Friday, 2 October 2015

Excerpt Of 2015 Kansai Trip #5 : Love Hotel

So we stayed in a capsule hotel. A cabin. An old hotel. What's next?

We actually made a reservation to stay in a minshuku too, as we had planned to do the Kumanokodo hike (part of it, anyway) but ended up canceling the reservation because we changed our plan at the last minute.

Hubby and I always wondered about the Love Hotel and decided to check them out when we returned to Osaka from Kyoto.

With Son safely stashed in a decent, respectable hotel room, we first looked around for a room the day after my ultramarathon but no luck. Most decent Love Hotels were fully booked for the Silver Week holiday, I guess and we were crazy enough to decide that it would be good to walk around comparing them anyway. (You can see the room photo on a screen, as getting a room is automated after all).

So a day after running a 60K, here I was; with Hubby walking around in Osaka stopping and checking out Love Hotels from 11.00pm to 3.00am! Hah hah

Some were nice. Some were just ordinary rooms. Some were really old, with dated furnishing style. Some, as Hubby said "macam hotel pelacur". Wakaka

Despite not having a front office (being discreet and all), entering a Love Hotel is actually an annoying experience. You were greeted with that loud machine voice "irrashaimase'ing" you and then thanking you as you exit.

And of course, at times; you see that you were not the only couple looking for a room to spend the night. Heh heh
We finally get to check-in in a really nice room after our hike to Nachi Waterfall the next day and Son was happy to get the room all for himself again as Mommy and Daddy went out.

For 4,000yen an hour and around 9,000yen per stay between 9.00pm-11.00am, a stay in a Love Hotel can be a good option for couples traveling in Japan. The amenities were superb and I'm not just talking about the comfy bed.

The catch is, for the hotel that we stayed in at least; you can't get in and out as you please. It's pay at the machine in front of our room's door for the stay (which the machine in the photo above calculates the hour you used a room) and the room would stay locked until you made your payment at the machine to exit.

We were actually assisted on how to get in and pay for our room by a really cheerful obachaan who were on duty at the hotel that night.

And when we checked out later, she came out again to greet us and passed us a English written note of "Thank you. Have a nice day". Haha... so much for a discreet night, eh? Bahaha


  1. oolala Love Hotel.. hmmm, an interesting insight on how it operates, haha.. and I wonder what theme was your room, and how's the bathtub and did you have a water bed?? ooh must be "lomantik" night huh?? hihihihi~~

    1. Hahaha wait for my next post on it, for full disclosure. *wink wink*


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