Monday, 13 July 2015

Daily Trip Report - Fuji-Q Highland Theme Park For Son's 12th Birthday!

We went to Lake Kawaguchi for Fujisan Marathon last year and stayed in the Fujiyoshida area from Nov 29th to Dec 1st, 2014.

We checked out from the Hatagoya on Monday and instead of heading back to Tokyo, we made a stop at Fuji-Q Highland theme park first.

Son's birthday was on Dec 2nd, which fell 2 days after my Fujisan Marathon last year.

For Son's birthday, we agreed to go to Fuji-Q Highland theme park as he wanted to enjoy the roller coasters there.
Fujisan Station entrance, which was only a few hundred metres from our motel. Lake Kawaguchi station was two stop away, at the end of the line and the Fujisan station is located at the other end of the line. Fuji-Q Station is located between the two stations.
Always love the trains in Japan. ^^
Participants of Fujisan Marathon gets special discount for tickets at Fuji-Q Highland theme park and we took advantage of it.

An admission pass cost 1,400yen but it's free with the Fujisan Marathon promo.
A day's pass of 5,200yen for adult and 3,800yen for children age 3-11 became 3,800yen and 2,500yen respectively. Quite a bargain, right?

We didn't need to show anything special, other than show the leaflet of the discount offered that we took at their booth at Fujisan Marathon REPC.
The happy birthday boy.

We had the day spent here, until it was time for us to board our bus back to Tokyo. It was so convenient that the bus stopped at Fuji-Q Highland theme park to Shinjuku.
We certainly tried everything we could.
Kiddie rides.
Wet rides.
Interactive attractions.
And of course, roller coasters and other fun rides. ^^
 And pretty soon, it was time to catch our bus back to Shinjuku.
We got on the 6pm bus (can't remember the exact time) and reached Shinjuku about one and a half hours later.

The day didn't end yet as we had a nice dinner afterwards to celebrate Son's birthday.

Trip report for last year's trip from Day One to Day Seven :


  1. Nice! You can get some great views of the iconic Fuji-san from Fujiyoshida City and Lake Kawaguchi.

  2. The birthday boy was so lucky to celebrate his big day in Japan, what more a fun filled theme park with his loving parents! I would enjoy all the rides in a cool weather!

    1. Better than our hot weather, right? ;)

  3. Ah. Good to see what's inside the theme park. I took the bus a few years back to kawaguchiko and it passed the theme park. I had been wondering how it looked like :)

    1. It was quite a nice park. Not Disneyland of course, but still quite fun to visit. :)


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