Sunday, 19 July 2015

Daily Trip Report - Day Eight. Birthday Dinner At Sushi Zanmai

After our trip to Fuji-Q Highland Theme Park, which was a treat for our Son's 12th birthday; we took the highway bus back to Shinjuku.

We had a bit of problem finding our hotel at first, which was located in the Kabukicho area and I certainly got a bit grumpy what with lugging our luggages and hunger too and was in no mood of walking too far to find a place for dinner after we checked-in to our hotel.

But as luck would have it, we found Sushi Zanmai rather nearby to the hotel we were staying in. Yeay!
We chose to sit at the counter so we could watch the chef in action. Always fun to see and interact with them.
Especially when they are friendly and funny.

And speaks English!
The chefs in action. The fella may goof about with the customers but was focused and serious when making the sushis.
Our order for the night.

13 pieces sushizanmai deluxe for 3,000yen. Comes with a huge ass bowl of miso soup. Saved me a few hundred yen from ordering one individually as I really was hankering for a warm soup.
Kaisen don for 1,480yen.
Uruoi sushimori special for 1,980yen and has 13 pieces just as the deluxe one.
The birthday boy enjoying his dinner.
And mommy really enjoyed this. Melt in my mouth anago. Om nom nom.
Us with our dinner.

The cheery chef later obliged to take photos with us diners and even kinda entertained us, when the place got less busy. How very nice of him.
Son even received a small gift when they got to know that we were celebrating his birthday that night.
The chef and staff waving us goodbye as we exited the restaurant.

Now, you don't get this often, do you?

There are plenty of Sushi Zanmais in Tokyo. We've always frequented the one in Asakusa when we were in Tokyo although the main branch is in Tsukiji.

But if I have a chance, I might want to visit the one in Shinjuku again.

As always, here's the summary of the trip reports of last year's trip to Tokyo :


  1. Hi! Congratulations for your son's birthday. It's nice for you finding Sushi zanmai restaurant. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Minoru. It was last Dec. :)

  2. I've yet to try Sushi Zanmai. Will have to correct that the next time I'm back in Tokyo :)

    1. We've pretty much stuck to Sushi Zanmai when we're in Asakusa.

      Maybe we need to be more adventurous and try other places. ;)


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