Monday, 6 April 2015

Tango Ultra Marathon

Something I posted a few hours earlier over at my other blog : Life, In My Own Backyard.

About an ultra-marathon event in the northern part of Kyoto, a day before my birthday this year.

I figured, what a great way to celebrate my 40th birthday than to finish an ultra marathon in such a scenic route! The International Friendship Tango 100KM Ultra Marathon, no less!
The International Friendship Tango 100KM Ultra Marathon, an ultra-marathon in the northern part of Kyoto and will be held on Sep 20th, 2015 this year for the 15th time. (Click here for the Japanese link).

It has two categories.

100KM with a 14-hours cut-off and littered with killer inclines. The clincher is the hill section towards the final section of the course. 18,000yen registration fee.

60KM with a 9-hours and 30 minutes cut-off and much kinder (i.e. flatter route) compared to the 10OK category and with 13,000yen registration fee.
Photo credit : Tango Ultra Marathon 2014 website.
The International Friendship Tango 100km Ultra earned the silver label recognition from the International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU) in 2014 and aims to invite runners from overseas, as there are no borders in running.

Registration for the ultra marathon has already been open since Mar 20th to Jul 24th and will close when the capacity is full. The number of participants are capped at 4,000 runners; with 2,600 runners for 100km category and 1,400 runners for 60km category.

Information on registration can be found at their English page. Click here.
 Course and elevation map.
 Cut off time and CPs
Area map
Access Information. Click for bigger image.

For anyone interested in joining, do get your accommodation sorted early because I find plenty of hotels around the area have been fully booked.

I do hope I can join this. We're struggling a bit, finding an affordable accommodation near the starting line.  I really can't afford a resort hotel paying thousands, when I won't be staying there except to sleep. ^^!

The hunt continues and until we find our hotel, I'm signing up yet. Just to be safe.


  1. Hi! I hope you will get a hotel for the marathon. The marathon will be a nice present for your 40th birthday. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Go for it! I have just started running again, after so many years of being lazy... I do 2 or 3 runs of over 10 kilometers per week.... sometimes, on barefoot.... shall be doing a post on this later on.... happy running, Lina.... :-)

    1. Yeay!!!

      Can't wait to read your post on it.

      Happy running to you too. :)

  3. Lina, where do you get your energy from??? I'm tired just looking at this! Yes, accommodation can be very expensive, but it looks like an gorgeous location.

    1. Hahaha

      Yeah, indeed. The view around the area makes me more excited to go there! :)

  4. Good luck on the entry. Be sure to ask for help if you need to find something. The area doesn't have a lot because it isn't well populated. Try Amanohashidate. 1 hour isn't too bad, is it?

    1. I booked some beds in a dorm in Amanoshidate but maybe we're going to Tooyoka instead. ;)

  5. Lina-san Ohayo gozaimasu Good morning ,have you entry of Tango 2015 ?


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