Monday, 28 September 2015

Our Trip (Kyoto) In A Nutshell

Day 1 in Kyoto

Visited Arashiyama. 
Walked on the Togetsukyo Bridge which has a 1,000 years history.
Walked by the Hozu River, watching paddle boats and pleasure boats passed by.
Strolled along the Bamboo Groves along with about another 1,000 other tourists. Hah hah
Walked up some stairs.

Visited Fushimi Inari Taisha.

Looked at the temple grounds.
Walked up some stairs.
Marveled at Kyoto night view from up the  hill after some stairs climbing.

Day 2 in Kyoto
Travel to Toyooka, then to Amino City for my race pack collection.
Enjoyed a tea ceremony at the race pack collection site.
Visited Amanohashidate a few hours later.

Walked a bit on the sandbar but decided not to overdo it as I've got a race the next day.

Day 3 in Kyoto
Run in Tango Ultramarathon while the Hubby and Son waited and supported me. 

Don't worry, they get to ride the free shuttle buses that ferry supporters to aid stations along the race route and also got to enjoy a dip at an onsen.

Day 4
A whole day trip to Kinosaki Onsen in Hyogo.
Walking to stop and check out the 7 onsens around Kinosaki Onsen and bathed in 4 of them.
Enjoyed some onsen eggs.
Climbed more stairs when visiting a shrine. Hah hah

Returned to Osaka for the night and Hubby and I later continued our walk around Osaka; walking from 11.00pm - 3.00am while Son enjoyed having the hotel room all to himself.

And it was a hike the next day in the Wakayama Prefecture. :-)

In-depth posts later. ^^

Was it fun? You bet!


  1. Wow, we did not do any of those things when in Kyoto. I obviously need to go back!!! Glad you had such a good time, as usual.

    1. You should!

      And I need to go back again too. ;)


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