Sunday, 27 September 2015

Excerpts Of 2015 Kansai Trip #1 : ANA

We  flew in to Narita Airport a day after the Malaysia Day public holiday, before flying domestic to Kansai Airport later.

Taking advantage to the ANA promotion back in May 2015, we paid about RM1,200 return per pax for our tickets, get to enjoy a bit of Tokyo and of course, a whole lot of Kansai region which was our main destination this year.

The flight was of course comfortable. Very comfortable.

While Son and Hubby enjoyed the in-flight entertainment during our 7-hours flight, I chose to try and sleep my way through.

I had a fever the weekend before our trip and was still recovering from it on Monday - Wednesday. As we were going on a holiday soon, taking medical leave to rest wasn't really an option for me. My temperature had gone down by Wednesday as did my flu but my throat was still giving me problems.

I was worried that my coughing, despite my arsenal of cough drops would disturb and probably made others anxious to be near me, especially during the flight so I chose to sleep most of the time when we finally boarded our flight to Tokyo on Thursday.

Thankfully, a really caring flight attendant always made sure I have something to soothe my throat every time I started coughing without me even requesting for anything.

She offered me candies but I just wanted some water and later on, since I requested for hot green tea during breakfast service, it was what she'd continue to offer me during the balance of the flight. Thank you.

Gestures that left me love flying with ANA.


  1. That's it.
    I'm going to fly with ANA for next year's spring trip.
    Thank you for this review!

    1. They still have promotional fares now.
      Dah check?


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