Thursday, 25 June 2015

Daily Trip Report - Day Six. Lake Kawaguchi And Fujisan Marathon Race Kit Collection

Gah! It's been 7 months since our 2014 autumn trip to Japan, and I'm still blogging about my trip.

Gobusata desu.

Oh, by the way, since this post is about Fujisan Marathon that I joined in 2014, anyone keen to join this year's edition should note that registration for 2015 Fujisan Marathon has already been opened since June 22nd. 

Click here for more info.

I wanted to do a repeat run for Fujisan Marathon but then decided that I want to do something bigger instead for my birthday in Sep and decided to forgo Fujisan Marathon this year.

That said, this event is highly, highly, highly recommended especially for overseas runners. They have special booth for us, before and after the race!

Anyways, back to the trip reports, the previous trip report done for our 2014 vacation:
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Day Six - Bus Trip to Kawaguchiko

I do need to buck up and get myself updated. We'll be heading back to Japan in 3 months time!

After getting my race pack at the "Overseas Runners Reception Area" near the Kawaguchiko station, we decided (luggage bag and all) walked down towards the race venue site about a few hundred metres away from the train station.
It was pretty easy finding the race venue, we just followed a stream of other runners who were heading that way too.

It's always easy to spot a fellow runner anyway. ^^
A very organised race pack area for local runners.
Apart from running apparels sold at bargain prices there, there were of course Fujisan Marathon souvenir items sold.

Great souvenir to bring back home, to share with friends and family. ^^
The Fuji-Q mascots were around and of course, we didn't miss the opportunity to take photos with them. 
And we stayed around for the entertainment provided, just enjoying the festive atmosphere.
We even joined the lucky draw session. We didn't win any of the prizes offered though.
Oppa Gangnam Style dance by one of the sponsors. Pretty hilarious.
We would love to stay around and enjoy the night's entertainment (there were fireworks) but as we have yet checked-in to our hotel and I do need to rest early for the next day's marathon; we headed back to the train station before 5.00pm.
Kawaguchiko Train Station.
Of course, we didn't miss finding the train station stamp.
Two of them available here. 
And soon after, our train arrived and off we went to Fujisan Station which is two stops away from Kawaguchiko Station.

It was already dark (although it was not yet 6.00pm) by this time so we decided to head to our hotel first before we start looking for a place to have our dinner.

We stayed at a family motel this time and chose Hatagoya Fujiyoshida (no English website) to spend our two nights there.
A very cosy reception area. No English spoken but the proprietor do have English sheets of do's and don'ts for the motel.
This also serves as the breakfast area. We can have our breakfast (of yummy freshly baked bread) here or take them back to our room.
The exterior of Hatagoya Fujiyoshida.
And our very, very spacious room, and it only cost us about 24,000yen for two nights.
Plenty of space for our stuff too.

Son decided that it was the room was too comfy and nice for him to head out again in the cold, so he told us to just buy him dinner and allowed Mommy and Daddy to have a date night instead. ^^

Good thing that he didn't join us looking for a place to have dinner. The department store's food court closed early and there wasn't any affordable looking restaurants in the near vicinity. Not even a konbini! (OK, my idea of near is within 200m. Heh heh)

Well, at least not until after we walked for about half an hour where we finally found a konbini and a drugstore. We walked a bit farther until we finally found Gusto and that was where we had dinner, two nights in a row while we were there. 

Our Gusto dinner post, next. ^^


  1. Yeayyy updated! :)

    Just there any special book with blank pages for us to collect the train station's stamp?
    I am interested in shinkansen and densha.

    Thank you^^

    1. Not too sure since we always used our own book. :P

  2. Hi! Nice memory for you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The mountain is so beautiful behind the Tudor styled hotel and your room was so big sized with 2 big beds!! You pandai cari.


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