Monday, 4 May 2015

Free Trial For Ninja Wi-Fi In The Month Of May

Just spreading the word out for fellow travelers visiting Japan this month.

A promotional campaign by Vision Inc Japan, where they are offering free trials of their new product; Ninja Wi-Fi; to all visitors during the month of May.

Through the newly expanded network system of au mobile, Ninja Wi-Fi currently has the best 4G LTE coverage among portable WiFi systems. Given how important a reliable Internet connection is, especially in a country like Japan, the new product is believed to be of great assistance to those traveling to Japan.

For those who are keen to try it out, do click on this ( link and complete the form.

Or for more info, head to their website :

The requirement after accepting the free rental is to post photos of the Japan visit either on blog (for bloggers) or FB page and write a positive review on the service. 

Whaddya think?

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