Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Excerpts Of 2015 Kansai Trip #7 - Kyoto Tango Rail Pass

The area we visited for my Tango Ultramarathon wasn't fully covered by the JR train network and as such, we couldn't use  our JR-West Kansai Wide Area Pass (which I mentioned in my previous post) to get around to the race pack collection venue and also to the race venue on the race morning itself.

We stayed in Toyooka and had to get to Amino which was 7 stops away on Saturday and on race morning Sunday, to Kumihama; two stops away.

Toyooka was the last station and we had to use the Kitakinki Tango Railways (KTR) to get around. 

At the small station in Toyooka, we were looking at the ticket machine and fares chart, preparing our coins and calculating the fares when the staff at the station suddenly called us to come to the station window and asked where we were going.

To Amino, we said.
Ah, do you have passports?, he asked.

We nodded.
He asked for our passport.
Quite bewildered, we took out our passports. He didn't take our passports though, as looking at them was enough to proof we were gaijin (foreigners). Hahaha
It turned out that for JR Pass and JR-West Pass holders could get the KTR Day Pass for half price. That was why he asked 
1. our destination (to check whether it'll be worthwhile for us to buy the day pass) and
2. our eligibility.

So we bought two adult tickets and one child ticket. 900 yen for adult, 450 yen for child.

Armed with the pass, we later not only head to Amino to collect my race pack but also made an impromptu trip to Amanohashidate at no extra cost!

Thank you kind station staff!

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