Sunday, 19 April 2015

Daily Trip Report - Day Five. Heirin-Ji

We're already looking for flight tickets for our next trip to Japan (to celebrate my 40th birthday, no less) and here I am still struggling with last year's trip report. Ahahaha...

Anyways, as usual here's the summary of 2014 Autumn trip so far. Only up to Day Five. And just the morning part of it too!
The Summary
Day One - Touchdown
Day Three - A Trip To The Post Office
Day Four - Morning Run By The Sumida River
Day Four - Mount Takao
Day Four - A Night Stroll and A Date
Day Five - An Important Date!

Continuing from the last trip report, where we met up with a friend, Ru and she took us to a couple of her favourite spots.

First, we visited Herinji Temple in Saitama (click here for the website. It's in Japanese though).

I am not going to write much about the temple but if you want to read more about it, do check out Ru's post Heirin-Ji here and here.
We got off at Niiza Station and proceeded to walk to the temple. One can opt to take a bus or a taxi but we chose to walk and enjoy the sights getting to the temple.

Quite interesting sights too, I might add. Normal, everyday but interesting nonetheless. ^^
 Plenty of vegetable patches!
 Even crossing the road using the pedestrian bridge was interesting. Hahaha
 Just follow the crowd.

A wide pedestrian path too.
Awwwwww.... Didn't see any though. Shoot!
Less than 30 minutes later, our stroll took us to the outer gate of the temple.

Despite being a weekday (we were there on a Friday), the temple had quite a number of visitors. Most were elderlies.

Entry to the temple is 500yen and it's really 500 yen well spent. We didn't spend a lot of time there but maybe another time; when time permits and we visit Heirin-ji again, we'll spent hours and hours there.

It's spectacular during autumn but I'm told it is equally nice during other seasons too. Maybe next time, we'll be there for Spring? ^^

But for the the time being, all I have to share is the photos of Heirin-ji during autumn.
Yes, there was a big crowd that day but we still have a sense of privacy to enjoy the sights and scenery and at certain places, it was rather quiet.
I can't remember exactly how long we were there, maybe just a couple of hours; walking, stopping, taking photographs, avoiding the crowd... ^^
Oh yes, we went up this stairs.
Thank you again Ru for bringing us here. It was lovely!


  1. Hi! Nice captures. The red leaves are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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