon a week after that.

Another 80K run within 48-hours on the Valentine's Day weekend; and Hubby and I still managed to run errands, cheer son at his school's cross-country run and then continue to complete our run. (I was short of 20K because I actually planned to hit 100K that weekend)

And I managed to do 50K at Gunung Nuang Ultra on 1st March. I was the second last runner in my category to complete the 2500m+ elevation endurance run but who cares. I finished what I planned to do. ^^

Anyways, as usual... the list of trip posts that I had done, from Day One to Day Four so far :
Day Three - A Trip To The Post Office
Day Four - Morning Run By The Sumida River
Day Four - Mount Takao
Day Four - A Night Stroll and A Date

Day Five was an important day for us. We finally was meeting Ru of Rurousha blog fame. Two fellow jungle women were finally meeting up! Yeay!

Day Five was a Friday. I started the day with an hour morning run and then came back to quickly get ready and eat breakfast before our agreed meet-up time at 9.00am (well, I think it was 9.00am, right Ru?)
I was still eating breakfast when Ru came by. Whaddya expect from a jungle woman? Ahaha...

We hadn't set any plans for our Friday date and Ru suggested that we visited a temple in Saitama and later to Todai.

So off we went to Niiza to visit Heriniji Temple.

But first, manhole covers found in Niiza :
Cool, eh?
There are bus service from the train station (JR NIiza station) to Heirinji temple and would take around 15 minutes but we decided to walk. It was a 30 minutes of fun! Lovely to walk past the neighbourhood and enjoy the scenery of the area.
Broad pavement. No worries.
A sneak peek of Herinji Temple.

I'll be posting a post on Heirinji Temple and then the famous gingko tree at University of Tokyo which Ru had so kindly took us for a tour around.

I just hope I won't take two months for another blog post here! 


  1. Looks fun! I nearly met Ru when went to Tokyo but she was out of town and various other things happened so never did. Glad you had a good time!

    1. True, we never connected. You'll have to come back for another visit! :)

  2. So great that you got to meet Ru! Hopefully one day I can, too! Fantastic manhole cover pictures as well :)

    1. Anything's possible if you bribe me with enough chocolate. :D

    2. I forgot to bribe you with chocolates! *gasp*

  3. Yay! Finally updates on Japan! ^^

    1. Yeay... dunno when the next instalment will be though. hahaha

  4. Hi! You like enduarance races too.Nice many photos! Heirinji temple itentionally planted maple trees year by year. So many maple trees in the precincts. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, Minoru. Actually I prefer endurance runs more than marathons. ^^

      Oh, thanks for the info on Heirinji temple. :)

  5. Wheee! Lina is on Africa time but she'll get there eventually! I can't remember what time we met at the hotel. I do remember I was late because I managed to get lost in my own neighbourhood, but that's because you'd forgotten to leave a trail of elephant dung. :p

    1. Woman, you've been in Japan too long.

      5 minutes is not considered late!!!

  6. Funny, you can meet this mystical Ru sooner than I can. I've been waiting over a year now and still no Ru since I caught that illusive red flash of light.

    I guess you need to send me that firefly fundoshi and she will show up lickety split.

    PS: Congrats on the running. Saw a bit of it on Instagram but sometimes can't read it. :D


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