Monday, 5 October 2015

Excerpts Of 2015 Kansai Trip #6 : JR-West Kansai Wide Area Pass

For 5-days of unlimited travel in the Kansai region covered by JR, we got ourselves a JR West Kansai WIDE Area Pass  for 8,500yen per adult.
We got it for 8,500yen as we booked our passes online before our arrival to Japan. Passes bought without online reservation would cost us 9,00yen instead so we saved 500yen per pax for it.

Payment was only made when we picked up our passes at JR-West ticket office and getting it was really easy. There was a special foreigners counter at the JR Office that we went to, and the staff there spoke in an American accent. Very mat salleh slang. Hahaha

Points to note :
Kansai WIDE Area Pass is valid for unlimited travel in the valid area on the map
Valid trains are :
 - Non-reserved seats on Bullet Train "SANYO SHINKANSEN" (Shin-Osaka⇔Okayama)
- Non-reserved seats on Express Trains 'HARUKA, KUROSHIO, THUNDERBIRD, KOUNOTORI, SUPER HAKUTO (Kyoto⇔Kamigori)' etc.
- Special Rapid Services, Rapid Services,
- and Local trains on JR-WEST Conventional lines. 

Cannot be used on : 
- Bullet Train "TOKAIDO SHINKANSEN" (Shin-Osaka⇔Tokyo) 
- Bullet Train "SANYO SHINKANSEN" (Okayama⇔Hakata) 
- Bullet Train "KYUSHU SHINKANSEN" (Hakata⇔Kagoshima-Chuo)

We used it to travel to Toyooka, and later to Kinosakionsen, to Kiikatsura and Shingu station too. Hubby even traveled to Kobe alone, when both me and Son decided to just laze around in our hotel room one night.

This was a good option for us compared to getting a JR-Pass as we didn't plan to travel out of the Kansai region anyway.


  1. Hi! It's nice you traveled all over Kannsai area. Have nice days.


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