Friday, 24 April 2015

Daily Trip Report - Day Five. To Todai We Go!

Day Three - A Trip To The Post Office
Day Four - Morning Run By The Sumida River
Day Four - Mount Takao
Day Four - A Night Stroll and A Date
Day Five - An Important Date!
Day Five - Heirin-ji

The glorious, awe-inspiring Tokyo University. What more can I say?

Thank you Ru for introducing us to her beloved gingko tree.

Continuing from the previous post where we visited Heirin-ji in Saitama. We headed straight to Tokyo University after Heirin-ji. It was a bit of walk from the train station to the University, but nothing too far or strenuous and was greeted with a blanket of yellow under the gingko trees. Awesome!
A friend saw this and it took him back down memory lane. He was a Todai graduate. ^^
This way for the tree, says she. ^^
Oh hi, tree.
Boy meets tree.
Boy and Dad happy,
Under the tree.
We later made our way to Sanshiro Pond located within the university compound.
Lovely pond. Imagine sitting here alone, just being accompanied by our thoughts. 

There were other visitors when we there. Noisy too. Hohoho
We needed refreshment after our excursion so a stop a Doutor was made. A hot cuppa and a sweet bun. Heaven.
Then later, because we are a bunch of tourists after all; we made a stop at the University co-op.

We wanted to buy some postcards to send to ourselves and friends too.
And ended up buying a tee for Son too. No 12, because he just celebrated his 12th birthday last year.

For luck. And motivation. For future university application to Todai. HAHAHA

Oh yeah, in case anyone got confused, the one holding the t-shirt is the Dad. Not the 12-year old Son. ;-)

We later made our way to Ueno Park after the visit to Todai since it is so near.
So after Ueno, we should we head to?
Back to Asakusa.

And a dash to Kappabashi before most of the stores closes as we promised our Son we'd go there as he wanted to go omiyage hunting in Kappabashi. For his classmates and school teachers. Using his own pocket money.

We managed to get some of the things he had in mind, and the rest, we found later in Akihabara. And because Mommy remembers where to get some cheap, sold in bulk keychains and Daddy knows where to get cheaper, off-season anime related stuff in Akihabara; the Boy spent less than RM150.00 for souvenirs for ALL of his classmates and ALL of his primary school teachers too. *thumbs up* 

We skipped lunch as we had a nice big breakfast and opted for coffee and snacks at Todai so after all that train trip, walking and shopping, we had an early dinner.

Where else? Yayoi-ken!
Om nom nom.

Saba misoni for the boys and Mommy chose sanma this time.



  1. Good memories. :)
    PS: That ponytail looks familiar. ^^

    1. It does, doesn't it?
      But not too revealing, I hope?


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