Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Excerpt of 2015 Kansai Trip #3 : First Cabin - A Room Without Doors

Four our second night in the Kansai region, we were already in Kyoto and stayed in a cabin style room at First Cabin. No, not log cabin but rather it's like a posh cross between a dorm and a capsule hotel. 

We got our own space, TV and all amenities but our rooms are separated by a thin wall and closed off by a curtain for privacy.

Toilets and a common lounge area (with spa area to boot) were on the same floor but showers were on a different floor, and only accesible with our access card which we used to get in our sleeping area.

The place was really quiet and guests observed the request from management for other guests' comfort.

I got a First Class cabin for 4,800yen and Hubby and Son slept in their individual Business Class cabin at 3,500yen. 

Son, who had his own private space for 2 nights in a row loved the arrangement and his personal space. ^^

More photos later. Hihi


  1. a posh cross between a dorm and a capsule hotel.. okay, let me digest and imagine for a while.. hmmm, that would sound nice actually, at least for a different experience huh.. and how unfair, Mak Glam got to sleep in the First Class while the boys only had their Business Class, haha~~ so this photo is FC or BC??


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