Sunday, 3 May 2015

Daily Trip Report - Day Six. Bus Trip To Kawaguchiko

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Day Six of our 2014 autumn trip was a Saturday. It was a cold, rainy Saturday morning so thank goodness the plan was to take a bus to Lake Kawaguchi Station to collect my race kit because I was to run in the Fujisan Marathon the day after.

From our hotel in Asakusa, we made our way to Shinjuku as the bus we're taking to Kawaguchiko is at the Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal.

We had already made an online reservation for our bus tickets from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station so it was just a matter of paying for the tickets before we board our bus. Info on the highway bus can be found here.
We arrived rather early so we decided to loiter at the Shinjuku Post Office and look at commemorative stamps.

It was before 9.00am and although the staff who was in-charge of cleaning had told a few of us who were there looking at stamps that the post office will only be open at 9.00am for transactions and none of us were too concerned about waiting; she decided to open the counter 15minutes before opening time.

I guess we probably should apologise for making her stressed out with us waiting outside. Hahaha

Bought a few sets of stamps (like we always do when we visit Japan), sent some postcards and even managed  to buy a few boxes of Japan Post New Year Kit-Kat. ^^
Later, we made our way to the bus terminal which is kinda opposite the Shinjuku Post Office.

It is directly located opposite Yodobashi Camera so it is pretty easy to find the bus terminal. But don't in any way, think that the bus terminal is the same as what KL bus terminals look like!
Paid for and got our tickets printed out.

1,750yen for adult, one way to Kawaguchiko and our bus departed at 11.40am, arrival 01.32pm. A 2-hour bus trip.
This is the bus line.
And that's Yodobashi Camera right opposite it.
Our bus arrived, passengers were called to board the bus, bags were given to these helpful and efficient staff. Fast and painless.
The bus driver collecting our bus ticket.
And then, off we go to Kawaguchiko Station! Yes, it departs right on time.
The view along the way. ^^
Arrived Kawaguchiko Station and headed straight to the Overseas Runner Reception area to collect my race kit for Fujisan Marathon and bumped into a fellow Malaysian who was running the marathon.

We bumped into other Malaysians too, who came for a holiday and going to Fuji 5th Station.
A family portrait with the iconic mountain in the background for the album.

We were blessed with great weather and unhindered view of Mount Fuji when we were there. ^^


  1. How lovely! now I have been to Japan I know how efficient everything is and of course it runs on time :) Good luck in the race.

  2. Hi! It's nice you will attend Mt.Fuji marathon. The national flag is very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was indeed nice to run in the Fuji Marathon last year.

      This year, I hope to bring Malaysia flag to another part of Japan. ^^


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