Friday, 10 July 2015

Daily Trip Report - Dinner At Gusto

Anyways, back to the trip reports, the previous trip report done for our 2014 vacation:
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Continuing from our previous post where we had checked-in to Hatagoya Fujiyoshida, a family motel and were famished and went out looking for a place for dinner.

After walking aimlessly along the street and almost giving up, we saw Gusto's sign from afar and excitedly headed there for dinner. And Gusto was the place we enjoyed our dinner two nights in a row while we were in the area.

Why? Because Gusto is affordable and fits our budget.
We opted to add our meal with the option of bottomless drinks. I was quite restraint about it on the first visit because I had a marathon the next morning but on the second night, I went crazy with my cups and cups of coffee. Son and Hubby had fun drinking all the options available at the soda fountain with the favourite being the melon soda.
 Hubby's dinner - oyster set.
While I had the popular choice of pre-marathon food - pasta.

The next morning, the morning of my marathon; we had bread for breakfast which was served by the motel.
 The bread basket was refilled as soon as it became empty.
Our breakfast. A few rolls of bread for each of us and orange juice. I refrained from drinking coffee that morning because I wanted to avoid an early toilet visit.

Well, I stopped for a toilet break just 3K into my run afterwards. Huh!
The boys and their breakfast. Most of other guests opted to eat in the comfort of their room.

And in the evening, all three of us visited Gusto again.
Our choice for dinner.

Can't eat their steak and hamburgers, can we? So this was one of the safest choice for us.
And later desserts plus copious amount of coffee. A reward for running 42.195km earlier and for hubby & son, for waiting for me to finish my run.
 Looks yummy. Hubby of course love anything with macha.
Son, with his choice.
I wish I can have some now...
*rumbling tummy*


  1. Gusto and family restaurants in general are a great choice when on a budget. They are very affordable and you can't beat the drink bar service which can added to a meal for as little as 200 yen. They are also really popular with people looking to try sweets such as pancakes and parfait. Some of my favourites are Gusto, Denny's Coco's and Joyful (cheapest of the lot).

  2. Hi! Nice dinners in Gusto. I hope you would list up all of Yayoiken and Gusto restaurants until your next visit in Japan. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I'll make a list soon. :)

  3. I want to eat one of those desserts! Very bad!

  4. Your hubby really looked like a Japanese man in the photos.
    I like your thoughts when selecting the menus in overseas.

    1. LOL

      Yeah, maybe that's why service staff usually look at him when talking but instead it would be me who understands Japanese. Hihihi


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