Monday, 12 October 2015

Excerpts of 2015 Kansai Trip #10 : The Cafe Trains Of Kyotango


We had the luck of getting on ao-matsu and aka-matsu when we visited the area for my ultramarathon in September. Didn't get the chance to get on the Kuro-matsu though.

The Ao-matsu (the blue train) can be used with normal fares.

The Aka-matsu (red train), on the other hand charges 310 yen if we wanted to ride in the "cafe" or red pine car. The other normal car can be used with normal fares.

The Kuro-matsu is a more special train, and is a gourmet style train that needed reservations to board. Special lunch or dinner course will be served and commuters get to enjoy their meal while looking at the lovely view of Kyoto mountains and seaside.

We were contented sitting in the normal car and use our KTR Day Pass. ^^

On our return journey back to Tooyoka from Amanohashidate, a fellow train commuter asked where I was from, since he heard me talking in Malay with hubby and Son.

Turned out the guy was familiar with Malaysia as he is a trainer for an electronics company that is based in Osaka and often visited Malaysia. Heck! He can even speak in Malay, this Japanese guy! Salute!

We talked and he showed us photos of him with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. He's a huge fan of Dato' Siti.

Imagine that. In Japan. ^^


  1. Hi! You are very lucky getting on the both trains. Had a good time with the man who could understand your Malay ? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, we did!

      It's always fun to talk with fellow travellers and locals. :)


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