Monday, 27 July 2015

Daily Trip Report - Day Nine. Last Minute Shopping On The Last Day.

Our last day in Tokyo before we headed back to Nagoya was spent doing some final shopping. First in Shinjuku.
Son had quite a list of Lego he wanted to buy, not to mention a few games and also omiyage for his primary school teachers and friends.

A stop at Takeya for some bargain chocolates.
Later a stop at Akihabara, where we managed to find bargain anime figurines sold at bargain prices.

We even managed to find phone straps sold in bulk and cheap in Kappabashi as Son wanted to buy for everyone in his class.
 Dinner at Yayoiken and Son had the fried oyster this time.
 We took a late night bus to Nagoya, and headed off to Ikebukuro t board the bus.
 Waiting for the bus to arrive.
By taking the night bus, we kinda save on hotel room for the night and also save on travelling time as we managed to get to Nagoya while we sleep!
 Son's stash.

Lego for himself. A Nintendo game.

Daruma straps for his classmates and some special anime straps and keychains for his teachers and best friends.
 Our omiyage stash.
 Mommy's stash.
Which also included running and hiking stuff. ^^

A summary of our 2014 trip :
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Birthday Dinner At Sushi Zanmai

20 blog posts about our 10-day vacation to Tokyo last year and it took me almost a year to complete it. ^^!

Now, I'm looking forward to the planning for our 2015 trip. It'll be just a short trip as we kinda have a restricted time and budget for this year's trip.

If all goes well, the next trip to Japan will be in 2018. I have to be patient for that and I definitely have to make this year's trip worthwhile. 


  1. Love the shopping haul. How I miss shopping in Japan.

  2. Hi! Nice last day trip. Thanks for buying many Omiyage from Japan. I hope you will have nice days in our country in a future.


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